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Thanks! I thought about including extra play options for gamemodes such as a duel mode and stuff. Sadly I ran out of time and wasn't able to add them! :)

I won! Thanks to everyone who played and rated!

I agree. The sound was created in like the last hour so I didn't have time to polish. I wanted to add a boss or something if you got to like 500 but ran out of time. Thanks for the review! 

Thanks! I would've added more features if I had time :) 

Thanks for the clarification!

One of the sub-genres I was thinking about having was like "horror" (Not like horror horror, but the feeling that you're not alone or something). I think that'd tie in with an adventure game because it's not mainly focused on horror, jump-scares, and other things along that line.

Hey! I joined this jam to make an adventure game, something I've had past experience with but never fully developed one. I read the page that the link took me to, and I understand the concept of an adventure game pretty well. I do still have a couple of questions though.

  1. Does the game need to be made entirely within the time frame of the jam? I know that assets can be made before the jam starts, but I was wondering whether some of the game could be made before the jam (Like the basics of an adventure game such as point and click movement and intractable objects). 
  2. Can the game have sub-genres along side of the main game? I was planning what type of game I wanted to make and was thinking about whether I could have some sort of combat, puzzles or stealth included. 

I'm looking forward to participating in this jam!

I think it means that it needs to feel like a game that would be played on a game boy, instead of like an fps game in low resolution.

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Are we allowed to think of what kind of game we want to make and / or make some prototypes of the gameplay / art? I know it says that all assets must be created during the jam but I was just wondering if we were allowed to think up what type of game we want to make and try out some ideas.

Yeah, sorry about that. my laptop is really small so it's not optimized for bigger windows. I'll add a fullscreen feature in the future.

Dude. That's all i'm going to say. Can't wait for the full non jam version!

Yeah, I agree with Zen. The rainfall times get too long and it's a bit too repetitive. But i still rated it high because I love the concept of this game!

Yeah, I was going to do this in the remake, And I was also planning that to be in this version. But due to a lack of time I had to remove many of my ideas that I wanted to have in it.

Overall I think this was probably for the best because half implemented features would've made the game look worse.                                                  But yeah I think I should've at least added a wait timer for the enemy villages for attacking.

I'm remaking it as a non jam game, hopefully it'll fix all of these errors!

hmm, I'll fix this. Sorry about the bugs.

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Cool, being a sacrifice sounds pretty neat, Always wanted to try that.
But yeah I was just wondering if there was a prize (like the game getting played).

So thanks for telling me

Oh, okay

I'm not really sure what happens when you win as this is my first Game Jam.