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ah thanks for the feedback!

pretty fun simple game i like it feedback on visual try not use the same color for the platform and the background it make it hard to see what u can stand on and what not. u could also make the background darker to make it easier to see the platform overall its pretty good!

uh i think u forgot to upload the game file?

uh im stuck on the dialogue i couldnt continue and i already put it on fullscreen

ayy thanks glad u like the pixel art

yo im a pixel artist and also searching for team mind if i join?

yo im a pixel artist i send ya a friend req

im a Pixel artist i could also do handdrawn art too. u can msg me on discord ZeroKirai#562

I really like the game, the art is charming and the music chill, I wish there more minigame rather than just coding but its pretty neat.

i really liked the art but im kinda confused what im supposed to do, do i just find number?

that was really silly, i really liked it, i wish i could fight anime girl without going from the start but hey the story was pretty hilarious 

I really like the game it gave me anxiety thinking milo will get attack sooner or later, the art is simplistic but it got the charm and the music are just great

i really like the graphics, is hand drawn its must been took u some time, but some mechanics doesnt feel great especially the wall jump is a bit weird but i like the concept of its going to the same room with more challenges.

i really love the pixel art in here, its really great and the gameplay, I ussually dont know what i did wrong when i failed, so when game over it might be helpful if its tell u whats wrong. anyway i really like it and its relaxing

there a link to the fixed version at the depscription.

I love it, its simple and fun, i get a lot of satisfaction when i throw the chair to the bunch of crocodile  just need more sound effect and music to make it more juice, anyway its really nice

ur right it was supposed to be the last boss but i forgot to tell my teammate. well glad u enjoyed it, I learned a lot abt making 8 direction character and I learned making these took a lot of times. anyway glad u enjoyed it and thanks for leaving a feedback

were planning to add different attack but we dont have time and there was a 3rd phase that didnt make it, btw thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback, I overscope so the gameplay is kinda rushed and we make a fixed version in different website

thanks for the feedback, we made a fix version in a different website btw

sorry abt that we cannot change anything since the jam is not over yet so here the link to the fix version  for the moment

thanks for the feedback :D

i really love the art, i think holding the mouse would be better than repeatingly clicking anyway great games :D

the game got a winning screen blocking the gameplay here the fixed version

btw this is the fixed version

sorry abt that, the game actually work fine if u type awsd, its just the winning screen blocking the way, im asking adam permission to reupload our game so u can actually play

Sure, just send me a friend request in the discord(Zero_Kirai#5626)

hello,im a pixel artist, im just here to help ppl with jam

Is there still a room for a pixel artist?

ok i sent a friend request

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sure, just sent me ur discord

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You can look at my art on my itch page ( I will make the whole sprite just ask what u want. If we win I only took 20% off the prize and the rest is yours.

Thank u so much, glad u liked it :D

oh i thought it was banana becuz the curve shape, now it make sense a burger shooting a fries (i will conquered the enemies with my fries still)

its pretty fun game. but i got some problem with the bullet its barely visible maybe add some outline so it stand out or make it have flashing animation. the bomb radius was pretty small so its kinda hard since the bomb attack need to be precise other than that it was pretty great game and am i shooting a banana (perfect now i can conquered the enemy using my banana).

oh i know but it was kinda hard to keep track off because the visual change is very small. well it still fun when i was first play i acidently dash into the quit and im loving the quit transition. maybe add waiting 3 sec so if u accidently go there u dont accidently quit the game. but i dont think is really important btw great game had lot of fun.

its really nice but the changing attack its kinda unoticable but cannot complain about that becuz we dont implemented it either, other than that it was pretty fun. great game :D 

this game is pretty neat i thought it was just endless and the difficulty doesnt get harder in the same world so i thought it was endless until i see the boss in the depscription. then the visual are fantastic but a lil bit mix with the background because the color is pretty similar to the background maybe add a white outline or a high saturation color to indicate it could also be used to indicate the hitbox and u could make some flashing effect everytime enemy get hit to indicate ur dealing damage. other than that the music really bop i really liked it, great game.

sorry about the sound we kinda still new at trying to make sound and music. glad u liked the the game :D

yea i planned to remove it when development but my friend decide to make it optional so i just go with it, need more better communication for the team. btw glad u enjoyed the game :D