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Submitted by Asue, Oxalotte — 1 hour, 43 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#43.8103.810

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Dam! The AI on these enemies is great. Good job. My high score is 2510


Very relaxing and fun! It took me a while before I figured out that the purple dudes were also enemies XD. I really enjoyed the atmosphere from the visual and aural aesthetic! When there wasn't another spawn I'd just stop moving and watch all my star babies floating around me :)

My only issue is it was hard to tell when my dash would kill enemies and when it was just recharging and I would die (it would be red for only an instant and you could still kill after it turned orange but not for long).


I think that when you dash you allways kill any enemy in the way. When you are yellow you can not dash.


What I mean is how long the killing part of the dash lasts once it's activated before the enemies can kill you again.


Hello ! I changed the color when the dash is active so you can see better :)


Good Job! Audio and Art go together well.


I really like the vibe of this game. Even with the simple graphics it pretty much feels alive. I'm also a sucker for neon glow effects... ;)

My best score: 1600


this game is really technically challenging while being relaxing! I really like it and I think it has a big potential. good job


Very pleasant game!

The sound and the visuals complete each other so well!

I really enjoyed it!


very chill but I suck at it, looking forward to see video of other players, I liekthe simplicity of it :)


Great graphics and visual effects, music was also pleasant to chill to.

I think the red orbs are the bane of my existence though as its not so easy to dodge them head-on. I'm not sure how to kill them?


Hello, thanks for your comment =D For red enemies, you have to wait until they're close to you to quickly turn around and dash on them!


Made a very similar game, but yours has much better art and music! My main feedback would be to make the arrow more obvious, I didn't realize what it was and that I should follow it for the first few tries.


Yup same thing very relaxing game.


I agree with frespipa here, super relaxing game to play. I'd maybe do something with the background, and add in something on top of gathering more orbs, but it's a really relaxing game. Nice job!


Damn, what a pleasant vibe in this game. Good job!