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Good to know my plans are what people actually want! In my first devlog (not that I'd expect you to read it before giving feedback, this is a game jam lol) I talked about what I wanna implement after the rating period is over and two things in my roadmap are difficulty options and the ability to turn off the wrong input hint lol. For now since I didn't really have enough time to implement options, I went with the box turning red because otherwise it was reeally hard unless you got them right next to each other 😅 like I couldn't solve it at all, but I'm sure there are people who could do it and would like the challenge so I do want to give the ability to turn that off eventually

firefox on debian linux


The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:

Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)

SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)"

Thank you!

That bug is interesting... I thought maybe it was something I accidentally broke along the way, but I tried both backspace and delete and they removed the number for me. I'm realizing I should have made a way to clear it for mobile devices, and this comment made me aware that I needed to put those in the controls in the description! Were those keys not working for you, or was it just my neglecting to mention them in the controls section? (so I know if there's something else I'll need to fix later)

impressive world generation, smooth UI, and interesting/fun concept! honestly, I'd probably play minecraft off of peaceful mode if there was something I could do to prevent monsters from even bothering with me

I felt a little too short but honestly that's just a realistic gaming experience for me lol

Thanks! I'll admit I was using a package to generate the sudoku and only then added the incorrect clue

As far as the keys, I a) forgot to put in the description that you can use P to switch to pen and N to switch to notes! and b) tried, but wasn't able to get the selected box to refocus after clicking one of the inputs below. B is something I intend to work on after the jam, and I can probably edit the description right now so thanks for letting me know!

Many game jams I've seen will specify whether or not this is allowed, but this one doesn't seem to, so I was wondering if it's okay to e.g. download sprite assets from and put them in my game? Either way I'd make sure to give credit and a link to the assets used, but this would definitely save me some time and make the game look better

what languages would I need to know/what software would I need to have? for programmer, I mean. my game art isn't good lol

very amused by the disclaimer... "warning: this game might doxx you"

I mean, this does work on mobile

I was thinking it was bc you're changing the content of the a tags whenever there's a level upgrade and that changing the content of the tags would make them flicker in and out of existence, but I just did something like that (changing the content at requestAnimationFrame speed) and it still registered clicks, on both buttons and anchors
so idk what bug causes this

the skill upgrades keep flickering in and out of existence too fast to register me clicking on them...

I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to, but there are multiple things that I've been thinking of making for this that wouldn't really make sense to bundle together.

I think it's a neat idea to have the colors change after achievements, but the one after warmth is super inaccessible! I have perfect color vision and even I have a hard time reading the buttons.

Other than that though, good game!

you can also press enter as long as the plus sign is the last thing you clicked, because it's focused in the browser

Your favorite idle game is a phone app. My favorite idle game was made for an game jam in HTML with no canvas or images, just buttons and CSS and shitposts. We are not the same.

maybe it means it's permanently +itself, not +itself every turn

so it's +1ing it when the boss is going +1

if that's the case it's not a great machine though lol

Great game! The one thing is that being able to write notes of what cells might be is kind of useless if that makes all of your for-sure answers disappear

I came to the forum to request the same thing! So, dev(s?), this is apparently wanted by multiple people if you have the time :p

Did you take it down or something? it's not even loading

A platformer with excruciatingly long and tedious levels that are mostly just tedious but occasionally very hard, and no checkpoints so if the gamer gets to one of the hard spots and dies they have to go through all of the easy tedious/boring bits again just to get back to it

tbh I really like the design of the player

although the glow in the dark does sound cool

So I can't just program it without an engine? Or it just needs to be 2d?

Does that mean we have to use an engine? or just that if we do use an engine, it has to be one of those?

Very creative idea! I would recommend a section of the tutorial or description that explains the controls, but that's my only note, this is wonderful! Once I figured out how to jump it was a lot of fun (although I did ultimately get stuck but that's just because I suck at video games lmao)

Cool game, but the screen is way too large to be accessible (my computer isn't even bad but it just couldn't close to fit the screen in my window until I fullscreened it, and then the controls panel was off the screen) and it'd be nice to be able to switch off the sounds because I was jamming with the music but the death sound activates my fight or flight

I couldn't figure out level 4 but I'm pretty sure that's a me problem lol

Very creative idea with the different shapes having different abilities, fun sound effects and graphics, useful tutorial, and nice music!

My only suggestions are to make the menu more accessible by giving more options to control them (eg on the main menu, the mouse can change what item is selected by hovering but it can't actually use the buttons? Like I had to press enter to play) and to prevent the arrow buttons from scrolling the page. I don't know what you used to make the game, but if you did it in JavaScript a simple "e.preventDefault()" would work (although unfortunately they would still scroll until someone interacted with the game, but that's a problem on itch's end, not yours)

If it only works when downloaded, it shouldn't be labelled as play in browser.

My main suggestion would be a "how to play" or tutorial, at least in the description, describing the controls and/or the goal of the game. So far it's really confusing.

Side note though it is a pretty big frame which can get annoying on devices that don't have huge monitors, because then we have to keep scrolling to see the full game.

I haven't had that problem, so it might be on your end, or it might be a problem with the game that only shows up on some devices (so still a bug that the creator would have to fix). I'm using Brave, which is very similar to Chrome, but it uses a lot less memory so maybe that has something to do with it?  Like, it's possible that the code listens for the event in a way that might miss it if a frame is skipped due to low memory. IMO, this seems like something the creator should look into, but it's also possible that it's just your computer. Is anyone else having this problem?

I really hope you continue working on this after the jam ends because if you make more levels, I wanna play them!!! I don't know if it needs a tutorial (or at least a line in the description pointing out that some platforms only work in certain light settings) or if that realization is part of the fun. It was frustrating at first, but it should be. The graphics are good, and I love your implementation of the "Switch" theme. Very creative and enjoyable!

Yeah, I think once the rating period ends I may make the difficulty go up faster or something

If possible, you should probably change the settings of your project so it doesn't show up as a "play in browser" game on the submissions page/search/etc (until you fix it later, of course)

It  was kind of hard to understand how to play at first (there were instructions but they didn't really help), but once I figured out what to do it was really fun! As far as graphics go, I love the design of the game. It's minimalistic in a way that looks really good, and I like the little animations it does when you get points. Accessibility wise though, I do hope you continue working on the game once the rating period ends, because I think the high contrast mode you mentioned will really help. A tutorial might be nice.

Overall, great game, fun to play, good visual design, and I think if you continue working on it and market it well it could be very successful.

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No, I didn't use any game engine, I programmed it with JavaScript

I didn't use an engine, this game was made on an HTML5 Canvas with JavaScript :)

Have you taken pixoji off of Google Play? The link on your website doesn't work and it didnt come up in a search

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What's the theme? It says there is one but not what it is