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Thank you :)

It's basically just an endless shooter. I tried somewhat to make a story, but that was more for the gamejam and to tie it in with the theme. The game itself is endless, though

Thanks for the feedback! We (not confirming anything here) might make a post-jam version with some more mechanics and updated graphics and all that :)

Thank you!

Yeah. That's both intentional and unintentional as I was originally hoping to have a shader or something that just makes the monster desaturate the environment but ran out of time to implement that. 

Thanks a lot! I wanted to make the game a little more about survival and less about just running around aimlessly but ran out of time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! All of the item costs are listed in the description box of each building, and you can navigate the build menu with Right Click.

Thanks for playing! I ran out of time to make a tutorial, but I think the game really does need one. I had initially hoped to make the game focused more around resource management rather than trading, and buildings were originally going to cost resources rather than cash. But due to time limitations, I figured that if I at least got something playable out it'd be better than nothing at all.

Despite the bugs, the concept is great and it's super fun to play.

Yeah, I really wanted to fix that (but I couldn't edit the submission). If the game gets top 3, I'll keep this in mind for the Polycade edition. Thanks!

Thanks! I figured out a way to make the player stand out more but couldn't edit the submission sadly. 

Thanks for the feedback! I would've added more weapons if I had more time, and maybe revisited some of the ones that are currently in the game. 

The theme fits in with the ending (when you "die"). It is revealed that you aren't really a cowboy and in fact, an actor.

Such a cool idea! Rated!

Nice game! Rated!

Rated :)

It was a little hard to understand at first, but once I got the hang of it, it became quite fun! Good job!

Art looks amazing :)

Sure thing!

Cool! I'll check it out!

Will do!

I'll check it out!

Thanks for the feedback!

Looking to get some more ratings for my submission, so why not rate some of your guys entries!

My entry:

Just reply with the link to your entry and I'll do my best to rate it!

I made Gun Gun. If you could play it and give me some feedback that'd be great!

I made Gun Gun. It's pretty short but I'd appreciate it if you'd play it :)

Hey! Could you rate my entry Gun Gun?

I submitted Gun Gun. I'd appreciate it if you'd rate it :)

I made Gun Gun. There's a web version available on the page if you'd prefer to play that (It's linked under the download). 

Very nice! 


Thanks for the feedback! When you "die" you find out that it was really just a movie. 

Thanks! I was thinking about improving the enemies before releasing, but I completely ran out of time to do so. I would've liked to let enemies fire all of the guns available and just behave a lot better.

I made Gun Gun. I'd appreciate it if you'd play / rate it :)

Please play my entry Gun Gun. I also have a worse web version here.

Thanks for playing it! Probably should've explained it a bit more in the description, and maybe made a menu where you could change your controls. I'll keep it in mind for future jams :)

I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks for the feedback!

Here's the link for the web version:

I've optimized it and can release it. The only problem is that I can't update the game or create another build until the jam is finished. I could make a separate page and then link that.