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platformer, bullet-hell, funny,
Submitted by bloodpirat โ€” 23 minutes, 26 seconds before the deadline
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EASY TO GET INTO#1033.8243.824

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You added some projectile or bullet in your game

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10 seconds wave

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Please credit the resources that you used during the jam (if you used any)
my old background
and sounds from freesounds

Credit all team-members that worked on this project (you can link - Design , Code - Code, Music

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Overall look and feel was great. Shield mechanic is satisfying, but would have liked a more engaging use of 10 seconds. Ended up not playing very long as resets feel quite punishing.


The graphics are awesome :) I like the concept of the game of only using dodging and your shield to survive. Also, the very narrow start platform makes it really interesting each time! The only problem I encountered was sometimes facing almost impossible situations due to the random nature of the spawning. But otherwise, this is a really interesting, nice looking game :) 

Well done!


Really enjoyed this one! I love the art and the sounds. I also think the shield is a great addition compared to other games. Easy to get into and quite addictive. Well done! 


Really like this Concept! Absolutely love the concept art, and audio fits in really nicely!


I really like the idea! The graphics are really good too! Well done


Nice and simple with a good challenge.


  • The pixel art is quite well done and very appealing. Everything reads well visually and the pixel density is consistent so nothing feels out of place.
  • The audio FX are sufficient for the gameplay and the music is nicely pleasant in the background.
  • The mechanics are overall pretty forgiving and that lets players get a feel for the game before the difficulty ramps.


  • I wish that the dynamic platform blocks would displace me without actually killing me if I touch them while I'm in the air. It holds well to the rule of "don't touch these while they're in the air", but contextually it feels like they should just push you to the side if your player body has space to move.
  • I was a little confused as to what would regain my shield strength. I tried to figure it out, but it seemed a bit random tbh.
  • The difficulty ramp feels hard to read and possibly escalates a little too quickly.
    • I did about 6 runs and was typically pretty good for the first 5 waves or so, but once the difficulty ramped I would easily lose all of my shield and just feel panicked.
    • The projectiles move pretty fast from the beginning and seem to keep that speed through the entire game. You might try having them slower at first and ramp up in speed as you also ramp them up in spawn volume.
    • You start the game with only the 3-wide platform surrounded by death. You might try starting the player with the 3-wide platform and a layer or two of destructible platforms on each side so that rock projectiles spawned with no chance of hitting the 3-wide platform in the middle would still serve as a teaching tool for players to learn early that the rocks will break the dynamic platforms.

Man the pixel art is very very good! Also the falling blocks mechanic is very original. I jumped in the spikes a few times though ahah  Well done mate :)


Thank u :3


Shield mechanic is really nice, feels like the kind of mechanic with a lot of potential. But darn those projetiles come in FAST.

The jump was also really hard for me to get used to, ended up eating many a spike :)




That pixel art is lovely, and its really creative to be using the shield to block incomming shots.  I like it a lot.


Thx :D