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Beard or Die

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Woah one year later reply. Yeah I was being sarcastic/exaggerating btw. Love brackeys.

Can you let us know which things you made yourself, and which things are assets (and links if possible to the assets) on the game page? Thanks.

You list Procedural Fire as an asset used, but that asset says URP is not supported, yet your project appears to use URP.  Can you share if there were any issues on that front? Thanks!

Oh man, this game or whatever is amazing. The developer did such a great job. Ground breaking. All the awards are merited. So good.

yeah sandbox = no given objectives. I also have fun blowing boxes up.  Maybe I'll add arrows and grenades and springs and who knows what else later. Thanks for playing!

How do I use gas? Space does nothing. I can't get passed the spiked. I expect to be able to shorten the grapple with W+S but it only ever shortens if I run into something.

This is a great generator

Played it through. Delightful!!!!1!  Job well done.  The narration really gave the experience oomph. Loved some of the minor touches in that regard, as well. Great job. :)

I would love to finish it, but I am getting a glitch where sometimes when the game (narrator) is done talking, the controls are not properly unfrozen for the character. Can update with fix?

Level 11, 4 stars. I decided that was enough. ;)

So, I used to like Brackeys, but now I see he is the antichrist. Because he made "W" to be jump instead of the space bar. Infuriating is the only accurate feedback that could ever be given.

Thanks. I could only devote about 8 hours total to this jam, sadly, so I was definitely looking to just get across a concept. Nothing groundbreaking, I admit, but I wanted to participate something so I could rate other games! :)

what you think

I learned something today. :)

That's not what colorblind is.

I want to eat the same thing as jabrils.

I want to hit the sack in the same manner as dani.

I want to paint thick black outlines like noa.

I want to poly the realms of high quality terrain with sykoo.

I want to debug every log and rigid every body while the same is done by brackeys.

27 seconds before the deadline. Well done. :)

Hi there, be sure to check out my other jam games because they will fill you with joyous wonderment! Wonderment, I say!


Are those jalapenos? My heart.

The attention to detail is staggering. The developer's skill at accurately conveying story from the protagonist's perspective  is unmatched.

I think I won!

Well done. I actually was able to play it from my phone fairly well. High score 9 on one particular level.

I know I'm super late to be playing this one, but I just did and I played it through. It was fun and I enjoyed finding out what the new mechanics would be. The character controller could be a bit tighter, and some of the exploits could be patched (ironically), such as the ability to place a laser on top of itself several times over. I loved how the elements all interacted with each other, especially seeing the laser scatter dangerously from the shredder. I could see this as a very fun mobile phone game. Not sure if the levels could be procedurally generated, though, which means coming up with new levels could be very time consuming.

Wow, seriously, thank you. I'm very glad you appreciated the things I cared most about for this game. I would love to expand this, and branching story was definitely part of the idea. But, as usual, I had to scale the scope back to finish during the jam time.

Click and drag with WebGL is terrible; I learned that with one of my own game jam games. Need a Windows build to properly register click events so that I get a sense of fairness. How many levels are there in this game? Made it to level 12 before rage quitting. lol

Thanks. Yes my calendar was very full during the jam so I couldn't devote much time on this. But I couldn't pass it up entirely, so I figured a tiny game was better than no game. No sound either, so I'm not looking for high scores or anything. :).  Thanks for playing and for the feedback.



There are no spoilers contained in this review. This review is positive. This game jam game is good. The ratings given were high. The constructive criticism is to try out alternative movement scripting to improve game feel and to increase the number of colliders because clipping through the terrain is possible throughout. Great job doing cinematic sequences, too.

Cute. Fun. A good difficulty ramp. Great responsive character controller, feels as tight as it needs to be. I think it does need at least a few cute sfx (webgl has no sound at all?) to go with it.  Thanks for participating this time! :)

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun. It's a blast.

Thank you, Jonas! Yes that UI should definitely shrink away after each round is solved to better reveal the sentence. I also intend to have fewer colors because I found myself frustrated that it took too long to cycle randomly to the correct color. After that, I would plan on having a number of additional rounds with the combined mechanics (color, rotation, and position) and throwing in some juice in the form of words that affect all items (such as the "little" word that shrinks all items)... Maybe a timer... I think it could be a "cute" little game for the younger ages. Which is why I focused on affirming/positive sentences as the puzzles.

thanks for the feedback. Agreed on your points. :)  I ran out of time to combine the mechanics to create a real challenge but I was intentionally prioritizing the tutorial process as that is something I have completely failed at in the past with nobody knowing how to play at all. I had my friend's daughter play it (9yo) and growing up using touch screen tablets, she had to get used to all three mouse buttons. I think it was the first time she used middle click. So that was somewhat rewarding, lol.

I only meant that you twice spelled it Womie instead of Wowie. That's all.

I didn't see the instruction for switching weapon soon enough, and I didn't see until a lot of confused gameplay what the infection looked like, so I was unsure of what to heal. Also I have no clue what the floating green particles are and whether it's good or bad or something to interact with. All that said, it looks great and I loved the jump and dash mechanic.

I like the minimap - which is kind of necessary to do any good at all at it. I think the player's character should be at the left of the screen, which would give us more time to press the right button for movement. Also, have you thought about having the player remain in the middle by default, and return to the middle position when W or S is not pressed? The player would have to hold W or S to remain in those positions. That may fit the style of the game well.

It's "Wowie Jam"   ;)     Good mechanics here, just needs a little more polishing like hit boxes already mentioned. I would be happy with faster grapple speed, too. Lots of potential in this game for a post-jam version!

Can you upload a ZIP version that doesn't require an installer?

Agree. Looks splendid.