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Un juego bastante satisfactorio de jugar, una mecánica original también <3

???????? Y este juegazo cabrón?

No me acuerdo pero tengo todos los efectos de sonido que utilicé, aquí tienes:

No, los saqué de pero creo que la página no funciona :(

Arreglado :)



Muy buen juego.

LMAO. I don't even own the game, haven't you seen how badly made are the controls in my game? I was challenged to make a game with Rocket League's mechanics that's all! Don't be mad at me :(

How could I even have access to rocket league's code smh

W H A T!? That's not even possible!!!!·=!I$=·%=!)$=!%$)?=!)$=?????????????

Cool game, the best way to survive is clicking and not holding but teleporting between the lines

Did you try using W,A,S,D ?

Muchas gracias por jugar! Es cierto lo de la diferencia del tamaño de los píxeles, no me paré a pensarlo porque tenía poco tiempo para acabar el juego x) Gracias de nuevo!

Muy bien!

Muchísimas gracias overtr!! Me alegro de que te haya gustado, ahora mismo me paso por tu canal :D

Awesome! I love the style and visuals :o Great game!!

I rated it 4 days ago :D Great game ;)

Yeah you're right, the start is slow but I needed a way to introduce a tutorial :(

JAJA Eres súper malo D:

Patata :D Buen juego para haberlo hecho en tan poco tiempo! Súper buen trabajo King ;D

that's a great time dude! :D Try to do it in 1 minute or less, 01:00:30 is my record :o

Thanks a los Andrzej :OO Levels were in random order, that's why they didn't scale in difficulty

Thanks a lot for playing! I'll check your game tomorrow I promise :D It's 1 A.M in Spain xD

Super cool :O

Yet another super good game that deserves more recognition, my congratulations on this game, it's super cool! :D Also feel free to play my game if you can ;)

Oh boy, isn't this game super cool :O This needs more recognition dude, super cool game, nice work :D Also feel free to play my game if you can ;)

Also love the parth of the image dancing XDD "the image is dancing! you're dancing! (take a dance break)" Super funny

This game is a piece of art. It got me chilling and I somehow got goosebumps with the music. A super cool experience, thanks for making this game :D Also feel free to check my game if you can ;)

HOW CREEPY I love this! Super original game, at first I didn't know what to do but quickly realized I had to click the bugs. Really good job! Also feel free to play my game ;)

This game is super fun man, I love the idea :D Had me playing for a long while, super cool game! Congratulations c: Also feel free to play my game! :O

Thanks a lot then! I didn't recognise your name, I'm sorry D:

I really like the graphics on this one, did you draw the sprites? They look cool. Also really like the concept, super cool game dude! Congratulations :D Feel free to play my game ;)

I love the 80's feeling on this game! Super cool :D Good job! Also feel free to check my game :O

I love this game's visuals, looks like you worked hard on it and it is super cool. It kind of reminds me of hotline miami! Also it is really hard and I like that :D Also feel free to try my game!

Cool game! There are a lot of bugs XD (That's good) Please play my game :O!

This game is really original! I love that the bugs are written in the text, super cool idea, nice game :D Also please play my game! ;)

Really original idea! Good job, It was quite entertaining :D