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Here's our game:

Hope you will like it

Nice Graphics and sound, but for me, the movement felt a bit slow it took quite some time to get to full speed which made some jumps for me harder than they should be. But still a great game.

Graphics an Audio are great, quiet a difficult game. I died a lot by moving forward -> hit the lava -> die -> respawn -> still moving forward -> die again because I went off the start platform. Maybe a longer reset time between the respawns could help. But it could also be me with lack of skill :D

Good Movement feels snappy

The Graphics are awesome feels really polished.

The gameplay and Graphics are Nice. But I think the game would benefit from faster movement.

Good looking game nice use of the assets

Nice Artwork and controlls. But for my taste, the background music is a bit too short.

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Nice Artwork and Game Design, i realy liked it. But unfortunately for me the UI was cut off because I have a 21:9 monitor.

The artstyle is really unique. not bad

The enemy is really aggressive, but nice style, I like it.

The artwork is really cool, I would love to be able to attack and defend with my keyboard and not only click the buttons.

Amazing artstyle and finally, someone with an Audio slider :D. Sadly, the pages were a bit buggy and did close a lot of the time instantly.

I think you've probably noticed it yourself, but your game is not uploaded correctly. When you build a Unity game, you need to zip all the files that are in the build folder and upload them together. I also recommend you make a WebGL build for the next GameJam, as this will give you a lot more players who can and will run your game.

many features for one week not bad, there is a lot of your time in it

The Game looks and sounds good, movement feels snappy, but if your courser is close, it could get a bit buggy.

The artwork is great, the sound is a bit too loud for my taste. And I think you should change the settings of your game. It is not fully displayed on the side, you need to click full screen to be able to play, at least on my screen. Good job.

wow, for one week impressive

Wonderful Polished game, Sound and Game idea is great

To be honest I didn't quite know what to do at the beginning. I would also find it cool if something changed in the next run like the old car still drives the same but it blocks you or you don't get points for doing the same thing.

I love the Artwork and sound. It fits together really good.

A good game, the only shortcoming I found was that I didn't immediately recognize the ladder parts as ladders and didn't know what to do with them. The sounds went well with the game as well as the graphics. And impressively accurate credits :)

Thank you for your detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement. I really appreciate you taking so much time with our game and sharing your suggestions with us.

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For your first game very good. Theme well taken, the music is great and the graphics too.

Nice Artwork! It has felt difficult.

The graphic turned out great, Good Job

I think the thumbnail is really great. I unfortunately had in the game rather poor FPS (~30) with full utilization of a GTX 1070. It may be that it was due to my PC. I would also like a little more UI or user feedback, for example, how long do I have until the unknown ship arrives. Overall well-made. Keep going.

yes i agreed with you we ran out of time a bit more polish would have been needed on this feature, thanks for your honest feedback

The Artstyle is so cood and the Caracter looks so cute, love it.

Here is my Game:

I hope you will like it :)


Here is my Game:

I hope you will like it :)


I love this art Style Good Job. Music and Sound is good as well but it has a lot of bugs im sorry. Needed to restart the game multiple time because of them.

I love this art Style Good Job. Music and Sound is good as well but it has a lot of bugs im sorry. Needed to restart the game multiple time because of them.

The Art is awsome.

The Art is awsome.

Fun litte game but it has not much to keep me playing.

I like the artstyle. The music fittet the game.

Great looking game. Visuals are awsome. I would have wished for and Tutorial and an audio slider. Sound is great too.

The musik is some and +1 for Audio Sliders (i dont know if they work). Look great too.

Here is my Game:

I hope you will like it :)