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The game should automatically transition to the next level after the orange arrow turns black. I thought it was a bug and waited a while for nothing to happen.

The music is good though it stops after a while, you should put it in a loop. Also the pop sound was a bit too loud. But the sounds are fitting.

The texts in tutorial need a bit more contrast, I think.

Hey, first thanks for thoses feedbacks !

I will change the transition for the next level it was a bad idea you are not the first to say that :P ! I will add other nices music and loop it of course :) And i had to do the tutorial pretty quick but i could make it better ^^ Thank you for telling me.

May I ask how comes you get so many ratings compared to other entries? One jammer said because your entry has eye-catching thumbnails.

I have no idea, it's my first jam, sorry xD

I thinks what he said is that the picture of the game is good so more people play it than the others games ? I have no idea as i said it's my first jam and my first game x)

Weird huh