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total clickbait title. 10/10 would click again ^^

The hitboxes were a bit hard to find, sometimes you think you can pass between 2 bugs and.. nope.

I didn't also get why you would trigger a game over at a queen for a certain answer, like, both are cute (the answers ^^) but one is wrong...

Need a little fix on the parallax effect :)

very good entry ! 

I would check your physic states when changing size. typically, if one bloc is on the other when he gets bigger, both will get stuck...

Also to implement is the level validation to be possible by keyboard. As your game plays only by keyboard, having to switch to the mouse to reach every next level is a little downside.

Everything positive is already said, so well done :)

I would have loved a good sfx when eating to become a real chungus !

I ragequitted when I had to restart from the very beggining ^^

Other than that, add some audio and it will be a very nice little game !

I wish there was an "animation" category to rate your game ! his is totaly awesome ! just like the rest of the art.

I did not really get the point of the 2 buttons on the left but played it 10 minutes anyway

thanks ! most of them are still placeholder recorded with my crappy laptop mic ^^

good pixel art there !

very nice game ! controls feel natural and responsives and every action is well presented.

good pixel art there

Pretty good result.
Web version is unplayable at this state... Looked at the comments, tried the desktop one, much better.

The look of the visual is very pleasing but I find it harder to get a good appreciation of the distances and the shapes arete (peak) with the cell shade. Especially for a platformer

one of the best out there for sure !

when the "map" and the path beggin to get very large, every run takes a longer time. If you continue development, I suggest maybe a "fastforward" functionnality of speed up the animation ?

You, sir, are a true hero. Even I who wrote the game find it hard to finish, especially when you're in the buildings...

Congrats !

Thanks for the feedback !

The keyboard layout was a concern from the beginning but with the 72h challenge, we just developped with our good old QWERTZ keyboard. A solution is already planned but not implemented

thanks ! yes physics object are to be polished and levels plan to have solid borders. The game has no checking at this stage if you're out or not, but you can restart any level with "enter" or "space" (because "R" is already used by the mecanics). It's not showed though

thanks alot ! for the map border, it wasn't really planned that way... We worked so long on the mecanics and graphics that in the end, I only had few hours to do the level design... oupsie.. Glad you had fun !

thanks ! yes, a lot of physics stuff has been but in place and not touched until the end ^^ it definitively needs a good debuging

I had a lot of fun playing this game ! art is minimal but pleasing to the eye.

Boss was tough but doable.

recognised the godot default theme in the timer ;)

I fell of the map so many times .... ^^ good concept. I just had a bug

the "red screen of death" after wich you have to alt+f4 your way out. didn't have the strength to start over and try to complete it

has a point there. especially when the game is made with unity...

amazing game ! finaly a submitted game with quick and responsive controls ! some time the wall jump feels a little weird  but overall it's a blast !
great art, great sound. some time a little hard, but in a die and retry that's what you'd expect

would suggest to add another input to "shoot" a ball of light. just so you could play only with keyboard :)

must have had a problem unzipping... strangely large file though

very fun ! not sure what the orange bar does though...

got to 27m, not bad I guess^^
not sure of the need of the "right click" to aim...
Very good overall, nice one !

noice overall. Still need some camera inprovement but works good enough :)

has anyone actually managed to finish the game ?
I'm completely stuck at this one :

and in great need of help ^^

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had this error when opening the .exe "There should be 'Size Matters_Data' folder next to the executable"

wonderful !!!

Very nice game !
hard to synchronize the input on the slider when moving/jump but very fun !