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Rock Paper Uno!View game page

Card based fighting game with rock paper scissor and UNO mechanic
Submitted by ProdigalSon Games (@Pr0digalS0n), Drums — 9 minutes before the deadline
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Nice, I got a perfect!! Good Game, and very original mix of games.


Thank you for playing and nicely done :D


I really have nothing to complain about except maybe a tutorial so im not lost for 5 rounds but it was fun even though i didn't understand i still wanted to play another quick round and another and another until i finally understood it, and the narrator was a nice touch you could have just done text but you doing the narrator i think is one of the reasons i stayed and played for some reason, I try thinking about the game with out it and i imagine myself just quitting cuz i didn't understand the game but the narrator adds some personality i think which make me want to play more. Interesting game i like it.

may you play my games? I would appreciate it thank you.


Thanks for playing. I'll work on adding a better in-game explanation of the rules. I do have them listed on the page but it is always good to have it in-game. 

Thanks for playing  :) Glad my voice wasn't too annoying  🙂 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

oooh i did not see that down below that makes way more sense i thought i already understood but no i did not. Now that i understand more its a lot more satisfying and no you voice doesn't get annoying it comes in when it makes sense and it sound really good.


Very interesting idea. Took a couple of rounds to fully get my head around it but once I did I had to play until I won. Fun gameplay,  enjoyable narrator, overall solid game. Great work! Keep it up! 


Thank you and thanks for playing  :)


I really loved how you used the idea and mixed 2 games to create a new one. The use of the theme was great. It took some time to get a hang of it but once it starts working, this feels like such an amazing game! I would say that the art could have been improved but I think it took a lot of time designing and creating such an original idea to have much left for the art. Thanks for the game! I really liked it.

I would really appreciate it if you could play and rate my game too. Thanks!!!


Thanks for playing. I call the art "Programmer Art" since that's what it is but I'll keep working at it and to get better. :)


Nicely done !
Very original idea ! But took me a while to figure how to play it ! Maybe a small tuto ?


Agreed and since I wasn't able to add it to the game what I had done was add it to the itch page. :)

Thanks for playing!


The idea was not executed very well, what I mean is that there was no penaty for example by throwing 3 rocks over a paper, so there was no risk and there was no patterns to look at.

Also keep in mind that rock paper scissor is more like a phychology game and pattern maching game, this means that it is played better with a real oponent that you can look and "measure" and learn how he plays.

This means that if you create a  rock paper scissor game it will be wise to create and some avatars for the oponents so the player can look at, that will change acording to the result and the rest of the cards in hand and play in aptterns. This way the player will be able to match the reaction with a pattern and guess the next move.

If you just throw random encounters the game will become just this, random (By the way this is a good strategy for inexpirienced players). This kind of randomness will never give to the player the feeling of a achivement and of progression (this is something very bad for a game), leaving him with just luck and no skills.

But all this apply just to the rock paper scissor, you addition makes the things even harder to balance the player's expirience.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank your for the detailed, well thought out comment and for the feedback. This is exactly what I'm looking for as I move forward with this game. 

I am looking for ways to minimize the "luck" factor and add more strategy to the game and converting the mind games that typically happens on a face-to-face interaction to a virtual ones comes with some challenges. I have been thinking a lot about this and your idea about using avatars to simulate human "tells" is one that would be fun to experiment with.

Also, the "risk-reward" throw 3 rocks against paper idea you mentioned is one I have been considering to add something like light, medium, and heavy attacks that cannot be easily broken with a simple "block." Think of it like breaking down defenses with powerful attacks making your opponent vulnerable to your next 2 or 3 attacks for example. 

First thing on my list is to add a way to fight back so that you can react to a lost and not have to try again later. I think that will help to put things more into perspective and help me to know which rules of the games and/or mechanics need improving/revising to really nail that sense of progression and satisfaction a player might be seeking for as you so well put it. 

Thank you for playing! :)


The game is quite simple, which is good, and I really like the graphics. I don't love the fact that it's so luck based and there's not much strategy that I can think of (but that can just be because of my lack of experience in strategy-based card games like that) but that's just the nature of a game like that, and you said you'd work on that, too. It would be nice if there were more visual clues that tell you what's happening in the "fight", because it all happens too fast and you barely have time to understand what happened, or why did you win or lose. Other than that I really liked it!, and it's very innovative


completely agreed and I'm working out the speed and feel of it. Definitely be working on adding more visual queues to best explain what us going on and allow players to react and be an active participant on the battle.  Thanks for playing :)


Great game, keeps me playing for a while looking for the flawless victory.

I think you could make  the combo be breaked with the same RPS rules, or maybe, lets say, u can only have 3 rocks on one hand, so you can play your cards based on the cards already played (adding something like holdem texas poker too) 


Thanks for playing! Definitely that is one of the features I will be adding post jam and the idea of having some sort of discarded pile to let you know which cards have been played/are still left has crossed my mind. Great suggestions. thanks :D


It's a cute lil' game; you mentioned you only worked on this in a day, right? If so, niiice! The game's fun for a 24 hours game jam. Landing a combo feels super satisfying to hit, but the game has really almost no depth to it. 

There's no reason why not to just tag your entire hand as a combo, so if you win any of the rounds you just win the game. Plus, it's just complete RNG if you'll land a hit every round. If you were to expand on the game, it'd say to put more things to consider when picking a move rather than it being completely relied on chance if a certain move is good or not.


Thank you for playing my game and for you commends and suggestions.
I want to clarify first that my 24hrs estimation really means like "4hrs" a day for 5 days since I had work to do and could only work on it after the kids were at sleep. :) 

This is a game that I plan to expand more into something that feels more like a "fighting game" by having things like combos, counters, and specials, but keeping simple (ish) by using Rock, Paper, Scissor and UNO rules (with some exceptions to work).

My goal with this jam entry was to get the general concept out to see if it even makes sense and to see if it "feels" good to play. I completely agree, as have others mentioned, that the initial RNG makes it hard to really plan out (been there a few times myself post jam) but it also makes it really satisfying when you land a hit and connect combos.

These are things I will consider as I move forward with expanding this game and making it less RNG and more strategy/mind games. 

Thanks for playing and for you honest feedback!


Cool concept!  I had to read through the instructions twice to figure out what was going on.  I finally got the hang of it after several rounds, but I'm not sure how to be strategic about it.  If you ever expand on this game, it'd be cool to have a tutorial round or a way to battle while learning how to do better combos.  The sound effects and music were really cool in this one and set the tone of the battle really well.  

Would love your feedback on my game. 


Thank you for playing and for your suggestion. I struggled with explaining the concept since it is so "quirky", if you will, and I wanted to ensure the game looked/felt good to play that I ended up not having time to add it to the game itself. What I will do is update the instructions to have more visuals to explain what I meant. 

As for being "strategic", unless you are playing with a human opponent (future update perhaps ;D), it's almost impossible seeing that everything, other than your selection, is random. :D Which is something I will work on to give players an opportunity to play mind games and strategize 


It took me a lil bit to understand this game, but once you understand it. Holy heck, there's just a certain feeling toward getting a combo. The game is pretty much RNG, but it's a damn fun RNG. Nice job with this one also the voice over to ofcourse


Thanks. Teaching the concept is something I want to work on future releases along with making the game more fighting like.

Thanks for playing! :)