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Yeah, my first 3 jams I made the game impossible to play because of this :P

Nice job, I was kinda lost after leaving the beach, but the text on the page helped me, was fun!

5518 was my best, it's a lot of fun once you get over kinda unnatoral controls, great job!

Gotcha, makes sense, I didn't figure out it was always the 4th one :P

Awesome, I'll try again tonight ^^

I wasn't hard to keep playing, the game was fun!

Very polished experience, a lot of fun and looks awesome, grat job!

Am I missing something or are half of the upgrades not doing anything? :P

Other than that, pretty good, well done!

21.4 left, not bad. Great entry, had a blast!

Cuten and fun, simple, but you can tell it was made with care, great job!

Simple and fun, looks great, good job!

I tried to go back, I figured out that that's where I should build the boat, but I still couldn't find a place that let me, is it supposed to be built on the water or land, or is there a special place? I might've done something wrong, but I'm pretty sure I tried everywhere :P

Got my Nolimb Prize, was surprised at the ending, great job, very fun to swim around!

Apart from the performance issues when you hit a person, that's some creative work there, funny and is fun to play ^^

It was an absolute delight to play, the sense of danger is awesome and the goal that you can always see in the distance is very enticing. Easily the best game I played so far from all the submissions for sure!

That said, I had 2 small problems with the game - and I do hope you'll take some time to finish it up - that might hamper someone's enjoyment:

1. The player character sticks to walls, doesn't slide, which made navigation in the dark very hard (until I figure out that there is a flashlight - other buttons are on the screen, that one isnt). I also once went into a wall next to the throttle lever and packined a bit, because I was going into a mine. In general - nothing major, just some QoL stuff.

2. The ending wasn't really satisfying. I'm not sure what I was expecting tbh, but I really wanted something to be there other than a screen of text all of a sudden. I think a docking sequence and maybe getting out of the boat to do or see something (something very simple, like a grave of a loved one up next to the lighthouse and then fade to black and credits would work beautifully!). And also the mine screen text was a bit anti-climactic, all it needs is like a "click" and then sudden black screen with a muffled explosions sound.

And if you don't feel like doing it, let's talk, I'd love to finish it up or make my own version, it's such a cool concept!

Awesome work, looks and sounds great, the only real issue I have is that I kept dying because the inputs are locked after jumping for a tiny while and I didn't change direction in time, other than that, great!

Very fun! Simple, but plays well and the amount of character you got out of that little blue block is great, who knew it only needed eyes?

Great job, the third night was a big surprise, I was expecting something a lot more relaxing :P

Yeah, I was looking for a font to use and it made sense to use a GTA inspired font for a game like this ^^ Thanks for playing!

So I see you noticed that the boat truns better at certain speeds! Thanks for playing!

The GTA reference kinda came in by accident, I was looking for a font to use in the game and saw this one and it clicked together, especially since GTA in my 90's brain is still top-down (watche the GTA 2 trailer if you haven't seen it, it's like a short movie!)

Thanks for the kind words and for playing my game!

Yeah, I've got a bug with the death slomo, if you click the Main Menu button before the screen fades to black fully it stays for the next run. And you want to click it fast, because I've added a slomo and it takes too long .

I didn't want to update the game after the jam was over (not even sure if it's possible tbh), so I left it in, lesson learned: don't mess with slomo 15 minutes before submission!

irst UE game I played during this jam and it looks it. The controls could be a bit better or even on the screen - R is above F, but lowers the barrel, G/T don't seem to be very intuitive, but other than that, game is solid. I'm not sure how the AI works, I thought for a second it takes the player's last shot and adds some randomness, so the closer I was the closer the AI is, but I think that's not true :P

Had fun, good job!

The jump was added like 2h before submission and I gotta say, it was what the game needed all along ;d I has a music track made for it, but I only had like an hour to make it, so I didn't put it in, it was annoying :P

Thanks for playing! 

There are sounds, but I made them a bit too quiet I think, because the boat sound was so annoying :P

I started on a track for the game, too, but it was pretty bad, so I didn't put it in. My best score was around 20k, but I was playing it a LOT :P

Thanks for playing

Oh yeah, the movement could certainly be much better, but there were supposed to be different boats and meta progression, too, so... :P

I had way more fun than I thought I'll have! It's a pretty cool twist on the standard formula, too bad I'm always out of blue >:|

Very charming as well, the jokes are pretty good :d

I was really surprised how quickly I got the boat to move well, that's the only reason I had time to make the missions and combo system work (and make the HUD look good).

And the enemy "AI" took like 10 minutes, it's actually very simple to make a this kind of movement ^^

No idea why I didn't think about keyboard controls for the buttons, it would be so simple, great point.

As for the music, I actually made a track for the game, but I only had like an hour to make it and I decided that it's pretty bad and would make the game feel worse - this way you can play your own music :P

Thanks for playing!

Took me a second to get going, but the idea is pretty cool. It is very hard at the start though, needs to start up a bit easier and then ramp up!

I could probably spend the whole 3 days making sure the movement is on point, but I couldn't, so here it is!

The world is actually kinda cheating, I made myself a template in photoshop that I used to generate 2k x 2k tiles and then I spawn them randomly in the world, the map is only 2x2 tiles big.

So I basically have 5 different tiles, shuffle the list and spawn first 4 :)

The GTA aesthetic came later when I was looking for a font, it seemed natural to use it :d

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Thank you, I tried to make the boats super delicate to drive the point of dying in one hit home :P



Yeah, it's one of those things I didn't get to. Added a slomo on death which made it longer - and there's a bug that will half the game speed if you press "main menu" before the animation ends :P

Couldn't find a recording of you playing it, but yeah, the combos can get pretty crazy, jump was a good idea to add 2h before submitting :D

Thanks, I had a lot of fun making it!

Looks good! The idea is simple but clever!

There are only 2 things I want to point out: the zoom animation is very slow, trying to go back from the last level (I presume, couldn't go deeper even though I had enough people) was a bit tiring and I can't figure out how to build a ship, everywhere I try it's red :(

Now, for the good parts - it's very pretty, has a lot of atmosphere and the idea is awesome, I wanted to espace and I need to know if there's more than 20 levels (I think it was at requirement of 100 when it stopped). Great job, please keep going, it's such a unique idea!