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Unfortunately I haven't seen anybody else with this same problem before... 

Its possible that an anti-virus application may be trying to detect it as a virus if I had to make a guess on why your computer is automatically deleting files. I don't know if this will work but if you try using  WinWar you should able to just open up the zip and run the exe without extracting it.

I hope that fixes it, sorry I'm not the best at solving tech problems like this!

Pretty fun game here, I like the idea but I think that its kind of hard to tell when the controls change. I think the font should be bigger, and maybe a more contrasting color from the background, and a sound that plays when it changes. Other than that, this game is really well made, I like the graphics, I like the challenge, and its all around a good game. Great job!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

This is a really nice looking game, and it has a great concept. Definitely would like to see a full release of it in the future! Great work

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

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The presentation is really good for this game, I like everything about this a lot! I would like to see it be pushed to be more difficult though. But great work here!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

Needs some polishing here and there but its a really cool idea. Really interesting game. Great job!

Id also appreciate feedback and any last minute plays/rates on my game!

Pretty interesting approach to the theme, I like it a lot. With a better presentation this could be a really great arcade style game! Great work!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Really nice idea, I'm surprised I didn't see more games with a similar premise. Really well made game with a nice presentation, a nice mechanic, and fun gameplay. I would have liked it to have been harder though, maybe lose control faster or make be able to be bumped around by the people around you! Great game overall!

This game is terribly excellent, I hate it but the controls really just made me laugh! I really enjoyed it, super interesting and extremely unique, but maybe lets keep it that way so I dont have to play an entire game like that. Great job here, really funny!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Pretty cool and interesting idea for the theme! The presentation is very nice, and its pretty fun to play. Great job here!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Cool idea for a game, needs some polish though. Like fixing depth issues, sound effects, menus, ect. But its still a interesting little game, great job for only 48 hours!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

An idea for a really cool game is here, though it definitely needs a lot more polish. A good attempt for only 48 hours, good job!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

That escalated quickly haha! Really simple and fun to play for me, the presentation was great and the concept was pretty interesting. The only thing I would have liked to see is some indicator of where the enemies are going to spawn before they do as its possible for them to spawn directly on the player which felt a bit unfair. Other than that, it's really good, great job!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Pretty fun and interesting concept for a game, great interpretation of the theme, and great execution! Its very simple, but it doesn't need any more, its a complete game and a great example of a 48 hour game jam game. Great work!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

A very well executed game for such a simple idea, it works well and its pretty original. I'd say with a bit more focus presentation, this could be a really great time waster game. Great job! My record was 13.10 seconds

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Short and sweet game, very satisfying and the fire particles look great! Good work here for only 48 hours.

This is a really fun game and a neat concept! I think the presentation was really done well and the particles specifically look really cool. My score was 12221 and I got to wave 43, great work here, I love the game!

This is a really fun and interesting game, it really deserves more ratings because it is very well put together and very fun to play! It took me a couple tries to see where everything on the ship is and what everything does, but I managed to beat the game fairly simply. I feel that the game might feel better if it never stops, and your score is how long you took until you crashed as it didnt take that long to beat. But overall it was really fun, it had a great concept, and was very well executed, great job!

Thanks for playing! I worked really hard on making the small things look nice like the jump dust particles and the lava, I'm really glad you liked it!

Oh, well I'm sorry you feel that it was a lot of waiting and it was annoying. I know that the level design is hard, I did that on purpose knowing that it wouldnt be for some people in a game jam, and I knew that there would only be a small amount of people who would actually get through the entire game. 

As you read from my game page, you saw my opinion on the jump timer games and just from the nature of those games there has to be some waiting. I hope you didn't feel like there was too much waiting as I tried to minimize it in later levels with more things to do and making it so you cant wait, but that automatically lead to harder levels. So I had to make the trade to make things a little more frustrating and hard instead of boring and annoying! Its not obviously not perfect, but I hope to improve some mechanics post-jam!

As for the part you were stuck on, that was the first room where conveyor belts were introduced. My approach to tutorials is to never explicitly tell the player what to do, instead let them experiment and see what works. It may seem frustrating for some in a game jam as it requires patience, but I feel thats its very rewarding when you find something that works. The trick I was trying to teach at that jump is if you run at the opposite direction as the conveyor, you stop moving essentially being like any other jump where when the timer is going to hit 0 you just change directions and move across the gap. And if you knew that and it was still too hard of a jump, I can make it a slightly shorter jump post-jam if you think it would feel better.

Thanks for playing and giving me feedback! I just wanted to post my thoughts somewhere.

Hey that was a super great game! A great entry to the 'limited key press' sub-genre of games in this game jam. I really like how you implemented the mechanic though I wish you would have pushed it farther with more enemy types or walls in the environment. This is still an extremely well polished and well put together game and is really fun. My highscore was 1900, great work here!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

This game is extremely hard, but the concept is there! I think it would be interesting for randomly generated infinite levels too! Maybe tone down the difficulty at the start and make it so I can press 'R' instead of pressing the button with the mouse and this would be super fun. Great work!

Really fun and interesting arcade game! Could be a super fun phone game time waster, great work! My highscore was 40, those moving platformers were very difficult :)

Wow this is an extremely solid game, and in only 48 hours!? The level design is really great and a bunch a levels were really difficult (specifically the last one) but were all really good. I love the iteration on nonstop shooting games, and I think the presentation is really great. Amazing job on this one, great work!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Pretty interesting game here, its in need of some polish here and there, but its snappy, solid, to the point, and is a neat approach to the theme. Good work!

I'd also really appreciate feedback on my game!

Pretty fun game here, I really like the audio and feels really good to play. The sword felt a little weird though as I feel its range was very small, leading to some frustrating attacking, other than that it was really great. Good work here!