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it doesnt work for me


try lowering settings and resolution cos i have a crap laptop but that helped

Also i think the parry was a glitch cos i cant do it now and b hopping is fun

Super fun game and i didnt know that you could parry shots that kinda reminds me of ultrakill and i love the mechanic.

Also my fps did drop to 20 some times but that was fine for me i recomend an option to lower textures aswell. Overall superfun game

if you go to settings on your pc/laptop then display you can chamge the res there

imma retry


i have checked 

scartch that 30 mins

how long does it take for the e mail verifaction to send  i know it said it be delayed but its been like 20 mins and i tryd it again and still waiting

oh lol must of been a glitch

short and easy defo need to up the ifficulty also i tested what happens if you die and you have to reset the game other than that amazing

m laptop sucks and i knew i wouldnt be able to run it but daaamn i can not run it lol

I LOVE the idea of this and it never seems to bore all the different paths you go down of course I have not completed it but the voicer acting and little touches make it even better. Superb job

i changed the graphics but not the other settings like resolution scaling

i am stuck on the level progress


when people said doom eternalwas good i didn't realise it was that good

ye i just have a low end laptop

can you make a low graphics mode

pls can you make it so the graphic s can be changed to a lower level

there is a download called "" wich is the game in english

i have set all the setting to low and i still cant run it so if you canf ind  way that would be amazing

i love the conept the graphics but there were a few skips and a bug other than that great (also the bug was in 13 the box was not breaking the glass.)

Whenever i try to play it it just stops and i have no idea why


I wish there was a way to chane the res and take away motion blur cos i cant run it though it does look really good 

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I played the entire demo (didnt 100% tho) and enjoyed it very much. you can turn of the gore but it makes it waayy less fun and exiting. Plus the blood is not realistic compered to now days. I am under the age of twelve and this was not inappropriate at all. I recommend trying it if you like a fast paced action fps and i might get the full version on steam.

I like this game even though i literally only have 30mins on it. The only thing is (this is not the developers fault) that i cant run it that well and i have tried messing with the res and the quality but its a bit delayed other than that i cant wait for it to come out on steam :)