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Yeah thanks i did a new game and noticed the market, but on my first game i didn't saw any market on the large map :o

Hello, i've tried your game and i don't understand how to sell my furnitures.
I have created somes chairs and food but how to sell them ? And how to get new wood/food ? :)

Oh i think it did yeah :D look like it's working now ty 

Not working for me when i try to launch the exe :/

Okay nice :)

Arclands community · Created a new topic Price ?

Hey ! I'm have been following your game for more than 1 years and i wanted to know if you had a price in mind for the game ? :)

What an amazing game, the comment on this page are so bad, this is original, cool graphic, cool mechanism, different content with many weapon and different formation of the vicking/knight.

And in addition, the callenges are diverse and easy to meet at the beginning, and end much harder in the end.

Congratulation for this game ^^

Hey, just to tell you i'm still looking every day :P

Arclands community · Created a new topic Every day

I'm looking every day for news or something :)

Hey, thanks for giving me feedback !


I have no idea, it's my first jam, sorry xD

I thinks what he said is that the picture of the game is good so more people play it than the others games ? I have no idea as i said it's my first jam and my first game x)

Grrrr ;) 


I'm actually trying all of you'r games because they each are original :)

What a good idea, be a part of an army is really rare in games, I really want to get more level ^^

Good look, good music with good mechanics, well done !

Hey, first thanks for thoses feedbacks !

I will change the transition for the next level it was a bad idea you are not the first to say that :P ! I will add other nices music and loop it of course :) And i had to do the tutorial pretty quick but i could make it better ^^ Thank you for telling me.

I'm actually adding levels  :) thank you !

Hey, happy to hear your feedback :)

I'm actually doing a real game with this idea because i get many good reaction with this "prototype" i made for your WowieJam.

So i hope i can give you it so you can try again in some weeks :)

i'm upgrading the graphics looks for now :P

thanks for the feedbacks, i take them in consideration for the game !

Thank you, i'm doing a real game with it now :)

It was just a prototype for the jam ^^

Hey, i'm french so i didn't knew what mean "Wowie" i though it was just the title, so i made a game for the them "everyting interact with everything".

I just saw right now that Wowie mean like, juicy or fast game with action ? Missed that info :P

Thank you all for your feedback : faster speed, better next level transition, and the others, i'm happy of the feedback so iwill give more and more time to this project so i can out a real game with many new levels, new mechanics and a better design.

Have fun :)

Hey i saw your screenshot, fixed in 5 minutes :D

Hey, same as Jonas and crafty_one, i love it, don't want stop playing it so that's a good point x)

Graphics could be upragade of course and get sound for the game but good job :)

Hey, looks fun but i have no idea hot to play ^^

I'm stuck at the begginning :/

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Hello there, sorry for the grapple not centered perfectly but yeah, i never find solution for this on Construct2 xD

I really love your idea, if i make the hitbox of the swith bigger, we can just grapple the wall and the switch will turn on, but yes missing the switch slow down the action so i will find a solution. Just like the exit button, that's a good idea to change level after the animation.

Thank you for your ideas ! I will fix that :D

I have really good feedback so i will give more time to add level, changes somes things and uprage the look of the game, thank you !

Yes i will :D

Thanks :P

Thank you bro,  I will ;)

Thank you :) I will 

Hey, yes i know but i had pretty much work so don't good the time to fix this bug :( 

But i will fix it ;)

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Thank you xD I will maybe add content after the jam, think about rate my game if you have sumbitted your own ;)

Yes you can save your game, just download the game.

Okay, thank you so muh :)

Hi, my 3 games are bugged so, I want to restard the game buy I don't know how :/

I try to press R, or delete the game and download again but it's not working :/

Help !

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Hi ! Have you got an idea of the date for the next release please ? :)

Thxs again for your game ;D

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Hi :) ! The changelog is the same as the version 5, i don't know if it's normal or it takes time ? :)

Edit : I just notice as the link of the changelog 6 send to the changelog 5 so i guess you don't publish the changelog 6 yet xD