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The fumo is at least happy she is able to take the stress off of you

Thanks dude, hopefully i can make more silly games

Don't you feel at least a little bad for her :'( ?

Why would you do this

I am not responsible for this

Yep, it's definitely one of the main problem with my game. After the jam i might try working it out. Thank you for the feedback

Definitely, ill maybe try working on it a bit more after this

Thank you. I almost died making it

My dude i completely wiped out this game from my memory. It's pretty much just gives me a reality check on how much time sink you need on simple stuff like this, and it completely demotivated me.

But i could also say i learned alot from this game too. Especially about scope and cutting corners. And it did it in a very violent way but it's fair.

Anyway sorry i don't often go to itch io because I'm insecure of other people game lol

Lmao sup, long time no see. Yeah i'm not going to lie, i can see the games are pretty barebones rn (Especially when there's no replay) but i think that's okay. It's already cool enough that you got a game that is up and running and with a good enough presentation right ? (not even i can manage that) especially since it's a game jam submission.
If there's some couple of word i can give it would be trying to make the bubble appear randomly in screen, since right now they only appear in one place. Also for some reason bubble spawned to fast on 30 second (idk if it's intended or not)
Anyway i'll be seeing you around again, cya lol

Woooo let's goo

Wait you put doughnut on sandwiches ?

this guy get it

Nice job for this one m8, but the aspect ratio is kinda messed up

sooo yeah, i think i kinda went overboard. love the music and artsyle tho

holy thank you man

I really like the art, and especially knowing you made all the asset yourself, nice job. but you might get a little overboard with the screen shake and also bullet trail would be nice

idk birds kinda op

Damn this one is pretty fun

The camera need some work since there's some section where i can't see what's happening. but damn this game has some inside vibe here

Duck is you ??

I couldn't believe this game actually getting some traction, you don't know how happy i am. thank you so much for giving my game a chance

Knock sound was recorded with my phone lmao. yeah the interaction hitbox kinda funky, Working on it after this jam

Yeah definitely need some improvement on sound. Really thanks for playing the game man

The interaction area is actually kinda big, i seriously need to playtest game more. but really, im glad you enjoyed it. and yeah, it was kinda inspired by oldschool creepypasta and also some rpgmaker horror games

Damn lia always broking my game, serious note. i don't really know how did this happen, im really sorry if you're experience is ruined, im really gonna check the code back once the jam is over

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Damn, idk if im gonna continue this or not but thanks for the word anyway

Yeah im kinda going methaporically here, basically all the level supposed to be in 1 room and the objective is pretty much just interacting around. Might come back to give it more stuff next time

This is a weird one, and that's good. The movement pretty janky and still need some tweaking, but anything else ? Pretty good, especially the idea

It took me a lil bit to understand this game, but once you understand it. Holy heck, there's just a certain feeling toward getting a combo. The game is pretty much RNG, but it's a damn fun RNG. Nice job with this one also the voice over to ofcourse

The concept is neat, but still need more  tweaking.

Eyyo thank you man, appreciate itₐₐₐₐ....