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Have you taken pixoji off of Google Play? The link on your website doesn't work and it didnt come up in a search

pinkpenguin2020 jam community · Created a new topic Theme

What's the theme? It says there is one but not what it is

ah okay... there was also a possible fix given though...

Wait so do you have to have Windows 7 for this game to work? 😂

What is limited? Apps used (eg IDE, art app, sound app)? Objects in game (player, enemy, etc)? This is extremely vague...

I absolutely love this game! When my roommate gets off the phone I'm gonna go back to it so I can hear the sound to rate that too but so far everything else is 5 stars!

yeah, idt it was explained well enough so it took me a bit but once I realized how to do it it was great!

The play button is really unclear :0
Maybe once we're allowed to edit these again you could make it text or something?

Good idea, thanks!

I mean, I like that it's a bit small because so many games that I've seen are way too big for my computer because I can't afford that high res of a screen

And as you said the full screen option solves that, but yeah I think if it was a bit easier to figure out how to full screen it that'd be nice

This game is amazing. The best entry I've seen so far. I SUCK at it but maybe I'll stream it anyway if (/when ;)) it reaches top 3 just so people can laugh at me

And I'm excited to see what it looks like when someone who's not absolutely terrible at video games plays it XD

Hard to play because of the shape and size of the screen (it was too tall for my computer so I had to keep scrolling up and down) and it says it's designed for mobile but it actually doesn't work on mobile at all (the home page comes up but the buttons don't work to get info or start the game)

This is p hard to play on my computer bc it's made for rich people with HD screens XD but it's a good game!

hehe i got 420

also this game isn't for me because I suck at it but I acknowledge it's a very good game so I'll rate accordingly XD like Tetris but clearing rows lets you climb up away from lava!

oof yeah, I'll fix that once the jam is over, thanks for pointing it out!

how did you draw a mustache??? I only have the option for a gun!

wdym? By database i mean coding a database in a node.js game

The rest is in response to this jams description page

I was a bit confused by the description for this jam. Are we allowed to submit multiple games or just one over the span of a decade?

Oh okay, nice! That's good to know in case I can't figure out a database in time haha

Thank you for a speedy and helpful answer!

well the age certainly isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned when it comes to making games, what do you use adobe suite for? is that like an art thing or a coding thing or what?

I have 2 questions about the rules of the game jam. First, it said the high score system could be online or offline. What exactly do you mean by an offline high score? Like, they just see if their score is higher than other streamers but we don't have to make the game online?

Second, can one person participate in both making a game and streaming? I understand that it would probably be unfair if they played their own game for the second part, and I would also understand if someone who won at all in the first part isn't allowed to play the second so that they can't win again, but if someone's game didn't win could they stream in the latter half of the competition? and if so, would they also be able to stream the other winners if theirs won as long as they didn't stream their own game?

I have a team! here's my game team if you'd like to join the discord, although we haven't done much yet so I wouldn't suggest putting all your eggs in our basket haha

I've suggested the game jam to the team but if they don't want to do it with me I'm going to do the coding and whatever myself, but I know p much nothing about audio development so I'd love to work with you either way!

oof, they're randomly generated so idk how he'd even fix that
(unless it's actually possible and just hard but I wouldn't know bc I didn't see the level and also I usually assume that things are possible I just can't do them XD but I feel like in this case its entirely possible for there to be an actually impossible level bc he couldn't test each possibility)

ohhhh okay that makes sense ig I just didn't notice bc I have the memory of a goldfish XD

Yeah idk bc the next time I played the game it worked just fine so either there was something wrong with the screen before or I just didn't notice them and it was my own fault XD sorry for bothering you and thanks for the help, all's good now!

It's hard to tell what I'm supposed to be protecting and what are monsters...

ohhh no, that bottom part didn't appear for me! do I click the top row and then that shows up?

Socialism and communism are different things. Socialism isn't just "everyone has the same life and everything is owned by the state." And idk about you but I'm going into the field of genetics because I want to learn and I want to make a difference, not because I want to make money. If I cared more about money, I would be staying at my job and working my way upward, but instead I'm focusing on schooling, which is expensive and putting me in debt. Tell me again how the ability to go to school full time without having to work at an amusement park for minimum wage simply to survive would make me not want to pursue an education and career in my field?
Not everyone only cares about money. So if it weren't for capitalism, people like you could play on all day and people like me could actually achieve something without starving in the process. Just because your dreams revolve around money doesn't mean no one will ever do anything without money as a motivation.

For some reason I can't craft? Like it says to drag and drop the fungols into the craft menu but when I do that where it looks like I'm supposed to, nothing happens and they just go back to where they were.

Has anyone gotten past level 56? :S there seem to be requirements that directly conflict with each other!
great game btw

Oh okay, thank you. I'll try again and see if I can figure it out. But I do think there should be more of an indicator of this in the game so people won't have to go looking through the discussion board.

How do you lose?

One of my territories that was bordering it had 70 army points, iirc. Perhaps 60, but I remember that it had more. I also had 3 gold.

This is an amazing game! The only problem, and this may also have something to do with my internet but it only happens on this game so I think it's at least multifactorial, is that sometimes after I've been playing for a while the game will get so slow it doesn't really function. The bar for air and the one displaying your score both disappear, and the lag is so intense I can't tell what I'm doing. It seems the only way to fix this is to either reload the whole page or pause and "reset cart," neither of which I like to do because they take away my high score. This last time, I was already past my high score at 2000 something feet (but I have no idea where besides that it was between 2000 and 2500, because the meter was gone), and I tried to wait for it to work but I eventually had to end the game with 2 lives left. It was really disappointing because I think I was gonna go really far that time.

I think there must be a bug because I played USA and I tried to occupy Monterrey, 3/4 of the Canadian territories (the ones I was bordering), the European territories that I was connected to via the white lines (I assume those are another way to border like in Risk?), and Japan, all to no avail.

This game is absolutely amazing and I LOVED the ending!!! Next April Fools' if the earth still exists I'm totally gonna make my friends play this (or perhaps I'll get impatient and force them to within a week or two XD)
I also love that you provided extra challenges, but I think you may have forgotten a file in level2 of challengepack1? in level1 it gives you binary to convert to unlock the next level, but in level2 it only has the level3 folder and the helpdocs, none of which have what i need to decode in them, just help on how to decode (which obviously doesn't help much if I don't have anything to decode!)
other than that though, WONDERFUL game. fantastic. I cannot stress this enough.

My least favorite part of this game was the part in the description where you said it's bad. Smh. A game doesn't have to have super complex graphics or whatever to be fun to play, and this one is definitely fun to play--which is the whole point of a video game! I'm going to save it to my collection so I can play it again later, and maybe do a video of it at some point.
My one critique: the coins are at times hard to distinguish from the yellow bullets. The two solutions I can think of for this would be 1) changing the color of the yellow enemy or 2) making the bullets smaller and/or making the coins bigger. Obviously it's a great game either way, just if you're looking for little tweaks to make when/if you update it, keep that in mind.

Geopolitics community · Created a new topic Confusing

This seems like a good game and I love the graphics etc, but I just could not figure out how to play. Every time I tried to occupy a territory it did nothing and just said I needed to border it, have a larger army, etc, even when I met all of those requirements.