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But if it isn't an actual mechanic, why teach in a tutorial?

The game is really fun and the transition too the game from the intro is just awesome, how the music chances and the water starts coming down is very epic, and the way how you get one firefly at the start, and the second gives you the second one to instantly get an upgrade, to teach that mechanic is pretty awesome.

The game does get pretty repetitive after a while, so maybe some alternate obstacle thingys, like bombs that explode after a while in a 3x3 area and stuff like that.

Them the harsh black outlines on the spikes look pretty bad, maybe a lighter gray would look better, because they look kinda weird on the light ground.

Then the firefly amount for the upgrades scales way too quickly, you should make it scale faster in the beginning and slower in the end, so max you'l ever need for a upgrade would be about 12 or something. But keep the 2 fireflies for first though, it teaches the mechanic really well.

The game is really fun and addictive, but it could be improved.

The hook mechanic is fun, but I really don't like the it spins and then you click mechanic, you should have made go towards your cursor.

Also the hook could be made more juicy, like if you chance it to go towards your cursor it will probably get easier, so give it gravity, and some cool sounds and camera shake on landing and the game will feel a lot better. Also if you give it physics, when the player starts going towards the hook, the player should fall as well, and then get pulled back, so you could do really cool swings very you hook to a surface, and let go of the hook, and conserve the momentum. That would make the game a lot more fun, by removing the annoying timing thingy, but still keeping the difficulty.

Then the background, it's just bland color, you should make it like a cave or something and give it parallax, and it's gonna look so much better than just a single color.

And the coins, there's no use for them, maybe you could buy some skins or something like that with them, so you would be actually incentivised to take them.

Also you should add some death particles, because the player just disappearing is really unsatisfying.

Ok, I really love the story and it's kinda fun.

But it's missing a ton of juice, you should add camera shake for shooting, hitting an enemy, taking damage 

And I don't know can you do that in GDevelop, but some particles for shooting, damaging an enemy, killing an enemy and dying, would look cool, but if you can't do that, then yeah.

Also you should add a lot more feedback for taking damage, those particles, that camera shake and maybe a red flash of the screen.

Also the pixel size, the problem isn't that bad in this game, because of the pixel perfect camera, but the larger pixels are still noticeable, and it doesn't look good, especially the background has way too big pixels.

And for some reason when you die, you go to the settings menu, it should just start back to the game, or at least just to the normal menu.

And the gun doesn't point at the cursor, little bit off, you shoot to the cursor, but the gun facing the wrong way irratiates me, and some times even confuses.

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Okay, I like the idea, but the execution could be better.

First thing im gonna say, is that I didn't progress after the first code puzzle, because I got stuck in a corner because of a glitch, and didn't feel like going back there (screenshot below)

The code thingys felt like an after thought, it was a platformer with random code thingys thrown in there, so maybe have them somehow incorporated better to the gameplay. (I don't really know how, but somehow, very good feedback, I know)

And the fact that you couldn't move in the air, was so bad, and because of the slidiness of the player, I always ended up sliding off the platforms, so maybe you should just be able to move in air.

Also the quick jump thingy, it felt like a bug rather than a feature, because like it makes no sense, if you tap to the other direction when jumping, magically you jump instantly, and that "feature", needs some coyote time, so if you press the opposite direction little bit early or late, it would still work, so it would at least feel fair, because now it works just 50% of the time, if you press it like a frame late.

Also the graphics, you should have just made art for the UIs, because just having some default Unity sliders and textboxes there feels just weird.

And the background is really bland, you should add some random shapes moving there, so it would look less bland. (the 0 and 1 do a little bit, but at least in the starting area)

And the death particles are really bad, they move so slowly and then just disappear instantly, you should make them move a lot faster and farther, and fade out, or shrink, or both, so it would be more satisfying. Also the respawning should be a lot faster, the camera should stay where you died for like 0.4 seconds instead of like 4.

Also there should be a, checkpoint taken sound effect (also particles), sign opened sound (just use that page flip sound like in the menu), and a cool increasing in volume very epic sound, in when you choose yes or no in the do you wanna help thingy.

Ok, the idea is pretty cool and the multi layer parallax is absolutely awesome at the start, that your descending down a deep hole, but the execution is well, pretty horrible.

First of all, the worst thing about this game: THE CLOUD, I hate that thing so much, it's so glitchy, you don't even know how many times I died to that thing, because of it just not being where it's supposed to be, some times it's just blocking the path and I die, because im rushing to get back where I was, yes I know that when rushing it's easier to do in any game, but when you die because some dumb cloud was where it was not supposed to be, well that's very annoying. Also the cloud feels like a so lazy way to stop you from just jumping to the bottom, especially when it just teleports to where it needs to be.

Instead, to stop the player from just skipping sections, I would add fall damage, that's kinda hard to communicate, but maybe just make the screen tint more red faster your falling, so you know when your going to die and when not, of course you still don't really know will you die from a jump, but that's still better than dying to some random glitchy cloud.

Also there's way too little checkpoints, maybe it's just a skill issue, but it's kinda annoying to redo massive sections of the map to get back to where you just were. And I know how easy it's to make your game way too hard, because your so good at it, so it feels balanced, our game for example is way too hard, but still.

And then jumping from walls, it feels really glitchy, you should add coyote time, so even after falling from a wall, for a few frames, you can still jump, so it feels more fair, because right now, every time I try to jump from the wall, I just end up falling.

Also if you jump straight up from a wall, you can't jump again, if don't go away and back to the wall, and that's really annoying.

Also I don't really know can you do that in Godot, but post processing would look really good.

Also in the hole, the backgrounds parallax is cool, but you should add more layers to it like at the start, so maybe the background could have holes and there could be more background with different parallax amounts.

Also dying is really unsatisfying, you should add some camera shake and maybe some crazy death particles when you die. And then the camera should move to the start where a new player could be, now it just slowly moving to start looks really unsatisfying, and yeah.

Also you should add a jump sound effect.

And at start, it was really weird, because some walls you could climb some not, so you should have marked the walls that you can climb on.

Aand at the start, the pixel size for the font is bigger than the other pixels and that looks weird, so you should scale that down to be the same size.

Pretty fun game, but get's a bit boring after a time.

The game is way too slow paced, the best tactic is to just be somewhat far away from the center where the enemies spawn, and the shoot them from far away, and when you get more upgrades, this get's really effective, especially with the shield and dash.

You should make it so the enemies spawn around the player, not just in the center, to make that tactic not work so well and to make the game more fast paced, make a slower torpedo cool down for the player and the enemy subs and maybe make more of them, and increase the speed of the enemies a lot.

Also the camera is kinda bad, it should go with you cursor, so you could check behind you and move at the same time, and that would work really well.

Then the movement, it's like too snappy, the sub is underwater, so in my opinion it should be more icy, some maybe don't like that, but it's underwater, and it doesn't feel like that currently.

Also the movement of the enemy subs is way too fast, some times they start like spinning in place, which looks really weird, they should be only able to turn slowly, and also only turn when moving, so it would look more natural.

Then the weird box structures in the corners of the map, you should make the camera go below them when you get close, or just remove them, because now 90% of the time when you are near them, you don't even see them, because your camera is clipped inside them so you can't see them (that was a lot of "them"). 

Also the top of the water, it doesn't look like the top of the water at all, I guess it is, because you can't go any farther up and the blue water effect disappears, but like, you can't see the top, you should see it like wavy and cool, also please allow the sub to jump above the water, it would be very fun.

Then the missiles, they are way too hard to see, maybe add some lights to them, so they would glow, like red glow for enemy missiles and yellow for the player?

And the sound effects, there isn't any shooting sound effect, clear dashing sound effect, torpedo and the torpedo explode on enemy sound effect is too quiet, it would feel a lot more satisfying if it was louder, even in little farther distances.

Also the torpedos turn really weirdly, maybe slowing down the turning could help?

Also I survived for 13min 53sec and the score was 1340.

Thanks for the feedback, we probably should have clarified that checkpoint thing, and that difficulty thing is 100% true, the game felt balanced when we were playing it, but yeah, for other people not so much. And about that air, I checkpoints closer to goal thingy for the green place way too difficulty right place obstacle course thingy, but I guess I didn't think about it for other places. And there are signs for the dead end roads, you need to follow them. And about that dash, I didn't think about that fact, but you'r so correct, probably some larger area with many jumps and stuff would have been better for the third area.

Okay the idea is really cool, but executed very poorly.

You don't really need the nostalgia shift at all in the game, the teen is the best, because it can kill anyone, the adult can only bribe normal people, not police, and the dash is useless.

Also the game is really boring, you just spam the attack with the teen, move right and win.

This game would work a lot better a level based platformer, maybe you can bribe the enemies, attack some switches, blocks and stuff and dash over obstacles. Then you would need to use all your abilities and the game would be more than just moving right.

Then the kids dash is really glitchy, it just some times doesn't dash, and the effect is really unsatisfying, you should add some particles behind the player, instead of just a small dot when dashing.

Then the game is really unjuicy, you should add camera shake when attacking, attacking particles for the police, because those don't die in one hit.

And sound effects, the game is missing so many of them, click menu buttons, talk thingy in start cutscene, all the abilities, enemy damaged, enemy die, nostalgia shift, jump and then a sound effect, when that white screen comes slowly in the start cutscene, it's really unsatisfying, when there's no sound and it comes so dramaticaly.

Also the graphics, the pixel size is pretty inconsistent, the background, enemies and player have the same size, but the ground and a little lines in the background actually are a really small size, which looks pretty bad.

And a small nitpick, the text in the right top corner, it should be a pixel font, as it looks pretty bad, being a normal font.

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Thanks for playing, and I watched your stream, and like you can say that it was way too difficult, I won't get sad.... 

But like yeah, we realized how difficult the game actually was only after submitting, because when your like player your own game, it's not that hard, but yeah. And the "red ball", was a lever, but because the bushes were kinda a last minute addition, we didn't realize that the lever went behind the bushes. Also we probably should have clarified the fact that everything you did, will get lost if you don't save at a checkpoint, including levers, so yeah, and also that dash to the rock felt like an obvious thing, but I guess it wasn't.

Also you actually beat the game, which is pretty cool, as said the game was way too difficult.

Umm, you passed the hardest part, you need to go to a checkpoint after getting the dash and then you have it, and then you can break a rock that's earlier to move on. That right spike part is so much harder than everything else, but we kinda realized that after submitting so yeah, everything else is so much easier.

Here's our very cool game: Rate The Breathless Journey by Herof123, Ratainen for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 -!

The game is pretty fun, especially when you get really fast and break many different blocks without fails, but I ended up quitting at the inner core level, it was too hard.

But, the best strategy ends up being pretty much just, hold down, chance tool, tank 1 dynamite, and dodge others, especially because you need to be so fast and that minimizes movement, and that's not as fun as planning.

Then there's way too little sounds, you should add: getting damaged, dying, maybe speeding up down, going really fast down (like wind or something), tool chance, retry and menu button click. Maybe there are others too, but those I could hear were missing.

Then some of the sound that you do have, have a lot of noise, so you should fix that by using for example Audacitys noise suppression, or something else if want, that's just what I use.

Then you are missing a lot of feedback for when getting damaged, that sound effect, camera shake, and maybe like a red flash of the screen.

Then the art is really inconsistent, I can see you use assets, the ground and player have a very different style, also there's so many DIFFERENTLY SIZED PIXELS, please scale all pixel art the same size, it's gonna look 10x better, please just do it.

Also a trick that I tell everyone, please use post processing, bloom and vignette will make the game look so much better.

Okay the graphics are awesome, and I the atmosphere was awesome.

But then the gameplay was pretty repetitive and boring. You just went from place to place and did that small minigame, just holding one key until you get there and then you press another key. And maybe it would have gotten more fun and the third level where there were to monster, but I hate horror games and the moment I saw one so no, no, no.

And those marker, you should make it so they don't scale with distance, because they got really small and glitchy (sometimes just disappeared in different camera angles) so they were really hard to see.

And then those text boxes, they should have sound effect, I know it's for a very little time, only tutorial and start of the levels, but it annoyed me to death, because they had no sound effects.

