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Hmmm, what am i doing... not really sure, but I accidentally beat the level my second try.  This has a ton of potential. A very minimal tutorial level and difficulty ramp-up is highly recommended. 

Fun game. Considering this is all trial and error... a  quick "Spacebar to reset", or even auto reset when the ball stops would be huge. Opening the menu to reset caused me to quit earlier than I hoped to. Had a great atmosphere.

Who would have thought space photography to be so dangerous/difficult?  Pretty sure the  difficulty ramp up would have been made smoother if I had realized there were powerups (just read your comment "Did you use the upgrades?") but alas no upgrades for me. Still not sure what the "redirects" countdown timer was for.  The unexpected find your path nature of the levels from quick repeatability was a nice feature.  Overall, I felt is was missing an overarching objective or story-line to keep me invested. Felt more COPS than MCU.

How to get the game started was a bit confusing. V key for chat is an odd choice. But that's all ok because I somehow got off the map and now feel like a hacker.

Pressed space 3 times. Won game. I feel like a winner. Thanks mom.

Fun game, kept me entertained for a few levels. Maybe if the character had a dash ability it would help with the weakest part of player engagement, having to run around and collect energy.

Score: 16350
Takeaway - blue thing -underpowered, flame overpowered (considering you don't take damage running into aliens
Always nice to play an intuitive game rather than counting bugs. Thanks for the fun time.

Hmmm.. what to do with trash you don't have a bin for? Throw it on the ground!  Fun game, nice polish.

Loved the game, first one that felt more  like a steam game than a game jam game. 
Tip for players. Make planters in horizontal rows then hold up and left or down and right while spamming E for speed planting/harvesting. 
Note: you cannot leave space by building out a few thousand blocks... its infinite... and if you fall you will get teleported all the way back to base. (sad life) 
On the negative... at 4 digit wealth your last digit is cut off. Over 10k you lose a digit entirely. Fun game.

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That wasn't intended!  I added the spacebar right before I uploaded so players can skip the intro. There are no other intended keybindings in this game. You really want to use as few days as possible, refrain from touching the spacebar if you can! :D

"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

I would recommend browser playable, especially as this is a gamejam .JS

Game wouldn't load :(

I really enjoyed this game, longest play so far so ill pass on  a few things of note. I really like the way you use weapons, although it took me a bit to figure out. The end goal "rift" thing was a bit confusing, I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be working towards so I just shot monsters.  Every time I attempted to grab a card from HQ it would be discarded so the money felt pointless as all it did was upgrade cards I couldn't use.  Still was fun, thanks.

2,000 lines of code later, this game has definitely suffered at the hands of feature creep.  

Sounds really fun. If only I had friends.. :D

Welp, not a text based adventure after all, the interaction after using logout was unexpected but welcomed. Unfortunately after a week of coding I cant bring myself to play a text adventure, feels too much like work. Maybe some future comments on this game will peak my interest. 

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I feel the game would be more immersive if you included the card instruction in the game on the card rather than on the  games play page. Having to  back out and read literally brings you out of the experience.  

It took me a bit of time to figure out the mechanics. I would defiantly add in a tutorial level. When this game isn't buggy it's and enjoyable experience.  The rewind feature is very satisfying.

Except for the part where I was screaming at my monitor this was a great game. 

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Hmmm, kept getting stuck at the bottom of the map. Am I missing some movement mechanic? Love the atmosphere tho!

Buttons are made available when you have the correct tools. Eg Chop requires you to have the axe. Light fire requires you to have found matches etc

I can't seem to find any leads on how to rasterize or merge my procedurally generated plants. I'm wondering if any of you have tips on where to start looking or if the way i'm doing this is futile...  The performance goes to crap about 10 seconds in.

I put in the music last minute as I had ran out of time. Sound Design is definitely not my strong suit. Sorry you didn't like it!

I have a trailer for the game I added it but it seems that it’s not showing up on the game page. If you draw on the sprites you can go through and play all the levels. Right click is only for samdbox mode stuff on the home screen so just ignore the play button and click lvl 1-10 after you draw the sprites. Instructions are below the game window

I lost the first time round but after reading the comments knew I needed to get to that ending. I felt this was more a piece of art/ an experience than a game and I commend the feeling that was able to be conveyed with tone, color,  sound, etc... Would recommend a bit faster pace for the general audience(but I'm really speaking for myself) but of what this game did do it did it well.  Big fan.  will be taking some techniques from this experience with me to use in future jams.  If you have a moment I would love you to come check out mine as well!

