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This was a really fun game, impressive that you made it in 48 hours. I really like main menus that are creative like in this game. Instead of just normal buttons you implement some gameplay into the menu. I like that you just get thrown into the game without a tutorial, this might be because of the lack of time but I think it fits the gameplay. It feels a bit chaotic and you need to think fast, especially when a new feature gets introduced.

I liked the level with a bunch of gears the most. I had no idea what to do and had to adjust quickly and I managed to win it in one try. The level looked so hard in the beginning because it felt like you really had to figure out each step from the beginning but that wasn't the case. Maybe I was just lucky or there are a lot of possibilities to win that one.

One thing I think you could change is the colours of the lasers. At some point in the game I ran to the wrong computer to turn off the laser because I had a hard time seeing which colour the laser was connected to. The lasers could still be red but then you should increase the visibility a bit with like lights or something. I also found some issues with the levels that had elevators and moving platforms. At one level you could get under an elevator and there was no way for you to get up again. At the last level I fell off the last moving platform and got trapped in the air(I did however manage to glitch myself up and complete the level). 

I noticed that on this level you don't have to press the green computer at all. It made the level much easier, I thought I had to deactivate the pad that moves the drone and then run all the way to the light blue computer. But if you deactivated that pad it was impossible to win.

Overall a fun little game that forced me to think fast. Nice to see a game from fellow TGA students aswell!


looks like I wont participate at all :( Goodluck all!

I don't want mushrooms on my pizza.

It took me an incredible amount of time to win wave 10. I thought I had won but NO ten more levels! And one of your comment said that you made 100 waves. You really need to change some things so it gets easier because otherwise this is going to be the next dark souls :P I got really tired with my left little finger(I shot with left ctrl) so after awhile I started to use the right hand to shoot(still with left ctrl though, It looked weird). That's how long I played. I really like the art for the player and the enemies. I think you could make the ground look gooder but that is just my opinion. The movement was nice and so was the shooting. Because the game was so hard I had to come up with different strategies and ways to win waves but sometimes they surrounded you and it was impossible. I like that you could jump over the hole in the bottom part of the first level but that it was hard to do.  The music was also nice even though you did not make it.

I have a question. Do you restart the scene when you die? Because if I die when bullets were in the air they are still there when I spawn, same thing with coins. If you don't want to restart the scene because you will loose the gold variable and upgrades your character has you can have something called a gamemanager which can store variables between scenes. 

Things to improve: The bonus round has a timer on 15 seconds but after the timer the gold is still there, I think that the gold should go away if you didn't pick up every gold. When the monster fall down the hole they get back on the top, I think the same should happen with gold if it falls down the hole. Make the game easier :D I found a bug where sometimes when you died you did not get the upgrade menu. 

The most frustrating bug I found was when I tried to save up some gold to be able to buy upgrades later. I got over 1000 gold but when I died my gold resetted :( 

Here is a link with a video on the issue, maybe you can get some info on what happened from the video so you can fix the bug/glitch.

Overall it was a great game, I think you will get a good spot on this gamejam!

I like how Bob looks like and the brain did also look really good. I kinda like the gameplay and kinda not. The gameplay is trial and error and it was really cool to win on the first try because I guessed what would happened but in the same time it can be hard and boring to just redo the same level everytime to look for how the enemy will attack/block. I could not beat the boss(I think it was the boss). You could not read the functions and after a while Bob stopped shooting and the boss did too. Btw you the text that says if it is valid or not is displaying New text when it is not being used. You will fix these issues with some polishing. I understand that it can be hard to fix every bug under a short period of time. I myself did really not submit a finished game because I couldn't work every day. 

Rated, hope you get the position you want.

No, I don't think it is necessary. But if the game had been longer you needed to remember a thing again I think that you should be able to reset that cutscene or get a hint or something. Yay 100%!

The art was really nice and the music aswell. The bomb sound was a bit too loud. I forgot the girls name first time I played so I had to restart, lol. I played both endings, there were only two, right? I liked that you first showed the story in black and white and then you played what you just saw. I would like to see  your art in upcoming games (and music if you did it). 

I rated it, hope you get the standing you want!

Sounds good, I will follow you to see coming updates!

Oh, I see.

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OMG this game was amazing. I loved finding secrets everywhere, and the artstyle was really nice.  The movement felt good aswell (I loved dashing around like a maniac). The sound was also really good. However, I did found some small things that you could improve on.