And actually I don't really have anything more to say, I probably missed the actual game, when I saw the horror stuff, but wellllllll,     no

The game has a lot of potential, but barely has any content at the moment, you can get the treasure, and maybe the dolphin, but other than that, there's really no fun to be had.

Currently you don't really feel like you are under water, so maybe you should add a blue tint over the screen and a wave shader, to make it better.

Also a thing I say to literally every Unity game that doens't have this POST PROCESSING, just some little bloom and vignette will go a long way to make your game look so much better, so please, do that.

You managed to keep the pixel size consistent in the game game really well, but the UI has a different pixel size, so you should fix that to make that look better.

And then the game needs some swimming and text appearing sounds, text that appears slowly feels so much better if it has some sounds.

And then a transition, because the hard cut from the menu to game doesn't look that good.

And then some attacking feedback, like the current fish attacked sound is way too unsatisfying, it's so quiet, so you feel really weak and also a fish died sound would be good, to for it to feel even better. Then attacking and fish dead particles, because those also make the attacking feel better.

And when you run out of oxygen and supposedly go back to the surface, you should make it so the player starts automatically going up and then the screen fades to black and then away when back up, because it just cutting doesn't really look that good.

And then a really small nitpick for the last thing, the wall at the ends of the maps are really cool, but there are 2 layers of them, and it would look so much better if there were some parallax.

Okay, I really love the store and it's fun getting the different endings and the music fits really well.

But getting the endings is pretty boring, because you end up just waiting, until you fail at the job, so maybe all the minigames should have some instant fail condition, to make it less of just waiting.

And then the art, it's pixel art, but the pixel scale is so inconsistent, when making pixel art, you should always have the same pixel size for everything, or it's gonna end up looking bad, if you want big things, have the same pixel size and more details, but don't just scale it, differently sized pixels will ALWAYS look bad, so please don't do that, your games will look so much better if you just scale them correctly.

And then a trick to make the game magically 3x better, use post processing, bloom and vignette and it's gonna look so much better.

And you should also add more sound effect for extra feedback, like picking up a file, putting a file to folder, clicking a calculator button, those minigame bulbs lighting up and clicking those bulbs, those at least need some simple sound effect, because they feel really empty currently.

Here's our very awesome game: Rate The Breathless Journey by Herof123, Ratainen for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 -

Really fun and addictive, and I like the upgrades, the chains that the bombs make are really cool and the sounds are really satisfying.

But there are some problems, like sometimes the player just starts floating, when you move to a empty space, which removes some fun, it definitely makes the game easier, but less fun in my opinion.

Then you handled the pixel size in the map really well, but the UI has the pixels scaled so incorrectly, some pixels in the UI are really small and some too big, so that should be fixed, as that just look bad, so you probably knew that already, but Im still saying it: PLEASE HAVE SAME PIXEL SIZE FOR ALL PIXELS, so never scale pixel art, draw new art, always, scaling it always will look bad, even in UI.

Also post processing, please add that, bloom and vignette, and tadaaa, the game magically looks 3x better, do that.

Also there's way too little feedback for taking damage, add some camera shake, particles and maybe a red flash of the screen, it's hard to realize that you took damage, and that's really bad. 

Then the ghost and spike thingy, the ghost should have death particles / damage player particles and the spike should get destroyed when you touch it and have particles too, because now you just end up standing on the spikes which looks really weird.

Then for the gameplay, the game is way too grindy, at the end you end up just spamming down to get money and not really caring, deeper down you go, there should be better coins, so it's less grindy and you don't end up just pretty much spamming. And the 50k coins achiement, WHY? I ended up just autoclicking down arrow key to get that for like 4 minutes to get that, like how should you get that without an autoclicker, im not gonna spend a hour just playing this to get that.

Also I don't know if there's some cool lore that I missed as that "how does this with the theme" box kinda suggests that,  because I didn't get 1000 meters down, only 900 and then I quit, so if there's something cool I missed, sorry.

