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Frog soulsView game page

it's about a frog who has to protect his ruby
Submitted by Ekim (@ekim_de_kim) — 39 seconds before the deadline
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Technical Implementation#272.7692.769

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If you work on this some more, I suggest to add some challenge to it. I don't see how it is possible to lose at the current version. The tongue is pretty nice.


you lose only if your ruby gets stolen by the flies. it is very easy until 800 score at which point they start to spawn every half of a second and it is very hard especially since you cant put ruby back in its place. a post-jam version is currently in development which addresses this slow climb in difficulity and common bugs, complete with sounds. also a new enemy type on the way. I can promise you it is something you will want to play


I like that the tongue has some physics to it, and can actually swing around. :D


The tongue mechanic is fun but the game never seemed to end


it does not have an ending you just keep playing forever 


But the description says that it is game over when the ruby leaves the screen

Developer (1 edit)

On second thought, it might be misleading. I will edit the description


Sounds good! I think part of the confusion was that the score and enemies didn't reset when I died so I assumed that you just had multiple lives


the tongue movement is pretty cool especially when it is flopping around. really needs some sound / music though


You're right. We did not have time to do it unfortunately:(


cute ! Love the frog, its so cute, but glad it can go to heaven xD Try to add more sound effect especially a "sluuuuppppp" when the tongue is out would be so funny!


I really like the art style. The tongue is a great mechanic, lots of fun. I would add some chiptunes and go for a relaxing vibe. Good Job. 

Developer (1 edit)

thank you! We considered adding music and sounds but we couldn't find anyone to do so. Maybe in a post jam update...?

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey man the download file has .tic extension which is basically a text file. How can I play your game?


You can play it right here:

for some reason this version of the file does not work so I reuploaded it. I promise no change is made after the jam & thank you for asking

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks mate!

This is actually one of the most fun submissions I tried so far gameplaywise!

The swinging tongue is really cool!


thanks for liking it! if you want to see other stuff I make please follow me here: