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Beard or Die

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Oh, I definitely wanted those things. I wanted users to be banging the widgets against the table and other widgets and walls, and that does work to some effect but strangely not consistently. I wanted a variety of widgets that had secondary objects on them where you had to hold them in one hand and dislodge or twist connected objects with the other. I wanted a power-drill to unscrew and access panels to tweak settings and circuit boards. The whole nine yards. So you see where I was going with it, and I appreciate that you appreciated it. Much appreciated!

yes, I was porting that laser from UltimateXR to VRIF and it has lost its reliability somewhere. Don't know if it's IK related or what to be honest. The nice environment was mainly one room from the Ultimate XR demo, but I actually did the majority of this with VRIF for the interaction because I was more familiar with it. Thanks for playing! Your game is on my list to play.

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Thanks for playing. Those are great ideas. Right now there is a conclusion at I think eight waves, and the big TV shows a final count. Should've made that more obvious and present a Try again, or high score mechanism. I got bogged down by weird bugs, such as a big collision is supposed to cause damage/worsening to the widget, but sometimes it's as if there was no detectable collision at all. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of that, and then I could implement more avenues of worsening. I did originally try to have secondary grabbables that could be pulled off, thereby inflicting worsening, but the Configurable Joints became a nightmare I didn't understand. Your game is on my list to play. :)

I appreciate your kind words. I do hope to flesh it out into a more complete experience (but not a full "game") sometime soon-ish.

oh, there's comedy. I was going for The Stanley Parable meets The Office meets Portal in one big meeting cubicle. Hopefully I will realize that intention in the future.

Thanks so much for your comment! I have already solved both of your issues. But it takes getting to a certain cubicle to clue you in. Here you go: If you press the ] key, you get some developer/debug tools including a Time speedup toggle button, which allows you to play at 3x speed if you think things are moving too slow. I don't recommend doing so if you want to play with the physics objects, though. It also gives you a button to switch to No-Clip Fly through mode instead of On-rails camera movement, so you can hold right-click and WASD move. The chairs are indeed a very simple puzzle, the clue to which is the quote posted in that cubicle. Hope you give it another shot to read the other SlackOff messages, play another Spotty track, and play with physics objects.

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Hey that's super nice of you. I commented on the YouTube video. I feel like you really "got" it.

Wow, that was impactful. Well done. 👍

This is right up my alley. I loved it. Great, funny dialogue. 👍

👍 😎

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Some ideas: click on the computer screens to groove to the tunes in the Spotty app, discover company dysfunction/culture in the SlackOff app, logout and click on arrows to move to the next cubicle. One cubicle has a totally epic chair-rotation mini game (hint is in the quote and post-its), another cubicle has some click-and-draggable physics objects (cardboard boxes, trash bins, coffee cups, file cabinets) for fun. That's about it right now. Stretch goals postjam are to have many more tunes, SlackOff messages, and physics/entanglement based mini games in other cubicles.

Much appreciated. Here's one that's incomplete, but very playable and it's clear when you've experienced all there is.

Thanks! I played and rated yours as well. I enjoyed it.

Thank you. I played and rated yours, too. It was fun. :)  I like the writing and concept.

Woof, those dogs were tough! Took some persistence to beat it! :) Great job.

just a general comment to explain for those who don't read the description: I got COVID after day 1, and only was well enough to spend one additional day on this. So, it's short, and light on substance. :)

The ZIP file has been updated to include the full Unity project (160 mb). I've moved the ZIP with just the core/scripts to: (6 mb)

Okay, working on it. Still getting over covid. No fun! I'll update the source link and reply to this message again when I have a new link.

Sweet! Very kind of you. I'll check it out tonight. 

Totally cool with that. I mostly look at people's code architecture and specific feature implementations. Remove whatever you want. I'm happy to take a peek at whatever you're willing to share. Much appreciated.

Hi Harry. You've been generous enough to share Unity projects with code and shaders for previous jam games. Would you be willing to do the same on this at some point? I love to pick these apart and see how they're put together. Thanks very much.

Pretty fun minute. I found that I could zoom my desktop browser out to be able to see the "Restart" button in fullscreen. :)

Can't seem to figure out the keyboard controls. Dude doesn't move or chop anything. Need some controls instructions please.

I can't survive long enough to get the shield powerup. My reaction time may be too slow for this as is. Maybe if the character had rechargeable health instead of instant-death on collision it would help me make it further.

I don't get it. What system is this? How to actually play? Connection error, something didn't load. ???

Make the collider smaller and it'll be more playable. Right now, it feels unfair when the visuals of the player don't touch at all the visuals of the enemies but I'm still hit with game over as soon as some large invisible box or circle touches. Also the units seem fairly large and I can't quite see enough of the sky to make wise maneuvering decisions. Congrats for completing a jam game! Think of the lessons you've learned here and build on that for the next one. Think of how you could add features to this one, adding mechanics like shooting, an ability where you can slow down time, ghost through an enemy, etc.

Fun. :)

Well done! It was fun, if a little frustrating. I really thought I could do better than I'm actually able to do. 8 is my high score.

b3agz Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Also yes

Yes, also.

This was well done. Enjoyable to play. I'm not sure the waiting time for the mixing really added anything, since it's not time based. At least we don't have to wait long. :) Everything else feels good.

thanks! Did you come up with a beat you'd care to share with the 7 digit code? 

This feature is what I most need. I have so many sound packs from ghosthack and would much rather use this than another DAW.

I survive on the accolades of others. You've bought me another year of life. Much gratitude.

Okay, this was fantastic. Just the right amount of challenge, great presentation, and creative mood while playing. Extremely well done.

Same here but I had to do Uncompressed. Gzip was already selected and didn't work.

Little dude looks cool. I couldn't get grapple to do anything, and the red button things didn't seem to do anything. I was able to traverse most places with double jump but I never found where I was supposed to go. I like the overall look. I would recommend putting an on-screen GUI or at least in the menu to indicate that you should press 1-5 to try different abilities. Good job submitting a game! I've definitely pulled my share of game jam all-nighters! :)

Yeah it do be customizable. :)  I call this remix "Maximalization": E63E49E   324 BPM. Eventually I'll fix the BPM readout.