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Check the candy for poison..!
Submitted by CrownedRabbit (@lyadii) — 3 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version


Game Description
A game where collect candy, but don't let 3 poisoned ones pass otherwise game over.. can be played in the browser.

Just use the mouse to click the candy after they have been x-rayed (don't click in the x-ray.. that won't work)

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Oh! I got to 115, beating Bakenshake xP

I found a bug where I just spawns a ton of sweets at a time, probably when you lose and press start too quick.

Also do particles work for you on HTML5? It lags and freezes both in your game and mine.

Host (2 edits) (+1)

Opening Comments:

I am a Candy Knight! My score was 106. x)

Theme: 4/5

I think this is hilarious and really plays up the stereotype of dangerous things being in Halloween candy. Fits the theme and time of year. Well done!

Design: 3.5/5

I did find the candies are a little difficult to click on, but that may be part of the point. Haha. The X-Ray portion takes up so much of the screen that you don't get much time to click them, but the little shine that runs over the machine is a nice detail. I do like that you have to remember which ones to click afterwards. It would have been hilarious to give a delayed screen as to why you're scanning the candy. Are you a concerned parent or what?

I think this would be a really fun mobile game and easier to play, since you could just tap rather than mouse click.

Audio: 3/5

Cute music and sound effects.  No real complaints audio-wise, but it also wasn't the end all be all.

Gameplay: 3/5

The gameplay is simple but fun. I thought it was funny that the game kind of insults you once you lose and changes its response the higher your score is. As someone else already pointed out, the candies to begin to overlap once you play again. Some minor bugs, but the core of it's there.

Originality: 4/5

Creative idea that I think was manageable for the time given

P.S. Kudo for using 3.1!! :D


Great! I think there's a problem with the difficulty, it seems to stay at whatever level you lost on. Plus, repeat playthroughs seem to layer candies on top of one another, making it prone to clicking two candies at once.


I'll have to fix that after the Jam :D but thank you for the feedback!