For example the spike traps. The spikes made a sound when they should release. But I feel like this sound came to early. The sound came before the spikes moved, maybe you wanted this to be an audio clue so you know when the spikes are going to come. But if you want to have it so that the sound is when the spikes come out I think you need to redo it. Maybe it works fine for you but not for me because we have different fps?

Another thing was when you killed a boss. The meter was still displayed until you went out of that section of the map. You can see it on the image below.

Another thing I found when I met one boss was a place to stay to kill the boss without getting damaged. You can see the position and which boss on image below.

It seems like the brush upgrades stacks. At first I thought this was really cool. I felt amazing walking around with the biggest brush ever. Then I thought it might be too op(I killed a whole room of enemies without seeing one). But then I remember the spider enemies(I hated those spiders). If they shoot at you when you are that big it is incredible hard to dodge the webs because the brush takes up so much space. I did never encounter a spider when I was this big but I believe that it would be hard to defeat them.  On the image below you can see what I mean with the big brush. I think I had three upgrades here.

I found another bug/glitch in the beginning of the game. I had just died from a boss and was angry so I dashed upwards in frustration. I lost 4 hearts of this. But when I got to the next room I had full health. Maybe the game can't keep up with my fast dashes :D Here is a link to a video that shows what happened. . 

Well that was all minor bugs/glitches I found. I would totally buy this game if you release a bigger version of it! You should put it on steam for 10-20 dollars. Thank you for the gamejam btw!

Edit: I played this game in broswer. Was there a reason to have a setup instead of just a zip? My antivirus program did not let my play the downloaded version.

I tried the game three times but after a while I was not able to click on the computer anymore and therefore I couldn't continue. I found some other issues aswell. 

In this image for example the Production is -99%. Should it be like that? I think that 0% should be minimum production. Another thing you could improve is the tutorial. You never told me how to buy stuff or what the different stuff in the store did or that I even needed food. The transistion betweeen a new day is also wrong (I think). The first time you sleep it show "Day..0"  and the next day the day counter shows day 1. I think the game should start on day 1, then when you sleep it says day 2 in the transition and then the daycounter next to earnings says day2.

The daytransition have a bug aswell. If the day counter just showed "Day..2" then it will show "Day.." for some frames and then go away.

I think the game that you have made has a lot of potential. I really like the look of the game(models, animation, UI). With some more polishing the game would be great! I also like the music and sound in general. Your idea for this gamejam was similar to mine, however you made it much better! I did not have time to finish my game, but even the finished version would not look as good as this. If you continue with the game I think it could be really good.

I have rated it, I hope you get the position that you want in the jam!

Wow that ending was not expected. The game I worked on in this game was probably better then the one I submitted lol. The models and sound were nice. I also liked the intro. In the end when you need to click on that thing(I don't want to spoil for others, but I think you know what I mean). The mouse1 icon came up when you looked at the cabinet to the right aswell. Another thing you could improve was the mainmenu, you could make the button nicer. 

Btw I think that coffee should give you more energy or that energy should decrease slower but it doesn't really matter because you still have enough time to finish the game. 

I rated it, hope you get a position that you are happy with!

2D pixelart community · Created a new topic What happened?

There are no entries on the gamejam for me although there were like 9 who joined the jam. We joined very late and did not have a lot of time to work on it but we still published something. It is sad that there are only one game and it seems like noone wants to rate/give feedback either.

I write my highscore here aswell if any non jammers try this game. My highscore is 106. And you should definetely show the progress of the game if you have it recorded!

Wow, this was a really cool game! I disagree with Keniak1G9, being able to move with WASD would make the game worse in my opinion. I loved clicking on the other side of the screen and then throwing shurikens at all the enemies that chased me. Is there any way to win or is it endless? If it is endless I would like to know your highscore so I can try to beat it. My highscore is 106.  

If you want to expand on the game you could always add more enemies(the wizard was my favourite). You could also try to make some story and have story missions beside the endless mode.  I presume that you did everything in the game yourself and I like that. We used a lot of assets in our game but I prefer doing everything myself because its just feels like it really is your game then. Goodluck in the competition!

Fun and simple game. I could see myself playing this on my phone.

I tried to beat your highscore but the best I got was 21.

