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I'm so confused... It's an awesome game it really is! But after I get kicked out once and konami my way back in just to finish the game again and get kicked, nothing happens. not the video i've heard others say was played. no other ending. just go through once, he explains things, get kicked. go back in, he says leave us alone, get kicked. repeat

lol thanks mate! I initially wanted it to seem like it was just zooming in but I settled with it closing in slowly

Thanks, I mad it that way cause I noticed that bitsy games seem to always automatically start again. So I took advantage of that

Thank you :D

Glad to hear it!

Hm? Whys that?

you say it moves when you shout but i can be doing nothing and just die

it seems great from what i've played! I got stuck in the cave thought lol. i cant get passed the part after the spikes where you grow and push the block

the controls are alittle finniky for sure but its a good idea

like i said on the actual game. It's an awesome game. Theres a few ideas here and there that would make it better but for a quick jam its amazing

side note, it really is an awesome game! I looove the idea and style. maybe if you can figure out how to fix the night 4 skeles to like night 7 as a boss fight that'd be awesome

ahhh.... i would have beat night 4 but i lost my base....

maybe try adding like a little beacon so we can back?

the only complaint i have about that game is that there inst more to it! It's an amazing game especially considering the short amount of time it was made in