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A platformer using only ONE button
Submitted by Darxoon (@darxoon) — 14 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit)

Okay, I got to Level 4 but got frustrated before finishing it so I dunno if there's more levels.

Here's my feedback:

- The input is not fixed/responsive yet like others have said.

- I think the level design is not really good yet (I got stuck a lot, and in combination with the control, it's really hard to navigate around ). You seems to heavily rely on the player to restart the level to compensate for the level design. For that, I think the backstory (level 2) could be removed could have been cut as a feature  so you can focus on the level design and make it really good.

- The music is good though.

And for Level 4:

- The camera following the player is a bit slow.

- There's a collision bug on slopes that teleports me below the slopes when I touch the edge of the slope.

- You should add checkpoint before the enemies. It's already hard to get to that point and even harder to get through the first enemy.


Thanks for your feedback! To the not responsive input, please describe it a bit closer so I can fix it, I don't really know in which way.

About the level design, thank you, gonna do that.

For the collision bug, I didn't notice it so far but I'll see how I fix it.

Making the camera following the player is an easy fix, as well as the checkpoint. It will be included in the new version I'm just about to publish.


This is the section I got stuck and have to rely on restarting the level in Level 3.

Submitted (3 edits)

Here's the inreponsive input (twice mid-air and once on the platform) and slope collision bug:

Inresponsive Input & Slope Collision Bug

Click for GIF

Seems like you are using the runnable, right? I forgot to update it. You should use the webgl version instead because there many things should be fixed. The thing with the place where you get stuck, that's an easy fix, I need to move the wall down because in the new version you turn around by hitting a wall.


Having to restart the second level over and over again every time you entered a room was annoying.  The concept was creative, but reversing when hitting a wall and then just having to wait till you hit another wall was not fun.  It was simple and creative, but the play ended up being a little frustrating.  There are definitely cool things that can be done with the concept and I feel with a little better level design it would have been great.


Okay, thanks for your feedback! I'll fix the thing with the rooms and make the platforms better so you bonk against it less commonly.

Also, i'll be doing level design.


New version is out!


I think the controls work like this: press a button to jump, hold a button to move and shoot. The first level was very well done, but the level(s) after that were confusing and I didn't know if I was going in the right direction. A bit after the part with houses I got stuck and couldn't turn around (obviously).


Okay, thanks for your feedback, I'll make it more clear :)


Very solid game. The parts where you stick to your core color scheme look pretty cool. 

I agree that the controls feel a bit unresponsive. Sometimes you press or release a button and nothing is happening for no apparent reason.

You could probably simplify this game even further by getting rid of the purple turn around blocks. Just make the player turn around whenever you hit a wall. That would reduce the clutter and prevent the player from getting stuck in a corner (happend to me in level 3).

Pretty interesting that you jump when you release the button instead of doing it when you press it down. Takes some getting used to, but I really like it, cause I haven't seen that before. 

Overall pretty clever game. Good job.


Thanks for your feedback!


It was an interesting game idea, but the controls feel a litle bit unresponsive


okay thank you. I'll make it better :)