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Thanks a lot!

Thank you :D

That's a pretty cool game and use of the theme. Also, the title is great and bold ;) I had a bit of technical difficulty because one of my chickens got stuck in a place I could not clean (added a screenshot), but everything is really cool. I also really love the cutscene styles and sound design.

Great to have some games on privilege and class issues. The game might be a bit too hard and it was a bit confusing with the tiny text always to know well what to do—nevertheless, good job.

No, I did not notice that! Might be because I urged to harvest them too son and never got to see them in action like that. Will try it again later to see that, thanks for the tip :)

Thanks :) That's the intention, that some levels need some tinkering before you go. Hopefully, I can make some more after the voting. I quite liked the game as it is so far.

What a fantastic game. This is probably my pick for this game jam of "ideas I wish I had." I really love the idea of controlling the locomotive and the game economics. The visuals are great, and the soundtrack/sound effects are fantastic. The one unclear thing was how the theme was applied, but that's just fine - a good game is a good game.

Well made and nice to play. I really like the use of the flowers as the light during the night, as to use their positions more important than just trying to keep them safe. The soundtrack is also very excellent! Did you make it as well?

Excellent idea and cool to see something different in style for this sort of game, especially with the gardening mechanic, which helps to bring some interest in the game. Good work :)

Nice game and cool mechanic with the closing of one eye. The artwork is really well done for a game jam. Great job on that!

Thank you very much :D I must say anyway that the beetle models and the textures were not made by me, though - they are free assets. But I did the shaders, at least. The input is meant to be a bit frustrating indeed, as you need to take some time and patience to move the beetles to the right place. Still, I could make more visual elements to help the player figure that out sooner and correct the trajectory before failing. Thanks for the feedback and for the time playing it.

I agree that the controls are a bit floaty and maybe too slow, but the gameplay is quite lovely, and the sound is good. The game cover is also top-notch :D

I really liked the game and all the polish. I think the game design is still a bit confusing, and the aspect ratio could not fit into my screen well, so I had to be scrolling to check the status. That would certainly make for a fantastic finished product with a few more iterations and testing.

It took me a while to figure out I could control both sides. Nie concept and really nice song :) Was it maybe by you also?

Lovely game :) I too could not find the water - or maybe it is just really well hidden. No wonder the wizard wants it so bad.

The graphics and the title screen are amazing, but I really could not play it. I think you need to have other people online to test it, right?

The graphics and soundtrack are incredible, especially how you managed to mix between the worlds and made the transition feel meaningful. I did not understand the gameplay, though, and I think I managed to break the game by getting out of the playable zone and falling into infinite (with a happy heart, though).

Nice idea and a lot of art/text created during the game jam. I felt a bit lost with the text and the talking sound effect was a bit annoying, to be honest. I also think the controls were a bit weird to get used to, but still, great work for a game jam.

Cool and simple game :) I really liked the clouds and the design of the gates. I think the UI could be a bit bigger, especially the change cycle - I had a hard time keeping an eye on both the change and the UI on the top corner. The game also feels a bit easy at the start, but it has a nice difficulty curve as you go.

I couldn't play it myself because the mac build was not working, but I saw other people playing it and it looks fantastic. The gameplay also feels nice and the soundtrack is stellar :D

Thank you very much for all the compliments.

I'm using Google Chrome (Version 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (x86_64)), on a macOS (Monterey 12.1).

Really cool graphics and effects, while still keeping it simple and minimalistic. Also great that you guys managed to fit some of the GGJ challenges into it also. Very cool mechanic, but it is a bit hard to control.

Thank you so much for the compliments!! I started making sound effects and the soundtracks for my games quite recently (May 2021), and I'm still getting used to being more careful with staying in key and avoiding some dissonances, as you said. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll certainly be more careful with that in the future. Yes, there is a rock/metal section in the soundtrack also! I wanted to have a bit of the duality feeling in the sound too, so it has 2-parts, a more mellow electronic and a more rock/metal passage. I hope you enjoyed it too.

Thank you so much :D

Thanks :) I agree with you, but the current implementation makes it a bit annoying to reorder levels. I might work it out after the voting and add new levels.

I could not play it. The loading screen leads to a "create room" screen that does not allow me to click anything :(

The idea is quite nice, but I couldn't play it well. It seems there is an odd offset in the mouse that does not allow me to aim properly in the left, lower left, and lower right sections.

Good work, kids :)

Really nice use of the theme and a cool idea for the game design and mechanics. The enemies, in the end, are too fast, though, and the pace is too fast so I couldn't really plan well.

Thank you very much :D

Cool concept. It took me a while to get that I should avoid the black areas in the bottom part instead of going for them. Also, some sweet spots let you get at least 19 points without even moving.

Thank you very much for the feedback and kind words :) I was not really happy with the game, to be honest, and I think some stuff here and there worked fine, but it can definitely be improved. I stopped working on it halfway through the Game Jam, though, to work on other projects, but I'm very glad that you liked it anyway.

Thank you very much :)

Thank you very much. I might take some of it further at some point in the future, indeed. I appreciate the feedback.

Hey, thanks for trying. It might take a while to load, but I've tested it and it should be working fine.  Which browser are you using?

AAh, cara, eu ia até chutar que tava usando o Feel ali, por que tem alguns efeitos lá que são bem a cara dele - muito bem usado, por acaso. Esses assets são uma maravilha mesmo, especialmente em Game Jams. E obrigado por comentar o uso do Lens Distortion. Eu usei um pouco no meu jogo também quando você ativa o especial, mas bem mais sutil. Vou experimentar mais com ele da próxima vez

Muito, muito bom :D A mecânica é simples mas funciona super bem e é um spin muito legal do gênero de infinite-runners. Os game feel e os efeitos estão muito legais também e eu adorei que a história foi solucionada por um meio não violento - através de um diálogo numa boa. Parabéns demais :D 

Dois pontos só a comentar, um é que eu achei que seria legal poder apertar Espaço no diálogo para carregar o diálogo todo de uma vez, para não precisar esperar o diálogo ser todo preenchido - eu pulei alguns diálogos sem querer porque fiquei fazendo isso errado. O outro que eu achei o efeito da distorção do tempo muito legal e fiquei curioso como foi feito: isso foi com um render pass? ou animando o Lens Distortion? Ou outra mágica do tempo mesmo!?

Grande abraço :) E não deixem de fazer uma versão em inglês também.

Muito, muito obrigado :) 

Concordo com você que dava para balancear mais, eu só despriorizei isso para tentar ter pelo menos 2 fases - queria ter 3, na verdade, mas foi o que deu para fazer no tempo livre que deu. Depois que encerrar a votação da GameJam, vou fazer um update com a 3a fase, alguns balanceamentos e outras funcionalidades que estão faltando.

Obrigado :) Pois é, tive uma certa dificuldade de encaixar bem, mas, pra mim, a ideia de CICLO é o HP/Energia que compartilham a mesma barra. Eu pensei em fazer algumas variações disso, mas acabei focando em fazer uma experiência mais completa.