Here's our very cool game: Rate The Breathless Journey by Herof123, Ratainen for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 -

Here's our very cool fish game: Rate The Breathless Journey by Herof123, Ratainen for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.2 -

Yeah the game is way too difficult, but we kinda realized it way too late when our friend was playing it, but you actually completed the game really fast, it took like 10 min in the way too difficulty green place thingy and you did it in like 3 or 4, also yeah the player is kinda slippery, but the hitbox is actually really small for what it looks, it's just a small circle in the head of the fish.

Congratulations for beating the game! We kinda made the game way too hard and realized that too late, and didn't really expect for any one to actually beat it, but your the second one to do that.

The game is pretty fun, and the sound effects very satisfying, the art style is great and I love how the final boss is just your profile picture, but the controls are really annoying, because you always move towards the cursor, it was hard to aim towards an enemy without also moving towards it, I know if you put your cursor really close to your player, it doesn't do that, but that's really finicky, so maybe you should have just gone with just wasd movement and shoot with left click and block with right click? Also there's way too little feedback when hitting an enemy, taking damage and killing and enemy, you should add camera shake, at that makes everything better, particles, like enemy dead and damaged, and maybe a red flash of the screen when getting damaged yourself, also the missiles should have explosion particles on contact, and getting an upgrade is way too unsatisfying, there should be a ton of particles and the upgrades should come to the screen much more slowly, as now they have a really fast animation, but it's not really that satisfying, also you should add an animation for when the upgrade screen goes away, and when you have maxed out an upgrade, there should be a text or something that says maxed, as now you are left wondering for a while, that why can't I buy this upgrade any more. Also why are the upgrades appear and death sound effect some meme sounds, it's just weird. Then also you should add something else in the background, other than just a plain color, it's really boring currently.      Aaand now that I gave you tons of feedback, you are legally obligated to play our game on your stream, as playing your game was apperently a requirement for that :)...

Pretty fun at start and I like all the different tools you get, and the fish are awesome (though they always tried to drown me as effectively as possible when carrying something out...), but get's boring really quickly, so I stopped after the thingy after the gun (it didn't even give me an item, is it broken or does it do something else?), and the movement way too slow and clunky, which I don't really like. The backgrounds should have parallax, because now they look really static, and the water needs some kind of effect and more underwater backgrounds,currently  it's just a solid color which looks boring, (also why can't you jump out of the water, it would be very cool), the top of the water also needs somekind of outline, because it just cutting looks really weird (the wobbly water top animation is very cool though), also the player should go behind the water, so it's gets a blue tint when underwater, and doesn't look the player is just somehow above the water.  Also getting attacked by something feels really shallow, I rarely even realize when a shark or something attacked me, it needs a sound effect, camera shake, and maybe flash the screen red so there's some impact when getting attacked. Then also WHY NO POST PROCESSING, IT WOULD FIT THIS GAME SO PERFECTLY (and yes, im that one annoying guy in your videos comment section that always complains about postprocessing, or at least one of them), but like actually, the lights look very cool, so bloom around them would look so good, please, just add post processing, I put some effects with over an image under the comment, and that's just about bloom and vignette and some color adjustments, there's many more cool effects in Unity, and it would just look so good. (above is with and under without)

How did that happen, I tried getting the dash and dying, but nothing happened?

You completed it? The fact that the game was like WAY too hard, was reallized little bit too late, when our friend played this game after submitting, so I kinda didn't expect that but yeah, in the green place that fast run thingy, is way too hard, I nerfed it like 3 times, but not enough I know.But  about that boss thing, I had code that limited the height a valve could be selected from the water, but I guess I made limit little bit too high.

Ok, I really love these kinda of "Move little bit, get money, move farther" games, I played for like 30 min until I was able to buy everything, I really liked the spinning start mechanic, more fun than the traditional "Click at the right time" minigames in these types of games, and the swimming underwater mechanic made the moving a lot more fun, that could have been better indicated tough, since it took me some time until I realized I could do that, but there were some problems like, when you get really slow, and at the end you have so much oxygen, that you need to wait like 20 seconds almost not moving at all, until you get to the shop, so there should be some kind of drown instantly button, the aspect ratio was really weird, like square, not taking up the whole screen and it just kinda looks bad, I don't know why, because usually in 2d games I can just pinpoint the source, but I don't know that much about 3d, but maybe add some simple cartoony textures and add some URP post processing, as that makes everything look so much better.

