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Beard or Die

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hey thanks for showing your playthrough, it helped me identify some flaws in architecture and level design that I need to fix up. For instance, you took the blue tooth so early that it wasn't quite ready. When you did trigger taking the tooth, it advanced the states to be off by one, which is why he complained about you killing Kevin before Kevin was even on screen. And so on. Very helpful for me to see those things, I appreciate it 

I do already have adjustments available at the start before you calibrate your height, and pressing the Menu button brings that menu back up. What I need to know is what type(s) of adjustments you need to be available there. I look forward to the video, maybe that will give me the info I need. Thanks again!

thanks! Very glad the jokes are landing.

Yeah I do plan to have the boss fight added later on. I've continued to work on it. For the movement, it's the Bonelab -type of physics controller (hexabody). It's the type that I prefer but I'm totally open to expanding the settings to increase customization especially regarding accessibility. Would increasing movement speed (not currently possible), ensuring movement stops immediately rather than having some inertia, and increasing smooth turn rate (already adjustable) be sufficient or are you thinking of something else to increase the snappiness?

Again, really appreciate the feedback. I'm using these VR jams as a way to build up the systems that I can reuse later. It's been working out pretty well.

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Fascinating. I assumed Quest 3 would get full backwards compatibility with anything that launches correctly in Quest 2. Maybe I have to upgrade the Oculus Integration package. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and try to switch to OpenXR, but I'm just afraid that's going to break all kinds of things I don't know how to fix. Thanks for the report, and sorry you didn't get to play it. I have a video of the full gameplay, and you can activate the flat-screen emulator by pressing ENTER, and you can skip the Calibrate Height block by pressing /

oh, and my Oculus app has to be open, which means it's likely set as my OpenXR Runtime. I don't know much about this stuff.

All I know is it has Oculus bindings/integration and probably not OpenXR. I usually use Virtual Desktop as well, and that's never been an issue, but it definitely doesn't have anything Steam VR related. I played the build with Air Link as well as Quest Link (plugged in USB C) successfully. Hope you get to play it. Could you try Air Link?

yes, I was using Oculus Integration, no OpenXR. I was under the impression that it used OpenXR in the backend but that may not be the case, which would leave the index and pico out of luck.

wow, thank you! Super happy the humor landed. :) thanks for you feedback and for helping to host the jam.

Yeah, Trover and Rick and Morty were the goal influences. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I didn't use SALSA, I actually worked out a custom barebones audio spectrum solution with the help of ChatGPT.

Then I just used that float with a other float as a threshold to figure out what level is talking and what level isn't. For a skeleton character, it worked well enough. If I had slower talking lines, it wouldn't look right, though.

Same with the head tracking, just worked it out with a little GPT code assistance.

Thank you for the encouragement. I do hope to complete it with the planned boss battle, and better aggro beetles, at the least. Don't know if my voice could handle recording more lines, though. It was shot after a single 20 minute recording session!

FYI forgot to list one of the main assets I used, a no-longer-available "Deep Tunnel Set" that had an enormous amount of Z-fighting that I had to resolve. I resolved probably 900 of 1000 instances of z-fighting, give or take. :)

The audio played on my PC audio and not in my headset (Quest 2 via Quest Link). Every time I snap turn to the right, I glide queasily backward a bit. The "hold trigger" screen is set up strange, I get sick on that screen every time. I found a bunch of candy that I ate, and I found two enemy pumpkin dudes, but found no way to escape them. Mazes make me anxious. lol

Fun! I think midnight took too long to strike, and there was a counter I guess for points but I really could not decipher how that was being calculated.

How was your experience recording the voice lines? I lost my voice during my only recording session. lol

Great creepy vibe. Very glad you made a certain decision regarding the scare(s) (no spoilers here). Nice accessibility options. I only found three tapes and mazes make me feel super claustrophobic so I had to stop there. Super nice voice acting on the tapes I did find, nice filters on it as well. Nothing like the cringey voice lines in mine. lol

:) Thanks very much. Yeah, getting the controls/configuration right out of the gate is important to me as I play seated and must use Snap Turn. I know people have their preferences/requirements before they can even start an experience. Very happy you enjoyed the dialogue-- I actually blew my voice out in my one-shot recording session-- couldn't speak the rest of the day!! lol    Hopefully some day I can spend the time to get the boss fight sequence finished as I had originally envisioned it. I'd really like to. And get those aggro beetles behaving more sensibly, too.  Thanks for noticing the attention to detail on the head tracking-- that and the volume-based jaw movement were pretty involved for sure. Thanks again, hope to join another common jam soon.

I got outside and couldn't find the shed that's in your trailer video, so I couldn't proceed. Where is it? I get lost in games a lot.

Okay you got me. I forgot to read the description and was surprised at the end. Nice mechanic, got some real creepiness in there for sure. I did struggle quite a bit getting the "cap" off and back on. It seems only to work with the ray interactor and not hand interaction, which is kind of not great for a flashlight, but I eventually figured it out. You might want to let people know that there is no movement at all. I tried for ages to figure out why I couldn't. :) Well done.

