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Beard or Die

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Wow, this is great. I'll try it out today. I had assumed that circles needed meshes, I never thought about doing a circle with a line renderer for some reason. I appreciate this. Thanks!

This is excellent. I wonder if you'd be willing to share the code (your scripts, specifically) on GitHub. I'm mainly looking for implementations of drawing clean circles and trajectory lines, and interested in how you've done so here. Thanks!

Thanks for the playing and for the feedback and for hosting the jam! I look forward to a video on your channel about the jam.

Even after looking at the tutorial I still for some reason didn't understand how to kill the enemies, so I died and the game auto-quit about 5 times before I understood. Even then, the difficulty was pretty crazy, and the auto-quit (which you didn't mention in this devlog if I'm not mistaken?) was pretty infuriating. Not sure if that was a bug that you turned into a "feature" or if it was really planned that way. Anyway, it looks great and feels great until you repeat-die several times. :) Good job.   (btw, please play and rate my game, too. thx)

Juicy. I wish my mouse had a fresh battery. lol. I really like the feedback (screen shake, particles, upon a successful connection)

(btw please play and rate my game, too. thx)

Thank you, this is very helpful. I'm rating more now. Mine could use some more ratings, please. Thanks!

why thank you. It's interesting how in the beginning of a jam, so much seems possible, but as time ticks away, you're really scrambling to throw whole chunks of planned features and levels out the window just to finish on time. Oh well. It was still fun.

thanks! There's still a glitch in the squash and stretch somewhere, but after a certain number of hours troubleshooting a single feature, during a game jam, you just have to move on. Picking out sound effects is one of my favorite things to do in a jam. I tired of using sfxr long ago with subpar results. Using good quality and well picked existing sounds is the way to go, in my opinion. Thanks for playing.

Fair point. Since there's no way to lose, hopefully everyone eventually figures it out. The shake and sound effect is supposed to be an indicator feedback.

I won but I think I cheated because I didn't place anything, I just pressed space and guided with mouse. :)

Stunning. Very much looking forward to playing the post jam version. Great job with the artwork and look & feel, as well as the solid tutorial.

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Thanks, it's just a tiny little thing. As usual the concept was larger than I had time to properly implement. You still doing ML-Agent stuff? I feel like I haven't seen an update on your YouTube channel in awhile. I'll have to double check. ... And I just did. So been 10 months since last ML agent stuff. One of the hurdles for me is that I find it a nuisance to install so many specific versions of python, pip, and other packages. I wish all that work could be done pure c# so I don't ever have to pip anything again.

@rhysooge Congrats on finishing! I just uploaded mine, too. I always wish I had more time to finish up, but I'll try to be satisfied with what I achieved.

Two days beginning right after the submission deadline may sound like enough time to rate other games, but when you're done with a game jam, you're exhausted and need a full day at least to rest properly. I humbly request extending the rating window an extra day or two.

Woah one year later reply. Yeah I was being sarcastic/exaggerating btw. Love brackeys.

Can you let us know which things you made yourself, and which things are assets (and links if possible to the assets) on the game page? Thanks.

You list Procedural Fire as an asset used, but that asset says URP is not supported, yet your project appears to use URP.  Can you share if there were any issues on that front? Thanks!

Oh man, this game or whatever is amazing. The developer did such a great job. Ground breaking. All the awards are merited. So good.

yeah sandbox = no given objectives. I also have fun blowing boxes up.  Maybe I'll add arrows and grenades and springs and who knows what else later. Thanks for playing!

How do I use gas? Space does nothing. I can't get passed the spiked. I expect to be able to shorten the grapple with W+S but it only ever shortens if I run into something.

This is a great generator

Played it through. Delightful!!!!1!  Job well done.  The narration really gave the experience oomph. Loved some of the minor touches in that regard, as well. Great job. :)

I would love to finish it, but I am getting a glitch where sometimes when the game (narrator) is done talking, the controls are not properly unfrozen for the character. Can update with fix?

Level 11, 4 stars. I decided that was enough. ;)

So, I used to like Brackeys, but now I see he is the antichrist. Because he made "W" to be jump instead of the space bar. Infuriating is the only accurate feedback that could ever be given.

Thanks. I could only devote about 8 hours total to this jam, sadly, so I was definitely looking to just get across a concept. Nothing groundbreaking, I admit, but I wanted to participate something so I could rate other games! :)

I learned something today. :)

That's not what colorblind is.

I want to eat the same thing as jabrils.

I want to hit the sack in the same manner as dani.

I want to paint thick black outlines like noa.

I want to poly the realms of high quality terrain with sykoo.

I want to debug every log and rigid every body while the same is done by brackeys.

27 seconds before the deadline. Well done. :)

Hi there, be sure to check out my other jam games because they will fill you with joyous wonderment! Wonderment, I say!


Are those jalapenos? My heart.

The attention to detail is staggering. The developer's skill at accurately conveying story from the protagonist's perspective  is unmatched.

I think I won!

Well done. I actually was able to play it from my phone fairly well. High score 9 on one particular level.

I know I'm super late to be playing this one, but I just did and I played it through. It was fun and I enjoyed finding out what the new mechanics would be. The character controller could be a bit tighter, and some of the exploits could be patched (ironically), such as the ability to place a laser on top of itself several times over. I loved how the elements all interacted with each other, especially seeing the laser scatter dangerously from the shredder. I could see this as a very fun mobile phone game. Not sure if the levels could be procedurally generated, though, which means coming up with new levels could be very time consuming.

Wow, seriously, thank you. I'm very glad you appreciated the things I cared most about for this game. I would love to expand this, and branching story was definitely part of the idea. But, as usual, I had to scale the scope back to finish during the jam time.

Click and drag with WebGL is terrible; I learned that with one of my own game jam games. Need a Windows build to properly register click events so that I get a sense of fairness. How many levels are there in this game? Made it to level 12 before rage quitting. lol