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Cute game, could be even better with some upgrade and as i can see you are doing and listening to the feedback so congrats :)

Thanks for playing :)

Haha merci beaucoup, oui c'était un petit projet et les derniers achievements sont très long à avoir étant donné que je comptais rajouter du contenu vu l'engouement que les gens ont eu pour le jeu, mais je suis passé sur un autre projet ^^

Merci en tout cas :) Je vais Wishlist ton jeu d'ailleurs !

So, i have been playing your game for 2 hours.
I really love the looks and sound of the game. I did the 2 first donjons, but as the 3rd don't have healing possibility it is pretty hard. To end it i will have to do again and again the first 2 donjons and i don't have the motivation as it is really repetetive (no random donjon for exemple) (or no automatic system like player moving itself to monster slowly and then you can upgrade the speed with gems, or maybe posibility to start with 10 money, then 20, 30ect.

You just have to farm to get 50money then do first boss then second then you get somes gems and when you do that 5 times you can get 1 upgrade but you will need so much more to do that 3rd donjon ^^

Except that, i loved your game :) and as a first game it's really impressive, the job you did.I make games too so i know the times it take to do one simple thing, especially if you are starting. Don't know if you did the sprite by yourself, it looks like so congrats if you did :)

Je peux trandire en français si tu veux je suis français et j'ai cru comprendre que toi aussi ? (pas sûr)

Yeah i've seen that after playing a bit more you should add a scrollbar to make it more obvious :)

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You must have been working a long time to make this game !

I really like the fact that it's hard to progress, it makes the feeling way better when you achieve to get a new weapons for exemple :)

Nice game

EDIT : Btw i've been playing more than a hour now and still have no idea how to unlock blueprints so i'm a bit stuck

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Okay so i have to say the gampeplay is pretty original with this type of tree growing, graphics are simple but pretty good ! And the music <3

Good job !

Didn't participate to the jam but i still tried the game.

It works, and that's already a thing haha

Just need more content now if you want to continue development of the game ^^

Yeah sorry it was just a game for fun made in 1 week, i'm actually making a mobile game now :)

Hello, no the game won't get updated again btw :)

No possibility to buy new fish ?

That's a possibility but no one asked for it yet so i will maybe add this whenever i update the game. I'm on another game for now. Thanks for playing tho :)


Well there is also a sound when the power is ready haha but yeah many people watch movies while playing idle game :)

Hello :) I keep in mind your feedback, also yeah it's explained at the very beginning :)

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Hello, you right :) That's the origin of the bug, i'm fixing it right now actually haha thanks !

Thanks :) Next update will add more content so 1m+5m will be more easy to complete.

Thank you :)

Hello, thank you so much for your comment it makes me so happy :) ! I'm in vacation actually but i've been thinking of that weird bug and figured it out. I will fix it next week ;) Be sure to stay around for the next update :)

Thoses are good ideas thank you. I'm taking a little break for a week but i will definitly add somes features you'v said :)

Also you can create games without programming with softwares like Construct 3. It's more accessible than people think !

Yeah i'd love to hear your ideas ! Tell me more here or on Discord if you prefer Exkyo#4702 


I will look at it but it's supposed to work, all the 5 upgrades are maxed ? also yeah the achievement are hard to get but the game tend to get more upgrades/features :)

I will look at it thanks dude :)

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mmh can you take a pic when pixels are moving away ? I can't find this bug.

And yeah it's m for million then M for billion :) thanks ! But you'r right i will change M to B :)

Thanks for that, that's fixed, i will implement it in the next Maj, i'm not sure how works the Maj possibility without reset the progress haha

Also as it's one of my first game, do not hesitate giving me feedback if you want :)

I thought about making a backup but the update actually reset all the curve of progression, also it implement achievements, so it has no sens to keep the past save :)

You ask, and the Maj is there isn't that beautiful :D

Thanks bro its really nice to hear your feedback :)

They are all broken actually i only made somes levels for each one, wasn't expecting someone to actually max the upgrade haha

I'll try my best to put the Maj tonight :P Thanks for the feedback btw !

Yeah that's the max actually, will be updated very soon,  thanks for playing !

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Yeah it happen if you play too much haha, thanks for telling me it will be fixed with a new background soon :)

Hello thanks for your feedback, this bug have already been fixed, it will come in the next Maj ;)

Also the curve of progression have been remake so it will be easier and more funny to upgrade !

It's not implemented yet.

It will arrive in the next Maj coming tonight. 

(News fonctionnalities, new look interface and less bugs)

Great little game :)

Thanks i will fix it in the next MAJ !

Coming tonight or tomorrow with new stuffs and new looks !

Thanks :) I'm a fan of idle games so i know almost every idle game on Itch.Io. I know Idlefall and it gave me inspiration i admit :)

But i foresee differences for Pixel Fall and i have my own vision haha thanks for your comment !

Yeah thanks i did a new game and noticed the market, but on my first game i didn't saw any market on the large map :o

Hello, i've tried your game and i don't understand how to sell my furnitures.
I have created somes chairs and food but how to sell them ? And how to get new wood/food ? :)

Oh i think it did yeah :D look like it's working now ty 

Not working for me when i try to launch the exe :/