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Wow that ending was not expected. The game I worked on in this game was probably better then the one I submitted lol. The models and sound were nice. I also liked the intro. In the end when you need to click on that thing(I don't want to spoil for others, but I think you know what I mean). The mouse1 icon came up when you looked at the cabinet to the right aswell. Another thing you could improve was the mainmenu, you could make the button nicer. 

Btw I think that coffee should give you more energy or that energy should decrease slower but it doesn't really matter because you still have enough time to finish the game. 

I rated it, hope you get a position that you are happy with!


Thank you for the feedback! Actually coffee makes your anergy decrease faster so that you don't drink too much! It's a drug you know)


Oh, I see.