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Station AssaultView game page

Fast paced top down shooter full of bullets (and other flying hazards)
Submitted by ragir (@maciejdyjas) β€” 1 hour, 4 minutes before the deadline
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EASY TO GET INTO#1053.8183.818

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Very nice visuals and audio is really great. Different weapons made game really fun. Really enjoyed the game. Great job!
P.S. I don't see how those dogs are weird, seemed pretty normal to me... :P


This was really fun! The vfx are out of this world with this one, and the sounds you chose are really good. One issue I had is that one of the room was completely black for me, so I couldn't really explore it. Also it's nice to see a fellow Polish gamedev in the wild :P

0/10 couldn't pet the weird dogs. No but really, great job!


Do you remember which room it was? I have a really janky system for "hiding" rooms (that's why you can see enemies in them), so I'm not surprised it happened, but I can't reproduce this bug on my machine, I was testing it a lot :P

Submitted (3 edits)

Um, not sure, it was like below a big room with weird dog cages, an assault rifle at the top and I think a keycard? It was an L shaped room I think? There was also a smaller very tight room in between those


Those dogs are indeed weird


Great game, I love the visual effects and the sound effects, there's not much more to say other than great job!


GG, sweet.


This was brilliant. It looks so good. Though i could not make it to the boss yet. Play my game if you have time maybe?


Stylish game, great aesthetic that kept me going through an initially-steep difficulty curve; the game does pick up immensely when the semi-auto weapons are acquired.

I'd have loved a bit more enemy variety, but honestly as it is making this in a single week was an achievement in itself; so I can't really make that complaint. Excellent work.


Is this Half Life 3?
Jokes aside, the game is really good. There isn't much content, but it's very polished.
The only things to improve that I can think of is maybe decreasing the distance to render squares with text pointing to items, there was a lot of them on the screen. Also adding some kind of pause menu. And more enemy variety since there was only 2 enemy types + boss.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

0/10 no exit button
Kidding aside, this is impressive! Although it’s kinda hard to see sometimes :P -kale


short and sweet just how I like it ;)


Loved the use of normal maps and the faux 3D on the final boss. Idk where you live but if the dogs there look like that then you need to move asap!


It clearly says those are weird :P


Game is on point. You wouldn't think it was made in a week.


Graphics are really nice, the blood was a nice touch too!


really impressive visuals. Love the use of shaders, light and blood


Short, very pretty, and very fun. Awesome audio design too. 

Kind of a shame it was so short. 

Also the theme was TOTALLY incorporated, my frame time was 10 the entire time. 


Haha, yeah, optimization was left for last, you can press L to disable the UI effect, it will increase it a bit :P


Nah it still ran great for me, tbh. And it looked beautiful, so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―