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MiniJam 108:Seaside - Jam Entry
Submitted by Shroudeye, GreatMergen — 4 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#563.5183.889

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Team members: 2 Shroudeye & GreatMergen

Software used
Unreal Engine 5, 3DsMax, Miro, Discord, etc.

Use of the limitation
The game is a (toy) cannon game. Each cannon gets to die in one hit.

Cookies eaten
Not enough (cookies).

How was your experience with Mini Jam?
MORE COOKIES! And (this) jam! I liked the (calm-ish) nature of the jam, gg!

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The visuals were simple and that gave a soothing effect to the eyes which is really a great thing to implement in a game jam. While things were slow at time's it's okay because you did a great job of prototyping your ideas into a wonderful game.

Hard work pays off...
Good luck with the jam I hope you like other games too<3


Thanks a lot! I hope the virtual "seaside" here was soothing enough for y'all :)


Good game, i like the mechanics, good luck on the jam friend


Thanks, you too! :D


I like the challenge! I wish the tank aiming was a little slower so I could fine tune it. Great entry!


Thanks for your input!


Good game! very pleasant music. reminds me of the one tank game I played with friends during middle school, can't remember the name. I just wished the camera and projectiles moved a bit faster, maybe increasing the game speed would do that? It was fun to play! good job!


Thanks for playing our game! :)


irst UE game I played during this jam and it looks it. The controls could be a bit better or even on the screen - R is above F, but lowers the barrel, G/T don't seem to be very intuitive, but other than that, game is solid. I'm not sure how the AI works, I thought for a second it takes the player's last shot and adds some randomness, so the closer I was the closer the AI is, but I think that's not true :P

Had fun, good job!


Thanks for playing our game!

Don't mind the AI. It basically picks a target, faces its direction and shoots. If it hits or not, is up to RNJesus :) It isn't the cleanest solution, sure...

But on the flipside, it allows the AI to shoot itself :)


This was mad fun! The visuals really make this game stand out as that is some incredible looking water and 3d world making the player feel like they are a small glimpse within a huge overarching world.  AI is impossible to get right so I would not look or even be bothered by AI related comments! 10/10! Loved it!


Thanks for your input! AI is hard to get right, and it isn't my specialty - I'm a level designer first - But I'll surely address that issue later down the line - there is *always* room for improvement.

Pretty fun, but the AI was terrible, and was too much waiting for the ball to land.


Well, they're more A than I at the moment, lol. At least they know which direction to shoot... generally. :)


Great color palette and appealing visual design. Liked the music and the back-and-forth gameplay was very engaging. Felt chill and like the creators were chill while making it. Overall good experience worth having, and a great submission to the jam.


I'm glad you've enjoyed the game :)