Could be fun, but the movement is way too slow, when you die, it doesn't automatically restart, so you need to refresh the page, the turning around is janky, there's no sound effects, no music, and the enemy fish turn way too fast to look natural.

There's no game?

This game is stupidly fun, the momentum works so well, I know how hard it's to make good feeling movement with momentum, but you nailed it so well, it's so fun just grappling and dying feels really satisfying too, also how the camera goes farther out faster you go feels so good, but it's missing some things like music, which made the introduction and ending feel really empty, the background should have parallax so it would look better, and the art is kinda inconsistent, or the ground and stuff is consistent, but the player looks so different, so if the player was redrawn the game could look so much better, also the tutorial felt more like and a hard challenge, because there wasn't more checkpoint, and I didn't realize how the checkpoints worked until seeing them in the tutorial, because the retry text is so transparent, I didn't see it, just the start again button, also some sound effect like getting a checkpoint are missing, but overall really fun.

When you click the lever, one door opens earlier, and then in the other direction there's another lever, and after opening both doors, there's a thing that can allow you to progress.

The game is pretty fun, and was really cool when I realized that you can dive, at start I just played flappy bird normally the first 2 mins, but the rocks under water just cut which was really weird, just have them be like circles and not like rectangles, so it's not weird when you see them cut, also there was a glitchy line between different layers of water and at start, the background should move slowly backwards to look better, currently it's just locked to the camera, which looks okay for basic parallax, but it would look much better if you just did the parallax correctly.

Pretty fun and I like the idea, but the movement is annoying, when it's tied to the direction of the pipe, and you don't instantly realize what's the direction of the pie, but if it wasn't it would it would still would feel weird, so I recommend that it should instead go to the direction of your cursor, and holding moves towards it, and you just jump the cable when you click right click, and it would feel a lot more intuitive, also selecting the correct pipe was usually very annoying, when I was clearly pointing at it, and it just wouldn't select it, also the visuals need something extra, maybe simple textures or something, it currently looks really bland.

Could be fun, but is lacking a lot of things, there's no sound or music, so it feels really empty, you can't attack up and down which is annoying, there's no knockback and camera shake when attacking so it feels really shallow and then I have many problems with the graphics: the just appear, there's no spawning animation, grass and sky have no texture and look really bland, the fog at the start has no animation and looks static, it just cuts off when it gets near the player and looks weird, you should add some blur there, the reading text panel looks weird when it's just a transparent color, maybe it could be a pixel art sign or something, and the tutorial button thingys, have different pixel scale to everything else, so they look weird.

Pretty fun, and the lighting looks awesome and I really love the little detail of your old body staying there on the future attempts, but the gameplay does get little repetive after a while, and when you are moving, all the enemies get into pile behind you and they are really easy to kill.

Just a pixelated font, and scale it correctly.

I didn't even notice that there were harder words, in my mind I was like: "Hmm, there should be more difficult words after time...", but forgot to  say that, but yes, it was, I didn't even notice that there were harder words, they should start appearing about 15 seconds in to the game, so there's at least some diffiuclty, because maybe you notice it, if the change is faster.

Pretty fun, but you can pretty much cheese every level with the cube, by just floating above everything, and it was kinda hard to realise that you dragged it with your mouse, as I tried it at start, but it's kinda hard to take it, as it's so small, so if you would have written like: "Drag it with your mouse", instead of "Drag it", it would have been easier, as then I would have been sure that it was the mouse, and the dragging part should be much bigger, so it's easier to take, and also the player floated weirdly above the cube, not standing on it, so you should fix that, as it just looked weird.

Pretty fun, it's cool hiding behind the people and trying to hide from the sniper, but you can literally just at the start go to the left bottom corner and escape the map, and also I would add more sound effects, like walking, also the people should go behind the buildings, so that  when they walk down, they just don't go over them and disappear, also at the win, there reads "Game Over", and Im very annoyed by that...

Kinda fun just running and completing the levels and the perspective thingys, but in 2d kinda are very cool, but there's no really any feedback for shooting, so I would add camera shake and sound effects, also animations for moving and shooting.