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AWESOME I love it but the area after the key is pretty hard😅 Great job!

Good Job, Leen👍 Keep up the great work✨

Keep up the great work, dude✨

Nice work Mohannad, I love it

I love it keep it up  guys Bassel, Motwea and Mickey, I wish you all the best☺

So appreciated dude ^^

Really thank you so much your words are really very motivating i promise i'll do my best on my next games  ^^

Thank you dude I actually improved it a lot after the jam your comment is absolutely appreciated and I rated your game before it was the perfect game for me you deserve to win for sure and I really liked the moment when I won and the game said "are you ready for the race? " ^^ absolutely it was so funny. 

Oh that's really a great surprise 😂

Al3afw ya dude 😄👍

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here it is dude ;)

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i dare you to win in my game dude ^^ LOL i mean can you check my game please ;)

your art is simple love it so much your level design also is so good and love using the weapon and the way your character treat me when taking a wrong path absolutely this was a funny experience keep up the great work and i wish you all the good luck ^^   

really liked your game it was simple but dude it's really freaking awesome love it and when you die in the game this animation remind me of sonic when he touch any spike this was cool dude keep up the great work absolutely i loved your pixel art simplicity man please your game design is so smart ;)

well done dude your game is great i really liked it your art style the game mechanic also the game design of course you deserve to win if you ask about my opinion and oh sorry i almost forgot to mention your music it's really awesome and so relaxing actually great job^^ !!!

Thank you for your feedback really appreciated 😊 and of course I will change the font why not? 😄

wow didn't expect that LOL!!! 

thank you so much dude!

your game is really awesome but when i reached the end of the game i found that i started the game again and awesome dude really like it you deserve 10/10

i love it so much ^_^

Thank you so much bro and I will do my best to finish it soon☺️

Thank you so much bro it's great to hear that 😊

Oh yes this is what I actually did sure I'll modify it, add more weapons change the back ground a little bit, of course reduce the difficulty of the game and for sure change the music of the game as it so wierd thank you dude I like your honesty 😊

yes dude it was really a nice experience i have learned a lot in a very short time and hope i participate in another jam in the next year after i develop my self and learn more ^_^ 

YES i will upgrade it soon ^_^

thank you for your feedback i appreciate your opinion and really thank you for your honesty BTW this is my first game jam and you can also say this is my first game as i have made just two prototypes till now...

wow didn't expect that bro dude you are totally awesome ^_^
sorry but i thought this effort belongs to about 6 people you really did a great work please keep it up  

thank you dude here it is =>

sorry dude this is what i get when i try to open your game unfortunately my card driver can't play it but it seems so cool game btw! 

Thank you for your feedback i'll try to reduce the difficulty of the game a little bit and sorry this was my first game jam and i was so excited to make a hard difficult game ^_^

oh yeah thank you so much bro i will try to reduce the game difficulty and really thank you for your awesome comment for sure i will check your game right now !!!

have a great time dude

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awesome atmospheric game dude you really did a great job ^O^ [edited]


awesome game and of course awesome idea which i have never seen before now good job bro i also love your art style ^O^

aaahhhaaa i got it now thank you for your note ^O^

it will be so cool to see my game ^O^

go check it dude ^o^

OK thank you so much bro ^_^

thank you so much bro ^_^

sure ^_^