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Here is a short "making of" video if anyone is interested!

It was an ambitious project but super proud of how this one turned out, the whole team did great :D

To anyone trying it out, it may seem complex at first for a game jam game but just take your time and try interacting with all the different terminals. There's no time pressure because you choose when to advance the turns so have fun!

This game is the reeeeeeeeal deal. Totally unbiased opinion.

I found a bug! You can swim off the bottom of the screen and the fish miss you!

Awesome! :)

Unity :)

Cool little game. Like the dual character mechanic

Cool game, nice twist on the theme! :)

So pretty :O

Cool little game, love the black and white graphics

Really cool little game

Cool game. I like the idea of casting spells on food, fits the theme well :)

Cool little bullet hell :)

Cool little game :)

Nice one! :)

Thanks for the feedback Jonas!

I 100% agree with you that the jump shoot combo needs more emphasis. A lot of the balance issues were because I made the game so fast I didn't have time to test it properly

Thanks for playing :)

Kind of like asteroids with a twist, this was cool! Fits the theme really well.

Tbh I found I didn't really need to even shoot, the game is so fast paced I just ran away and let them all kill each other. I enjoyed it though, it's hectic and fun. With some balance it could be even better! Impressed that even the hearts interact with everything! Great job on the theme

I like the idea of an animation to show an enemy is about to spawn! Good idea!

Thank you, I think I know the cause!

This was a cool idea, quite ambitious so well done for completing it.

Would've been nice to have more puzzles but all round it was a good game :)

Here's linux and webgl! I can't test linux so not sure if it works,

That's strange, can you be more specific? There are definitely some bugs with the score system.

Thank you very much :) The controls are hard but you can reach the platform by using the double jump!

Do you think there is anything I could do to make the controls easier?

Sure I'll get on it

The code may not be the absolute best because it was a game jam but I tried to keep it neat.

You can view the whole project on github here:

You can download the project and open it in unity yourself, mess around with it if you like!

Try my game and let me know what you think :) :)

I'm going to use this for a game, is that cool? :)

Really cool little game :)


Thats a lot of balls

oh. my. god.

Pretty cool but I think maybe the hitboxes are a bit too generous? Seems to fail sometimes when it should be close. Usually better to be on the smaller side rather than the larger, Other than that works well, made me realise my flag knowledge isn't all it should be! haha

This looks awesome, really cool style.

So I just finished and published a little game called Kings Feast for free!

It's a little retro style game where you play as a chef cooking for the fat king. The game was originally a one hour game jam submission that I spent some time developing later because I liked the idea.

I'm going to port the game to mobile soon and would love any feedback on the game so that I can improve it in the process. Please come check it out, it's completely free and available on Windows, Mac and Linux!

Play now at :)

Great little puzzle game. Cool mechanic and very challenging!

Just a little unity tip, you can change the supported aspect ratios/resolutions in the build settings to ensure people can only run in 16:9 :)

This game is awesome!

Awesome for your first 48 hour jam!