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thank you for the solutions and ideas! 

I played the game, it's really fun and funny! I like it!

wanted to make an action puzzler. you can watch this gameplay video :D

yes, she's lost. And I wanted to make her magical, she slows down time in her vicinity. Like in a radius, and we need to use her powers and our shooting abilities to solve puzzles and also take part in action. Wanted to make an action puzzler.

lol. yeah! actually, I've just spent a meagre 3 hours on this "game"!

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i've added the ZIP!

You're right, sir!

This is going to be a hit, make it into a full game. By any chance, was this inspired by Braid?

I can see a hit puzzle game for mobile, PC, and all the platforms here! The next World of Goo is here! You got to make this into a thing!

This game is really fun, a little bit of tweaking and this could be a perfect classic action game. Really awesome stuff!

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do u have the wine emulator? also, there's a link to the gameplay video  in the description.

I tried the game, couldn't get past the second checkpoint. Interesting idea, I can see that it is a bit buggy, the re spawn mechanic. Took me sometime to learn to manoeuvre. 

glad you like it!

Is there a discord?

This is great! Rated!

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This game will be a smash hit on mobile!

I love the little sprites, the colour combination and the smoothness of everything. This is quite fun. 

I like the black and white colour scheme, game-play was really smooth!

I liked this, it brings to life the angst at the office!

Thank you for your great comments : )

Hi, I'd love to enter your contest. How do I enter?

The game is quite good, and the colour scheme is brilliant.

I liked the graphics, sound effects, colour scheme, and the fluidity of the game!

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I like the idea that aiming and moving are two separate things. The spawn rate and bullet speed can be increased to make it more fun. Overall, I like the maneuvering  of the ship, the particle effects and the enemy movement patterns.

Glad you like the concept, thanks for trying : )

Hi! I played the game, it is quite creative to be honest. The concept of using a fly to grow a plant is quite amusing, and I found the process very enjoyable. 

I don't know if I finished the game or not, I collected the eggs and put them near the plant and then the plant grew. I couldn't get past that, it probably was the end.

This idea is really cool, and could be expanded to make an open world fly adventure where you could do almost anything. Like trading fruits, building hives etc. Great job!

Thank you for the amazing suggestions! I highly appreciate you taking the time to play this.  

Yeah I know it is a bit hard to manoeuvre, thank you for the suggestion, I will increase the friction and make it easier.  

The idea of power-ups is awesome! I will surely add it in the beta.

And thank you for the error message, I will fix that.

Thanks again for the inputs :)

Hello and Welcome, do try this!

What are the rules, details etc. Is there a discord?

made for the NES Jam!

Does the game have to match the pace of that era? I mean, the pace at which those games ran was pretty slow. Can we add some modern elements, increase the pace while still keeping the art style and display technology intact.

I know this is late, but we can still make a mini game or something of sorts. 

I work with GM Studio, and can team up with just anyone with any skill set.

I can program and design and draw.

Searching for ideas and inspirations.

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A short game, with a small world. - Memories

Where can we see what, people are working on?

Is there a discord or something.