Dude, that was insane I'm pretty sure I broke half of the mechanics as I survived for over 2 minutes and had a score of 20. At that point I just sat the left guy on that top wall resetter button and the right guy was running so fast he couldn't pick up any more point balls he just ran right through them.  I can't say the quality was the best but the fact that by the end of the game I had my mouth open with awe and amazement at the sheer madness that was playing out before me  must say that the experience was well worth the play.  I saw your constructive feedback on another jam game and would love to hear from you if you get the chance to stop by.

As one of the people who scoffs at those playing candy crush  I came into this with low expectation.  By the end however I was smiling and very much ready to try again to beat my trash 3 star score.  I guess there really is something to watching those combos just clear half the screen. Big Fan. Was missing music and sound effects(not that I'm one to judge I added both of my 10 minutes before uploading)  but overall was impressive cleanliness and gratification for such a simple experience.  Would play again.  I stopped by after seeing your constructive feedback on another game and would love you to give me some as well if you get the time!

Like with most of these jam games I have played (as well as my own) the biggest issue seems to be lack of tutorial. This only slightly put me off though as a swift check on your game page's description sent me in the right direction. As a a pecker(one who types with two fingers) I found this game at first difficult but eventually laugh out  loud fun and every single one of those jerks stole my coffee.  I ended up having an unexpected blast from typing and thank you for your submission. I saw your constructive feedback on another jam page and would like some on mine as well if you would like to stop by.

After turning on Spotify I had a good time. I nearly didn't make it past the text only part but I figured it out and then immediately impressed with the mechanics progression.  The core gameplay was slightly frustrating but definitely a fan of the theme, and innovation aspects. I was pleasantly surprised when it the mechanics changes occured, big fan. I would love some constructive feedback on my game as well if you have the time!

I saw your constructive criticism on another game so I thought i'd head on over.  I was pleasantly surprised with how deep  and engaging the game became as I played further into it. And the fact that I could leave the game and have the stuff run while I went to the bathroom only to discover a few minutes later that there was an economic system and I was in debt.  My only suggestion that I find applies to most of the games I have played is a better tutorial.  I am as of now still unsure how the whole paying employees thing works. I would love to get some feedback on my own game if you would like to stop by.  

I really like the concept, would have loved to have seen it taken further. (Possibly a decision tree for ai so there is more than just the frequency of the enemy to worry about) As for the gameplay itself I would suggest a controllable timescale like using mousewheel. Just like in your game there is an interact to waiting ratio and it can get boring waiting for the AI to do its business.  I saw your review on another jam and would also be interested in some constructive criticism!

OOOO really fun, I like it. Took a bit to realize all objects needed to be placed to get the key.

I lost and the game just ended, no way to win you just game title screen. Was fun experience tho.

Yaaaaaaaaaas I wonnnnnnnnnnnnn

It's important to read the instructions first! :)

It's been a long time since I had my notebook out and in full force. The very first of my "Game Dev" experiences was playing turn based and  puzzle games in my notebook with scraps of paper. Now I pass the experience on to you, the pc generation , in hopes that you may grasp a part of the joy that is paper and pencil gaming. 

Instructions: When starting the game make sure to first draw out all of the needed sprites. It will be difficult to play the levels or in Sandbox Mode with everything invisible. The "home page" is like a Sandbox Mode and if you click on the word "NOTHING" (left click) you can access the ability to place objects (right click).  The levels are all available much like with a real notebook and you may play one that fits your ability. Kill all enemies and spawners to win each level, I hope you enjoy.

Controls: While Editing in Sandbox mode move with WASD/Arrow Keys or Click Scroll Wheel and Drag like Unity Editor.  Middle Mouse Scroll to Zoom . While Playing use WASD / Arrow Keys with mouse to aim and shoot. 

I was thinking of doing voice overs (that I will upload to OGA ofc). What's the rule on swearing, and is there any difference between audio and text. And is there a line. Eg The story I'm writing has something bad happen and the character would like to yell Shi*!  

You must do this via a 'Credits' menu on your title screen where you show a list.   

I have a very specific question about the above line. 

Is the credits menu ONLY allowed on the TITLE screen. If I were to make a very obvious button that takes you to a credits screen (in addition to the README) would that be allowed?  I'm planning the title screen and it is looking overcrowded.