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A Sticky SituationView game page

You are a sentient slime block that sticks to everything.
Submitted by WinRawr (@TheWinrawr) — 11 minutes, 12 seconds before the deadline
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my god i don't how you people are able to come up with such inventive puzzles. well done.
if i had one suggestion, please consider reworking the sound, the move effect was getting on my nerves after i kept screwing up puzzles, haha


This game was amazing! Difficult but doable - I spent ages on a few levels racking my head around how to do it which then felt great when I figured it out! The player could look a little more different from the sticky blocks, some music would be great, and some "Level Complete" transition into the next level or transition from dying to restarting the level would be great. But apart from that, there isn't much else. Very impressed you managed to pull all this off in only 3 days, excellent job!

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This is an incredible puzzle game! I can tell a lot of time was put into the level design. The sound effects are a little too crunchy for my taste,  and some music would be appreciated, but other than that I have no complaints. Amazing work, one of my favorites so far!


great game, liked the cute art and the hard puzzles it like a perfect combination great job

keep it up i suggest though flipping the player face when move left and right 


has anyone actually managed to finish the game ?
I'm completely stuck at this one :

and in great need of help ^^


I really liked the idea. Jam entries like this, where I can literally sink in hours of playing after trying it out for "just 5 minutes", are amazing. The level design is well done - teaching you little tricks along the way!


What can I say other than the game is absolutely perfect. I love everything about it. The design is out of this world. The puzzles are just the right difficulty to take a while to solve but eventually, it will be solved. I would be interested to see if there are more mechanics that could be brought in with a 3D space hmmmm (Lemme know if you are interested ;) )

If this was an app, id be on this all day, swipe to move, id lose so many hours.

I have not beaten it yet, but i will, oh I will. Just you wait!


First of all, there should be an undo button. It sucks when you make one wrong move and you have to start over. Also, the sticky blocks are the character but without a face. Ew. Oh, and by the way, your wall and exit door assets look eerily similar to (though not the same as)  the ones from One Action Heroes.

Other than that, the game is great!


Thank you for the feedback! The bricks and stairs are no coincidence - I had a lot of trouble drawing them so I used some of the art from One Action Heroes as a reference. Every asset was made by me from scratch though.


Oh, okay! As long as you made them yourself. Keep up the good work, I really like the game!


wonderful !!!


I completely loved this game! Doing interesting puzzle levels is kinda hard to pull off, and you managed to do in three days a super fun and challenging game. The best game I've played so far in this game jam. The most mind-blowing part for me was when you introduced the canons and I was like "come on, now a puzzle game turns into a fast reaction game" and then I pushed the canons into the others and I was like "hooly, this guy really thought about every detail". Consider launching this on mobile, people around there like this kind of game and I'll definitely download. Only one downside: there's no save, so I can't continue from where I stopped.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'll definitely consider working on this game some more after the jam, I like the concept a lot haha.


The mechanics are very interesting. The puzzle design and progression is very challenging and easy to understand. The movement sound effects are really nice and the slime is cute. Very good game, thanks for sharing!


Really fun and addictive game I really liked the idea for the theme :D


A quite interesting puzzle game. It doesn't seem like it, but size matters!


Concept is great. Fits the theme too. The only lacking are visuals and sounds. Othervise would make into a perfect puzzle game.


Awww aren't you the cutest little slime, I love the graphics, really clean and simple, stickiness is a bit fiddly but it's really fun to play, great job


Awesome concept. Could you check out my submission?