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Very fun and challenging, each movement type definitely took some time to get used to. Great work on the game as a whole

Level design is consistently great! Very well done on this game, it feels great

This game is extremely cool, it looks amazing, the mechanics are very intuitive, and it turns simple ideas into very complex levels! Really great work here!

A neat and unique puzzle game! Unfortunately the mechanics aren't really intuitive, which in a puzzle game, is quite important. But I think that is just an inherit flaw in the mechanic and not your fault. Perhaps a bit better UI could help. Other than that, I really like this game, its cool, unique, and looks great. Great work here!

Very intuitive mechanics and interesting puzzles. Good work!

Unique interpretation of the theme! Needs a bit more polish and better UI, but overall the presentation was pretty good. Great work

Cool interpretation of the theme, good level design, and some tough puzzles! There are some points where you can't see behind a wall which was a little confusing, but other than that good work!

Very solid entry! Great art and sounds, the mechanics were interesting, and the level design was great. Very well done!

Very intuitive mechanics and good level design. With a bit more polish, sounds, and graphics, this would be an amazing game. Good work!

Really great polish and presentation to a well put together and fun little game! Great work

Neat and fun! This mechanic has a lot of potential to be explored much further, but for 48 hours it was very well made. Good work

Extremely charming game! Very good puzzle design, challenging, but still very doable. I love the art and music. Great work

Really great puzzle game, I love the simplistic graphics, the mechanics are interesting and used well, and it was really fun. Great work here!

Great art, pretty good music. With some better UI, polish, sound effects, ect. this would be a great game. Overall, good work! I see a lot of potential here

This game is great! I love the art, the mechanics are interesting, and it feels great to play. Very well done!

Really nice presentation! Good work here 

This game looks amazing and has great polish, it needs some music, but other than that it is a solid entry!

Very polished and looks great! Great work

This is really cool and looks nice too. It would be nice if dying just restarted the room instead of the entire game though. 

Definitely takes some time to get used to the controls, but its a very clever idea and a compelling interpretation of the theme! Good work

Very polished and looks great! I wish there were more levels

This game looks and feels great! Great work

Unfortunately I haven't seen anybody else with this same problem before... 

Its possible that an anti-virus application may be trying to detect it as a virus if I had to make a guess on why your computer is automatically deleting files. I don't know if this will work but if you try using  WinWar you should able to just open up the zip and run the exe without extracting it.

I hope that fixes it, sorry I'm not the best at solving tech problems like this!

Pretty fun game here, I like the idea but I think that its kind of hard to tell when the controls change. I think the font should be bigger, and maybe a more contrasting color from the background, and a sound that plays when it changes. Other than that, this game is really well made, I like the graphics, I like the challenge, and its all around a good game. Great job!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

This is a really nice looking game, and it has a great concept. Definitely would like to see a full release of it in the future! Great work

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

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The presentation is really good for this game, I like everything about this a lot! I would like to see it be pushed to be more difficult though. But great work here!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

Needs some polishing here and there but its a really cool idea. Really interesting game. Great job!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

Pretty interesting approach to the theme, I like it a lot. With a better presentation this could be a really great arcade style game! Great work!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Really nice idea, I'm surprised I didn't see more games with a similar premise. Really well made game with a nice presentation, a nice mechanic, and fun gameplay. I would have liked it to have been harder though, maybe lose control faster or make be able to be bumped around by the people around you! Great game overall!

This game is terribly excellent, I hate it but the controls really just made me laugh! I really enjoyed it, super interesting and extremely unique, but maybe lets keep it that way so I dont have to play an entire game like that. Great job here, really funny!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Pretty cool and interesting idea for the theme! The presentation is very nice, and its pretty fun to play. Great job here!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Cool idea for a game, needs some polish though. Like fixing depth issues, sound effects, menus, ect. But its still a interesting little game, great job for only 48 hours!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!