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I really liked the idea. Jam entries like this, where I can literally sink in hours of playing after trying it out for "just 5 minutes", are amazing. The level design is well done - teaching you little tricks along the way!

I liked the music and I'm always super impressed how people come up with all that (really well done) art in such a short amount of time!

Game and graphics are truly stellar!

Thanks for letting me know. Seems to be an Godot/HTML5 export related bug (, Could you possibly tell me which browser/version you are running? (assuming that you are trying to play in browser)

It took some time figuring it out - but I had fun while doing so. I was sliding around the space like a maniac (since I didn't get the holding part, and only pressed space). It's a neat little game! :)

Those freaking sisters are eating way to much, time to find another family!

Neat little idea. Loading into the game took forever for me though.

I really enjoyed the art and music!! Time to bust out your old LMB spam-clicker-AHK script to best all your foes :)

This is sooo close to real-life. I still remember fighting my room mate over the thermostat settings back when we were living in a shared apartment. (disclaimer: he is still alive!)

Graphics are amazing, sounds are fitting (maybe a bit too loud / missing a mute button), the game is really fun and it fits the theme quite nicely. 

Relaxed little growing-simulation that you can interact with. Could really benefit from a soothing soundtrack. It's really cool that the "docking-process" (the little green vines that grab the rocks) is actually stoppable and reversible! I enjoyed it, that you can actually micro-manage making your island as wide as possible through not directly crashing into new rocks, but rather attaching them on one side to speed up the progress (bigger island => better zoom => more rocks to connect to).

(short instructions for others trying it out: move your island around using the directional buttons in the bottom right, connect with other floating rocks, increase your overall biomass through that, use biomass for planting stuff on your island - select the plant and click where you want to place it)

If someone told me it would be fun morphing fruit friends into much better fruit friends, I wouldn't believe it. But. Trust me. It's fun!

On a serious note: It's short, cute, it's more fun than one would think, it's at least in someway sim-y, the theme is probably not incorporated that much. Nice submission!

I wasn't really sure what to do - could you provide me with any more insights/instructions? :D

Tips for anyone trying it out:

  • Use [E] to switch your mode from digging (shovel) to planting (seed symbol)
  • Press and hold [SPACE] to execute an action (depending on your mode)
  • Dig (creates fertile soil), plant, let grow, harvest (just run over it). 
  • Use corn to buy some other corn-y stuff

Something around 55° from the start (moving the ball to the lower-right of the starting view) should maybe get you somewhere ... :D

It's cute and fun while being playable in a few minutes in-between. Hard mode? I can't even do the normal one - seems like I'm equally as bad doing dating stuff in-game as I'm in real life. Definitely worth a play!

Only thing I'd wish for: It would be nice to be able to view each triang's answers after the game is over, (one can already compare your assessment vs. what they really are - that's cool) would make it easier to improve.

Thanks for your comment, it really (!) means a lot. Especially since this was my first jam & my first game. I've compiled a list of feedback - maybe I've got time to revisit in the future and improve it a bit.

In the mean time: If you've got some time and are willing to check out another one, here is my second submission: Every degree matters (for Sim Jam, theme: A Matter of Degrees). It's not as polished and complete as I would like it to be, but (I think) it turned out with a quite interesting take on the theme :)

A bit early, but I had no time for the last days to work further on my little project: Every degree matters. Check it out, would be glad if you would give it a try - my second jam & my second game :) It's a bit rough on the edges, due to me only being able to put a few hours in. Feedback as always greatly appreciated!


(and good luck finishing your games! Looking forward to playing a lot of crazy super interesting ideas)

Could you possibly post me a screenshot of a solution it didn't accept? That would help me immensely in finding what's going wrong! Thanks for playing :D

Thanks so much. It's my first game, and my first game. Means a lot that you liked it! 

Cool, thanks for trying it out!! Yea, some levels have multiple solutions - that's actually what I intended - so it's "solved" as soon as all tiles are placed, no matter in what order/position. But it sounds like it didn't recognize your solution? If that happens again, I'd be grateful for a screenshot to investigate further :) 

Thanks for playing and especially for the feedback!!

If you've got time for another go - could you try that level again/ drop a tile back onto the starting point and insert it again? I just tried with another PC and browser (Chrome, FF and the new Edge) and (unfortunately/fortunately) it worked.

Are you using Internet Explorer/ Edge/ ... and what version? Then I could further investigate :DD