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Okay I will just say that the connecting them is really fun, just add some camera shake and it will be perfect.

The transitions were super cool, but I the movement was too slow and fall speed also was too slow and the wall jump sometimes didn't work.

Pretty fun, the graphics were good and the stategizing was pretty cool, but I think the animations were little too long (at least I would add an option to make them faster).

Pretty fun, the graphics were amazing and the puzzles well designed, but I think you should be able to hold the move button to move and there should be sound effects for moving and pressing buttons.

Pretty fun and the puzzles were good, but the perspective made it really confusing, the music restarted when going to next level and there was no fade.

I would add some small settings, because if you ask me, I like the constant shooting thingys.

Really fun, it felt like atmospheric, the fire was cool, dieying felt really juicy for some reason and constantly looking at the mini map and moving at the same time felt fun for some strange reason, but the gameplay loop was pretty repetitive so I would add something to spice it up.

What do I need to do?

Pretty fun and the "You missed an enemy" made me feel really bad, because im just looking for som erandom inocent guy to kil it,  but the graphics were really unconsistent and there was like no juice.

Really fun, I liked the the graphics, the upgrades were really fun (especially how everyone of them felt op, but then they actually aren't, because it's really hard to aim and then I die and them im sad and sad and sad........  it's really frustrating dyeing really far in to the game) and when the new enemies got introduced that just gave you so much money that you want to see them but then they are so hard that you die ( and get sad and sad and.......), but there is no camera shake which makes it feel really unjuicy, there should that when you hit an enemy and there should be a sound when you shoot.

The art was really cool and the it was pretty fun, but it was really unjuicy, because there was no camera shake, enemies getting hit didn't have an sound effect and the cards should have shown the description just always.

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I really love the art style, controlling the 2 birds was fun, the cutscenes were amazing and the thing where they say they are heroes and then they go and then 2 seconds later link comes in was hilarious, but the end place where the was the lava parkour and the stones was really annoying because you went through the stones little bit and it made it harder, the fact that pressing e while dialogue was playing skipped it entirely was stupid and I think it should just go to the end of the line.

Pretty fun and beating it was like the best feeling ever (I played it like 20 minutes), but at the end it got way too hard and I literally died at 98 and that was not fun.

Pretty fun, the dialogue was funny and after killing the monster I got kinda sad, because I played Undertale we months ago....., but the game was pretty much just spamming the buttons and hoping that I win and the the art style was inconsistent and it had differently sized pixels.

Oh... It was really scary until I just started laughing and the radio voice was awesome, but the character would need a walking animation.

Thanks for the feedback.

I got stuck after getting the step ladder.

Really fun, but ends up being clicking every where so something would happen.

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Really creepy and the art is really cool and atmospheric, but really annoying when you go to the boring start when you lose,.

Really fun, the graphics are incredible and it was really juicy to open the boxes from the defend thingys, but it was really hard to know hat was happening at times for example at the end the screen had so many monsters that I just runned in circles and hoped that I don't die.

Pretty fun, but ended up just being spamming and hoping for the best and the fact that if you died too many times you lost your checkpoints was really harsh when getting really far to the level.

The music was really good and the game was suprisingly hard, because it broke the text that you are writing, but it was really annoying clicking random keys and hoping that it shows a sentence from it.

Pretty fun and I liked that the music changed in every level, but I think the music shouldn't start over on death and if you ask me the movement should have been like so it follows the cursor and rotates towards it (for some reason ghost characters make me think of that kind of movement)

Could be pretty fun, if you would make the player move faster (the game was just waiting), and it took some time to realize that I could just take the rock and it destroyed the spikes, but after that I could just hold at the edge of the screen to win, I think you should add procedural generation (it should't be that hard if it just chooses from few things to place ahead of you) and make go faster over time + option to manually move it faster (with d or something).

The jump is fixed so that's good, but there was the robot from start just floating in middle of the screen the whole game and many things would have needed animations like the buttons.

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I don't really understand how that wasn't honest feedback, I can only add that in platforming the art was really unconsistent and (if you ask me) just bad (usually I don't say anything about visuals, because I feel it's just preference, so that's why I didn't say about that), but other than that I don't see what wasn't honest, if you want to you could give honest feedback about my feedback could you give it :D.....

My game:

Here's my game:

It's moves really slow, I think you should need to hold to shoot (Im probably the only one, but I like holding buttons) and it needs camerashake more particles and stuff.

My game:

The start is the best part, especially the error messages (I think you should have things like that be the whole game), but the platforming is pretty janky, you get stuck on ledges and can't hold to jump many times and for some reason the level with first spikes had the first platform too high for me to jump.

Fun, but really really really impossible, the AI is way too good (or Im too bad) throwing up is really hard and the voice is really bad, I can't understand it (I only understood when he rousted me: "I was made in 3 days but Im still better than you") 

No, I made the code at the start, I have the Input code in update, but the physics stuff is in fixed update.

My game is

Fun game and feels a lot like portal, but some things like clicking puzzle stuff really need sound effects.

??? It should't I checked the code and it is in the fixed update

I mean when ball hits the ground, scores don't change.

Fun, really weird (good thing) and the music changing was cool, but still don't really understand the "lore",  and It was just clicking b and hoping that under you spawns blocks