Superb! I really like the 80s nostalgia trip. Very well executed short interactive narrative experience.

Did you use AutoHand for this one, too? What is GDVR? ;)  I really like the mechanic in this one with the ray bezier effect on the remote-grabbed object.

Okay, you're ridiculous. This was fantastic in every way. The accessibility, the gameplay, the visuals. *chef's kiss*  Well done.

This one is solid. There's obviously not much to it, but the foundation is really great. The controller felt great, snap turning really helped my VR legs/stomach. The ammo clip mechanic worked well. Lighting was great. No performance issues. I found the objectives. Something to consider: allow the player to leave a mark/smear on the walls they pass by, for those who are absolutely terrible at mazes. I tried putting the mannequin back together, but that didn't work. I really thought that lion statue was going to do something. Interactable pylons in VR games for the win. :)  I'd love to have a crouch mechanic with the controller so I don't smash my headset on my desk, lol (I have a limited play area), and a sprint mechanic as well.

Wow, three distinct experiences with a lobby? That's quite an accomplishment for a jam game! My main and really significant issue is that the snap turn setting (which is great in the lobby), doesn't stay in effect when I enter any of the experiences, so really I'm stuck with smooth turn, which makes me nauseous almost instantly. I did play all three experiences, but I got sick on the third one and had to quit. I found a key and didn't know what to do with it. I had weapons that wouldn't shoot on that one. I wish I could shoot the bats (they are pretty big targets after all) and I wish I could step on or even ride the spiders, lol.

I escaped. Nice labyrinth of rooms. Here's some constructive feedback:

  • The biggest thing for me is that you have the turn speed as smooth, while I need an instant snap turn for my VR stomach. At least it's not too fast, so I didn't get super sick.
  • I didn't know at first that I needed the to use the trigger (and?) grab button to open doors.
  • I play seated, and the VR avatar (which is nice to have a full body avatar) doesn't have any calibration available to play correctly while seated. So the avatar's legs are hilariously just sliding sideways beneath me.
  • It seems only the flashlight and door handles are interactable. It would be nice if you added an indicator/"affordance" to let the player know which objects are interactable at a distance, so they don't have to walk up to every little thing just to see if they are a static object or not. 
  • The house noises seem to be randomly occurring, with no spatialization. So there's doors supposedly closing/opening but I don't think those are actually happening in-game. There's supposedly a cell phone buzzing somewhere but nowhere to be found in the house. If it is in the house, having the buzz be spatialized would help the player be able to find it.
  • The ghosts/spirits don't seem to pose any threat.
  • Very disappointed that the fridge is not openable. I'm hungry.  :)

    I went in first attempt without reading the description. Big mistake. Ended up walking off and not knowing about the flashlight. After reading the description I tried again and found the flashlight and discovered I could teleport if I wanted to (click right thumbstick). Couldn't find anything but ghosts who don't do anything. I did like that the eyes of the ghosts were unlit (visible even without flashlight) and then I could see them fully with the flashlight on. Would be cool if everything had more SFX and some mechanic that would allow evading or getting hurt or fearful (maybe a fear meter when the ghosts linger too close too long?). The flashlight grab was positioned a little strange for me, too. I had issues with grab positions in my entry as well. The flashlight on/off seemed wonky/unpredictable. I don't know if it's supposed to be a straight toggle, or a hold-to-shine, or something purposefully unreliable.

    Full marks. Super impressive.

    Fun! Definitely worth a follow-up post-jam version with sound, pumped up music, some power-ups, etc. Well done.

    Right up my alley. Wonderful entry. I kind of wish the music was more sci-fi like, but that's just being nitpicky. It was fitting to the activity. Maybe some spaceship ambience, then, to go with it. Some terminal beeps and clicks, etc.

    Astoundingly good. Super duper turbo well done. Unlike the voice acting in my game, yours was stellar!  :)

    I lost, but had a lot of fun. Satisfying.

    Great art! Gave me Megaman vibes. :)

    Very enjoyable. Great selection/use of assets and sfx. It was nice experience.

    Me too

    Super good job on the art and sfx. Finding and re-working sfx in Audacity is pretty dang fun, huh? :)

    Too close to home, lol

    Great art, cute sound! Couldn't find anybody, though. They didn't seem to be where they were supposed to be. Difficult controls, ended up getting impatient. lol

    Well done. Wow, that's a lot of levels!

    Scored 550. Definitely struggled to get my vertical position correct while trying to watch the directions incoming. Felt like I needed an extra pair of eyes, and to see a bit further to the right. Fun!

    The mouse up/down look was invert what I expected and I couldn't get used to it. I liked a lot about this, but I couldn't find any parts, ended up winning by walking somewhere. :)

    Music is fire

    Ambitious entry! Looks and feels great.