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Submitted by ZYGER — 2 hours, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Best graphics game made by you!! Really good :)


The Artstyle is so cood and the Caracter looks so cute, love it.


The character was very cute!! The game was entretaining, the theme was implemented in a very original way but the movement were wonky and I got stuck in the level 6. Anyways I had fun playing it!!


fun game incredible  polish i enjoyed play it!


A very cool game :)

The game is very polished and the visuals are incredible !

I had some difficulty understanding the mechanic at first and got blocked after the third puzzle :/ I don't know if the difficulty curve is too steep or if I'm too dumb hahah

I'm sure with a bit more beta testing the game would be top notch ! The mecanic is very promising and allows for some really interesting puzzle.

Congrats on the game!

Cheers :)


It started all nice with cool voice, some very nice details with loads of emotions, and a great build up then the game started and I was met with this and no amount of clicking on button pressing did anything. :( I can click on the UI and it looks like it does something but I cannot click on "Next" and my avatar does not move. Is it because I have a wide screen monitor?


the level design and the main mechanic were pretty confusing to me, especially when you have to work with more boxes, i constantly forgot what boxes are selected and messed up so much, also the controls didn't feel that good either, but cheer up, you did great the visual stuff i really like the story and grew pretty attached to Timothy.

I played the game in linux, but I could not pass level 4 beyond. I couldn't even play the 4th level. To open the game in linux, you have to extract it to the folder and right-click the game file in the folder and make it executable from the properties. i wish i could play the game looked good.

i love the conept the graphics but there were a few skips and a bug other than that great (also the bug was in 13 the box was not breaking the glass.)

Nice concept, graphics are great, sound decent, but the controls were horrific. Many times unresponsive, I constantly found myself having to reset the game because the player would no longer jump. Not sure what you were using to prevent double jumping, but it made for a frustrating time when you were on a crate or fan edge and could not jump or move. At least there was a reset level button. Also, it would have been nice to know which object was in which slot as switching between moving/jumping and selecting objects for the other control often led to deselecting the wrong object which also got me stuck and resetting the level several times. Maybe you could color one with a blue outline and the other with a red outline. Also, maybe have an X and a Y on the outline for those that are color blind. While the separate mouse and keyboard controls are a little different to get used to, they could work well for a puzzle game like this if they were just a tad more responsive. One other issue I could not figure out was why sometimes the jump would literally just be a tiny hop, not even enough to get on the small crates and other times a jump would be just shy of getting on the large crates. I get that it was designed as a momentum game, so I'm guessing you are using forces, but for some reason the forces aren't being applied correctly?? Finally, the glass feature was fun, but many times the glass would not break no matter how big the crate on it was. I'm pretty sure that is just a collision box detection bug. Would love to see more objects and more levels once the bugs are worked out of the game!

Some suggested edits:
Color code (text code for color blind) the selected objects.
Instead of physics based, use speed/position based movement and condition checks for more nuanced controls.
Instead of pushing objects, allow the player to hold small/medium crates with hold/throw button.
For the glass objects, increase the size of the collider.

The concept is innovative. But I could not beat level 5. How am I suppose to jump that second acid pool? Having to click on objects and operators with the mouse then switch back to keyboard was annoying. The game was just a little too hard. For development in just one week it was amazing. Given enough time in development all of the problems could be overcome. You make many innovative concepts quickly. Consider putting a little more time into just one game. 


nice game, really liked the idea, but the controls ruined it for me sadly, because it was too flouty and the deceleration took way too long.

the visuals, sounds, and music were really nice.

so overall good game

This is awesome. If only I had 1 more brain cell because I have no idea how to beat lvl 13 lol


Very original take on the theme. Unexpectedly... Mathematical. And even more unexpectedly fun!
I really like the narration - it's good to hear a human voice among all these effects and instruments. Love the death skull graphic. All the graphics, in fact are very well done. A few points of criticism though - when the objects you're comparing are all crates - it's really easy to confuse the two - maybe have one with a different outline, or have a few square objects such as a TV, or a toybox, or a generic definitelly not Scandinavian building brick (TM)? Another thing - in lvl13 to break the glass floor, you have to compare the two boxes, stacking the increase in size on one, which seems like a bit of a bug exploit. Not sure if it was intentional, and it kind of brings back the problem of distinguishing between object A and object B. The jumping feels surprisingly heavy and yet still a tiny bit floaty, though that's a smaller issue.


Thanks so much for playing the game ! I totally agree with what your saying! changing it to not just be a crate would make it a lot easier. I will take that into consideration next time. Once again thanks for your feedback.


Great game! the movement does feel a little heavy though 

Nice Job!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Wow! Love this game. Concept , Art (cute in a dark / horror way) ... well pretty much everything! I just watched your You Tube video on the 'how to'. I love your channel and your style of videos. Keep it up! Would be an honor if you would check my game out and give me your honest review :) Keep them videos coming :) 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I got a notification from Youtube "Zyger posted a video". Oh I have time I can watch it.

At around 3 min I stoped the video I want to try out the game fast and then I finish the video -I  thought.

This game is a "nightmare", I liked the graphic,gameplay,character and the - sorry for that if it's not intended - the annoying music. I went back after an hour latter to finish the video.

The only thing is when I jump and fall to the ground or crate sometimes the character is sliding forward a little.

Overal it's a great puzzle platformer.


The art style is super cute, and the animation is nice and bouncy to complement it. Using the less than/more than theme to change objects' sizes makes for a very interesting puzzle mechanic, which you've explored to its fullest extent.

I had a bit of trouble trying to keep the unique momentum curve of the platforming, and the specifics of the object manipulation in my head at the same time, but the early levels are short and succinct enough to give you time to adjust before the difficulty ramps up.


Really really nice game! I love the art style and the audio and it fits the theme perfectly! Nice work! :D


Wow, amazing work. Very original take on the theme, I love the visuals and the trumpet is so scary! Such a polished and long game for a game jam. Congratz, I think this is one of the best games I played so far.

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