Nice little game, I feel like doing a text based game now.I replayed it a couple of times and I think I got all the different endings. I liked the one in space the most(Melon Tusk lol).

Btw your game crashes if you put 0.1 as seconds for the messages. I lnow it says write how many seconds but I just wanted to see what would happen. If you put -1 it works for the first message then it crashes and if you put a letter it crashes instantly.

Yeah haha.  The game was supposed to be longer and you would found out that the girl got killed by her boyfriend(Matthew). But you don't really understand that. I will try to fix bugs and stuff when rating period is over and we not too make the game longer so you understand the story. Most of the graphics stuff are just free assets so we can't take credit for that.

It's not a great game. But it has some potential, there are extremely many bugs and stuff that we need to fix. You can walk out from the house for an example and you can abuse the  press "E" to win almost instantly.  Well when the rating period is done I will fix the bugs and more story.

Thanks! I just wished we had more time, or that we used our time better by cutting off more sleep.

Yeah I noticed that, lol. We really rushed the game the last hours :(

I really liked this game.  The artstyle was simple but I loved how the spikes looked(they changed with the camera). I am proud of winning this game but I would like even more levels. Although 12 levels are more than enough for a gamejam this size.

Things you could improve: 

Not sticking to the walls(or keep it if it was intended)

More levels(especially levels like the one with rings, that one was awesome)

Levelcounter and a system so the levels are saved when you exit the game and start it up again.

Some screen at the end when you win with score. If you do this I am going to try to beat your high score.

Sometimes I touched a spike and flew away, that should be fixed.

Maybe have a harder mode where you have limited ammo.

Yeah, lol it was a bit too quick.

What? Were you able to open the door and get out?

Cool game. The artstyle reminds me a bit of terraria and that is something that I liked. The game was a bit hard but I think that because it felt like you have to retry some parts if you were unlucky. But I personally don't think it was too hard at all but some might think that way. The creepy bushmonster for example was impossible to escape from if he had you in a corner and you don't really know which way is the correct so you might want to change the level a bit so even if you choose the wrong direction you have a chance to dodge the bushmonster. In one area he kinda covered the only exit which made it very hard to escape. But yeah like I said before I am okay with the difficulty but others might not be. If you want to expand on the game you should have multiple levels or alteast checkpoint and make each level/checkpoint harder.

Besides the art I also liked the music. I have realised that music does a lot of for games and it is sad that we did not have time to implement it in our own game. 

Overall good game!

Thank you I made the shooting sound :P It was incredibly easy, the shooting sound is just one note in bosca ceoil.

Thanks this was our first game jam and we are not that experienced in music. We did try but it didn't came out good. We need to make more time for music creation in the future or work with a musician. Thanks for the feedback!

lol we have some bugs that ended up as features aswell

(1 edit)

Really cool and innovative game. Reminds me a little about ibb and obb. Just to be clear the ending screen is when you see the two cats with the rainbow right. That end lvl was hard but I managed to win it after some retries. I felt like the spikes that came up from the floor was too fast in my first retries but it is definitely doable. Nice music and cool cats. If you want to continue on this game I would suggest on changing how the level looks like. Grey boxes are not that funny. All boxes weren't aligned aswell and you should either change some levels or the camera or something because there was moments when the white cat was really far away from the black so I would have to wait for the white cat to come back to see something. This happened in the elevator part in one level for example.

Overall cool and innnovative game.

Music and pixelart was good but the movement was a bit weird. You wrote in your comment that you had fixed it but I don't feel that way. Sometimes I press W 3 times and nothing happens. I am sorry but the controls made me quit the game before I was finished.


Omg the feeling when you picked up two rapid fire powerups and destroyed everything was amazing. Other than that it was a cool game. The artstyle was nice but the movement felt good aswell. In the start of the game I thought to myself that I wanted a melee weapon and when I pressed right mouse button I got a sword :D 4/5 would kill cats again.

You need to hold in one of the clamp buttons first. For me it was A and D but in the main menu it says A and B so I don't know if something is wrong with my computer or if that was a typo. When you are holding down one of the clamp buttons that part of the worm will glue itself to the ground or whatever it is on. While you are in this state you should move with J or L to move closer to the goal/coins. Then you clamp again with the other clamp button. You can use this to climb walls and if you practise you can kinda jump with it by using your momentum.