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Yvens R. Serpa

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What an awesome game! Really well done and complete. I loved the concept and mechanics. The only thing I would change is making the mutation timer more evident - having it on the bottom right of the screen made it a bit hard to pay attention to.

Thank you very much for the compliments and for trying :)

Thank you very much :D

Hey, thanks for checking out. 

That's intentional so that you can play with the movement speed better, and it also makes you more aware of the momentum ;) I started with the momentum theme and then incorporated the mutation one when I realised the theme had changed.

Very cool game and visuals. I would have removed the chromatic aberration from the texts, though. It is also super hard. I could never get more than 30 points. First wave kills me in secs :( 

Very interesting style, but the music is the real star of the show. Cool work :)

Very cool game :D I loved the concept of using your speed to move around. The soundtrack is also super nice. Was it also done by you? By the way, which engine is that?

Cool concept. I was a bit confused by how the fish moved. It felt a bit random, but I guess that has to do with the "mutation" factor.

Cool and simple game :D I confused the colours and placement of the bullets a lot - that was fun. My only concern was that it was a bit hard to guess the actual collision box due to the mushroom-shaped character.

Good point :) Thanks for playing.

Haven't looked it at from this point of view ;) Thanks for playing.

Thank you very much for the kind compliments :)

Thank you very much for the comment and for testing. Indeed, it takes a while to understand how to play the game, but that was by design. I wanted to make a game that you somehow felt like you were (holywoodian) hacking - so it needed some learning curve. 

I had the same thing and ended up using both themes. Actually, I was also joining the Global Game Jam, so I ended up using 3 themes for my game and submitted it to 2 game jams :)

Great work as usual, Paul :)

Thanks, Paul :D I knew you would get it ;) I made all of the audio during the game jam too

Thanks for trying. The game is indeed a bit complex if you don't get how to use the controls and the command prompt. I hope you give it another try in the future :) The main idea is that you feel like you are a hacker - so it should not be that easy at first.

Pretty cool idea with a sort of first-person My main criticism was that often my mouse would go out of the screen, making it harder to control.

I'm often quite a fan of strategy games, but I felt a bit lost on this one. After some time, I was not sure what to do anymore. Also, I have to say that I'm not particularly big on the use of AI art.

Thank you very much for all the compliments. We tried to have the game as polished as possible, even discarding some mechanics and features for the sake of a more rounded final version. Thanks for the time and comment again.

Thank you very, very much for the compliments. Glad that you liked it.

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback and compliments. The grade time is a good idea, and I think we could explore this in a future version. I also considered having a cooldown for the scaling skill, but it was very hard to play with it + the random obstacles.

Thank you very much :D It was a lot of fun composing and producing the song to also work well with the pitch changes.

Maybe, it depends on when they get into the public domain :D For now, we can say she is a sort of teenage mutant PUNK turtle!

Thank you for the comments and for playing :) I surely wanted to add more features for the bigger size, but time was not enough.

Thank you very much for the comment and compliments on the music. Indeed, most of the feedback is about the increased size, which could have been more explored if we had more time on the project.

Thank you very much. I always like to spend some time composing and producing songs for my games, so it is very rewarding to hear compliments on them. Hard to say why the turtle is punk - who can explain the music taste of testudines, right? :)

Thanks for the comment. Originally, the bigger size would also allow you to destroy some obstacles, but I ran out of time to implement and test it. Still, good to know that you found it useful for some occasions.

Thank you for playing the game. Originally I wanted to have the bigger size to destroy some obstacles, but it was scrapped for now due to the lack of time.

Thank you very much. Originally, getting bigger would allow you to destroy smaller obstacles, but I ran out of time implementing this feature.

Thank you very much. We discussed the idea of releasing a mobile version of it in the future. Let's see :)

Thank you very much. Indeed, the bigger turtle would destroy some obstacles, but I ran out of time to implement and test it properly. Maybe for a next time :)

Thank you very very much :) I spent some time trying to solve the issue with the impossible spawns but gave up in the end. I might still work a bit on that aspect after the game jam is finished.

Thank you so much :)

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much. That's indeed a good idea - I could have used a certain amount of points (pizzas) to create extra attempts.

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much :) Ideally, being bigger would also allow you to break some obstacles, but timewise I could not finish this implementation and test it properly.

Always good :D 

I'm trying to review as many as I can!

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