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COLOR WARRIORView game page

Submitted by Poohjecter — 10 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline

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It is kind of annoying that the border of the level are invisible. I also didn't know there actually were healthpack, because I didn't run into any.


Cool idea to use health as ammunition and the constant search for health packs keeps you on the move!

I can clearly see that the enemies are interacting with each other somehow, I just can't tell how. What exactly happens when they turn colorful? You also have some mechanical interactions (health - shooting) and (movement - shooting). I just don't get those 100% either and they make the controls feel a little unresponsive at times. :D

Visual effects are very satisfying. I'd like to see a bit of a texture in the background so you can tell how quickly you're moving and there should also be an indication of where the level ends. Invisible walls feel a little unfair.

Overall a pretty great game! Thanks for participating.


Thanks Jonas, I will take notes and try to improve it :>

Also, it's an honor to join your game jam, it is a really fun experience <3


Glad to hear that! :)


Cool game with nice visuals.
Adding space idicators and score system would make it even better.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great game! It's really satisfying. There are however a few things I'd like to mention.

First, make the walls visible and also let the enemies collide with them. Sometimes I wondered why I can't go right even though there are enemies. Also, warn the player if he is low health. It happened to me a lot of times that I was shooting and suddenly the death count down was seen. Make a warning noise if the player has low health and tint the healthbar red.

Also, please add a score counter so the player wants to improve more and more if he died.

Other than that, it's really a great game and I just couldn't stop playing because it was SOOO satisfying!


Thanks for the advice, I will try to improve it :>


Make walls visible! Other than that, the game is really cool and fun to play :)


Thanks for playing my games, I will take your advice in and fix it <3.

It's too easy and there are some things missing that I wish were there. But overall, you only need to change a couple things to make this really something. Personally, I think the laser gun should shoot slower, or have a lower pitch sound effect (The multiple high pitches all at the same time are irritating on the ears). Also, more enemies doesn't make this game harder. I love the mechanics and I think they're really nice and fit the theme well, but I think fewer enemies which are stronger and shoot faster would be more interesting. The different guns provide a nice interweave between killing a single enemy and killing multiple enemies.  Also, there are invisible walls around the edges of the map. Please make them visible >.< Love the particle effects and the different colours. Great job,! It's really cool, just needs a bit of polishing to make it fun for longer

Also: Attack, my minion horde!!

I will for sure polishing it, and make it more user friendly with a tiny bit of "Salt" to make it more enjoyable ; )

Also, Thanks you for playing my game, I really I appreciate it <3.