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Glad you enjoyed it!

Ran out of time trying to fix WebGL to work properly with different screen resolutions, there shouldn’t have been any off screen turrets! Oops 😬

Good catch, thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Consistent feedback, bigger bullets. Will do! Thanks for playing!

Cool concept, haven't see anything like this before.
 Found an exploit... kinda, if you sit in the bottom left corner and shoot at a 30deg angle intermittently you can play forever.

One of my favorite games of the jam stylistically. 

Made it 12 levels before my expanding headache made me stop.
Either smooth camera or no camera movement and this is my favorite jam game.
Maybe substitute locked camera for camera shake.

Didn't have the patience to try and beat it. 
The death animations are easily the #1 reason to play this.
Most fun game to lose so far!

I think I bugged the 2nd boss as he didn't attack after I lost and started again on the second level. Other than that the art was really cool and probably my favorite of the more classic bullet hell games this jam. I also liked the slower pace and 3x lives allowing me to find the correct movement patterns.

Overall look and feel was great. Shield mechanic is satisfying, but would have liked a more engaging use of 10 seconds. Ended up not playing very long as resets feel quite punishing.

Appreciated the unique visual style, and the gameplay felt slick. 
For the amount of focus on upgrades I didn't really feel as much of the impact of the upgrades as I would have hoped.

Haven't played an overlapping level bullet hell like this. I appreciate the visual consistency as well. Nicely done.

I have to admit, was pretty confused :D

Concept seems promising, would be interested to see this after some polish.

Best controls I've used so far, very intuitive, and easy to pick up. 
Halfway through level 2 I lost interest as the levels are repetitive, I think some more enemy patterns would help to keep the player engaged.

Audio and Visuals look the best and most bullet-helly so far.
Admittedly gameplay was too difficult and unforgiving for me to properly enjoy.

Cool artstyle and gameflow would have loved to put more time into this game, however the fact that I had to start over from the beginning really hurt replayability.  It wasn't obvious to me the aim spot was for the bombs at first and even after figuring out the ground attack gameplay the bomb explosion radius felt pretty harsh. 

Accidently tired her out, got really confused, read the instructions then beat the game quite easily, (on easy).
Fun little game, could use some in game explanation of the tired bar and some more feedback or effects when killing enemies. but overall satisfying experience. 

Theme, Visuals, and Audio are on point, this definitely needs some way of explaining to the player that the rewind clocks act as checkpoints, but one you have that figured out the gameplay is smooth and rewarding. If you were to expand on this I would like to see you use the existing components in new and unique ways, as I can see killing robots to open doors getting stale. All in all , great game!

I did unfortunately run out of time for level design on the last day, do you have any recommendations on what I could add in a later update to keep gameplay fresh?  

A few people mentioned the projectile smallness and the fact that the bullet shadows threw them off. Good call. I have a habit of making my games too hard so I made sure at the very least to make the opening levels accessible to casual gamers. Ran out of time for level design and polish but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ahhh yes camera effect on a bomb game, good call.
Glad you enjoyed it!

Theme, Visuals, and Audio were amazing. 
The deck building aspect really brought a dimension of strategy to the game that I really appreciated. 

The learning curve of knowing what to avoid as well as what constitutes a play through would be my only negatives. 

Would have played much longer to see what other bosses awaited!

Fun little game!

As others have pointed out the background and bullet contrast is a bit rough, but I actually really liked the sound sound effects, the first time I heard the take damage effect I almost laughed out loud. I think if you made all of them with your mouth it would really add to the quirkiness. 

Not sure how I made it to level 8, the success of the player feels quite luck based as the scissors travel faster than the player and the hair delay puts dodging out of your control. 

I really  enjoyed the take, even if it was puzzling, first game to put a big ole grin on my face before even getting to level 1.

Very cool take, 
Controls are intuitive, has a nice "easy to learn hard to master" curve, visuals are are clean as the gameplay is smooth. The depth of strategy that comes from such minimal components is what makes this great. 

Spent way too much time enjoying this one.

As for ball weights, I prefer the way you have it, just feeling it out seems perfect for such a clean/ minimal looking game.

Hmmm, what am i doing... not really sure, but I accidentally beat the level my second try.  This has a ton of potential. A very minimal tutorial level and difficulty ramp-up is highly recommended. 

Fun game. Considering this is all trial and error... a  quick "Spacebar to reset", or even auto reset when the ball stops would be huge. Opening the menu to reset caused me to quit earlier than I hoped to. Had a great atmosphere.

Who would have thought space photography to be so dangerous/difficult?  Pretty sure the  difficulty ramp up would have been made smoother if I had realized there were powerups (just read your comment "Did you use the upgrades?") but alas no upgrades for me. Still not sure what the "redirects" countdown timer was for.  The unexpected find your path nature of the levels from quick repeatability was a nice feature.  Overall, I felt is was missing an overarching objective or story-line to keep me invested. Felt more COPS than MCU.

How to get the game started was a bit confusing. V key for chat is an odd choice. But that's all ok because I somehow got off the map and now feel like a hacker.

Pressed space 3 times. Won game. I feel like a winner. Thanks mom.

Fun game, kept me entertained for a few levels. Maybe if the character had a dash ability it would help with the weakest part of player engagement, having to run around and collect energy.

Score: 16350
Takeaway - blue thing -underpowered, flame overpowered (considering you don't take damage running into aliens
Always nice to play an intuitive game rather than counting bugs. Thanks for the fun time.

Hmmm.. what to do with trash you don't have a bin for? Throw it on the ground!  Fun game, nice polish.

Loved the game, first one that felt more  like a steam game than a game jam game. 
Tip for players. Make planters in horizontal rows then hold up and left or down and right while spamming E for speed planting/harvesting. 
Note: you cannot leave space by building out a few thousand blocks... its infinite... and if you fall you will get teleported all the way back to base. (sad life) 
On the negative... at 4 digit wealth your last digit is cut off. Over 10k you lose a digit entirely. Fun game.

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That wasn't intended!  I added the spacebar right before I uploaded so players can skip the intro. There are no other intended keybindings in this game. You really want to use as few days as possible, refrain from touching the spacebar if you can! :D

"The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

I would recommend browser playable, especially as this is a gamejam .JS

Game wouldn't load :(

I really enjoyed this game, longest play so far so ill pass on  a few things of note. I really like the way you use weapons, although it took me a bit to figure out. The end goal "rift" thing was a bit confusing, I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to be working towards so I just shot monsters.  Every time I attempted to grab a card from HQ it would be discarded so the money felt pointless as all it did was upgrade cards I couldn't use.  Still was fun, thanks.

2,000 lines of code later, this game has definitely suffered at the hands of feature creep.  

Sounds really fun. If only I had friends.. :D

Welp, not a text based adventure after all, the interaction after using logout was unexpected but welcomed. Unfortunately after a week of coding I cant bring myself to play a text adventure, feels too much like work. Maybe some future comments on this game will peak my interest.