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Thanks a lot for the write-up, really interesting!

Scotland :)  Hi everyone!

I did love this game, the audio especially.  Introducing a new layer of audio with each wave was great for the feeling of progression.  Also using the lowpass filter was nice to distinguish between the sections.  Minimal visuals were really complementry too.  Fantastic work!

I like the aesthetic of the game.  The cadence between charging your gun and shooting is really nice.  It was refreshing to play against the lazer boss too.  Good work!

Here is my game:

I'll check yours out :)

Thanks for trying the game.  Others game me feedback about the movement of the ship so I might try to fix that, thanks.  Yeah its really hard when the boss moves while its lazer is firing.  Often its a good point to dash over the lazer but I might look at making that easier.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I love the variety in the different levels, it was really well thought out.  I also like the timer mechanic, i'd seen a similar type of game done for the 7DRL and the mechanic of small movement hops and time freeze works really well.  Something i'd like to try in the future too.  Great entry!

I'm always open to some honnest crits to help improve my work:

Thanks a lot for the feedback.  I definately think those little polishing touches are what I enjoy most in gamedev, so its nice when people pick up on them.  Glad you enjoyed the entry :)

Very polished game, pretty hard though, but sometimes i'd last quite a while and other times die almost instantly.  Its quite nice to have such a short gameplay look, as I could play it like 20 times in a row getting better each time.  Great work!

Really nice game, I like the visuals a lot and the creativity of the different scenes.  The story is great :D  Only crit would be that sometimes your char moves really slow which makes it hard to dodge bullets with skill more then luck.  Great work though!

The pixel art is really nice and the concept is cool.  One thing that confused me a little however is how much health I had?  It seemed like I could take some hits but other shots would kille me instantly.  Some kind of game feedback for this would be cool.  Very nice entry though.

The music stands out as being really nice. I also love that the music slows down with the slowmo.  The game has a really nice energy to it which makes it fun to play!

The drawings are great!

Fantastic entry, its really polished and solid.  It was easy to get into and start playing.  I got to the boss that spews slime!  Great work!

I got stuck on the skull zone, no idea what to do, did I have to stop them hitting the floor?  The dude who clips along the screen keeps killing me.  XD  This game is amazing.

Hehe thanks, glad you enjoyed it.  Yeah there is not a way to full screen it at the moment sorry, good feedback though, i'll try and work on that for the next jam :)

Graphics are really nice, the blood was a nice touch too!

This game really looks lovely.  Like Lophee I wasnt all that sure what to do.  Its also pretty hard to dodge all the bullets so I died soooo many times :D  Im going to play again now that I realise im looking for the cat!

It looks great and sounds great.  I like the world building thats going on, it feels like something I want to explore more.  It took me a while to realise the bodies would block the bullets, but it was cool once I realised that. I wasnt able to beat the game though, is the objective to push to the top of the screen?

Nice work, its a solid entry with quite a bit going on.  The bullet patterns were good and provided a lot of challenge.  I agree with Heg28 its sometimes hard to know if you'd be hit or not so some more feedback or hitbox tweaks would be nice.

I like the art, some of which reminds me of an N64 game in a really good way.  Your setting is nice too, being pretty fun and colourful.  I like it, nice work :)

That pixel art is lovely, and its really creative to be using the shield to block incomming shots.  I like it a lot.

Nice, I really like the audio which sounds like an old Adlib computer game.  Those pink monsters are really hard!

Nice game, I like the audio and the sound effects :)

Aww thats great news thanks a lot for trying it out, glad you had fun :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback and for taking the time to play :)  I'm glad you had some fun with it!

The concept is really funny I like it.  The isometric presentation is also really nice with chunky pixels.

I agree its really hard haha :)

Good job though!

Proc-gen platforming is always impressive to me as its quite hard to make sure it ends up playable.  This game is hard, by it definately feels possible.

I agree with the previous comment, it hard to know what what im doing, or how to progress.  Perhaps checkpoints would help with this?

Good job though!

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This is a really nice game.  It feels quite well polished.  The sounds are nice, the graphics are really good. Pleasing animations.

It feels like there is a really large amount of content here, so great job on that front.  I like the messages you get to read as your exploring, that works really nicely.

It took me a while to figure out how to drop items from my inventory but I noticed the game did have a message for that at some point.

Great job! Its fun to play :)

I like the pixel art.  Its simple but very clear.  The mix of minesweeper and roguelike is really interesting.  Its quite satisfying to kill enemies like this, and the number of enemies vs health pickups is good, so it doesnt feel too easy or too hard.  One thing I found a little confusing is its hard for me to realise who is taking a turn and when though.  When im playing minsweeper sometimes I get hit and sometimes not.  The sound effects are funny though, I like them.  Great job!

Thanks for checking out the game.  I've uploaded the "" file which contains an "TinyRL_2x.exe" which will upscale the game by 2.  I hope this helps you out.

For drawing and user input I used SDL1.2 and wrote my own framework for all of the roguelike stuff on top of that.

The sourcecode is here if you want to have a look:

I love the setting, and the game is quite intuitive to pickup after a few tries sailing around.  I really like the trade elements mixed with the risk of combat, which makes for a good mix of elements.

I found it quite easy to get loads of cash by finding two ports close to each other and exploiting the price difference between buying and selling.  A ship weight limit might have made this harder.

Overall a really nice entry and it would be super interesting to see where such a game could end up.

Great job.

Nice game, it feels like there is a lot of depth and complexity in here.  The UI looks good and is fairly intuitive to get around.  I like that the levels are small here, it helps keep it feeling focused. The ability to look around is really cool.

The different floor levels had me puzzled for a little while but once I got it it was no problem to nagivate around.  Im not sure I know how to use attack/defense correctly so could have used a little hand-holding for that aspect.  Perhaps reducing the number of enemies/items at the beginning would give me time to explore the mechanics with less pressure?

Nice entry overall, i'll keep playing and figuring it out :)

The graphics and the colour pallete is really nice. The controls are simple and solid.  I like the fog of war and the skeleton AI is well done.

Without the instructions it wasnt clear to me what reaching the other boat did, so would be good to signal that in the game somehow.  Also for some colourblind people that red apple on the green grass is almost invisible so something to think about perhaps.  In terms of balance its very easy to loose health and hard to recover.

Hope that doesnt come off as too critical, its a very nice submission, just trying to give some feedback :)

Really nice game, with a fun gameplay loop.  I love that the movement isnt bound to a grid.  The controls were pretty intuitive.  The weapons felt like they had a nice weight to them.  The variety in the enemies was nice too.  Great stuff, sets a high bar for other entries :)