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Now this game gives me an idea for another game, where you *actually* have to adjust your character's stats to proceed.

Good instructional material! Thanks for sharing this, Mark!

Thanks a lot! I hope the virtual "seaside" here was soothing enough for y'all :)

We never have enough time, aren't we :)


Congrats on joining the jam and making a game!

The game has good visuals, and music. The main game loop is a bit repetitive, and boils down to "open shields & mow down everything". The controls are passable, but I'd wish we could use the mouse buttons, instead of the keyboard, to attack & use shield. The shop screen opens and closes too slow, while the game is not paused... And the fact that we've being hit isn't as pronounced, other than we lose some health. Some areas to improve after the jam, if you want to work on this game ;)


Thanks, you too! :D

Hmm. How about having those actions context-sensitive? i.e. Left click both attacks and digs (or something along those lines?)? Or binding it to say, middle mouse button?

I got to the end of the ship, using a massive skip. (Go right at the start and fly ;) ) I keep dying after I grabbed that sickle (wand?), though - why the ball comes to a complete stop when we pick it up?

The ball isn't the most nimble thing around, considering its fragility... It maneuvers like it's made of lead, but it looks like it will (and does!) pop in one hit - which was the jam limitation, yeah.

When I first played the game, the mouse didn't get captured, so my camera wasn't working fully. It got fixed on the second playthrough, where I've gone fullscreen.

And the camera... well, those objects keep snagging its hit probe, so... pretty hard to control that one. If you consider working on this post-jam, I'd recommend working on a system where the large objects between you and the camera gets faded/hidden. This would allow you to have a complex maze like this, as well as a nice, usable camera.

Thanks for your game! Cheers!

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Good game. Our hits, (and sometimes the movement) feels a little off, though.

I wish there was a melee/block function as well; but that is hot off the heels of an "almost" complete (upgrades) run.

I liked the way the armor worked - You will need it after a few waves, and contrary to the other upgrades, you need to re-buy each tier as you lose them, with their original pricing. Will you get yourself protected, or trust your skill (and risk everything), and max your other upgrades?


Nice work. I love to see AI killing itself like that, lol. (once I had a 3-5? ships blowing each other by simply ramming each other :) )

Thanks for playing our game! :)

Thanks for playing our game!

Don't mind the AI. It basically picks a target, faces its direction and shoots. If it hits or not, is up to RNJesus :) It isn't the cleanest solution, sure...

But on the flipside, it allows the AI to shoot itself :)

Thanks for your input!

I love vehicle games like this. It has a tense atmosphere, that "strongly suggest" you to move slowly and carefully. Had there be an additional time limit, the game might be even more tense, but could be a little stressful for some. As it stands, it seems like an interesting game to speedrun.

One nitpick, I personally never liked those "pigeonhole" flashlights, despite the fact that they add a bit to the atmosphere. I'd still have a weak outer cone around the lit area, that doesn't go as far as the main beam goes, to at least lessen the harsh contrast between lit and unlit areas; especially when we're walking on the ship (Plus it is far more natural. I got a strong diving flashlight that is a really good example)... It would add even more to the atmosphere of the ship, as it is your only "safe haven" out there. ;)

Great game to play, really enjoyed it.

Fun game that throws you directly into the middle of things.

Oh, and the sharks are cheating. Yum.

I'll give that game a go. Cheers!

I also agree with pello. Good art design, but I'd prefer a bit more gameplay, than just watching from sidelines (not my cup of tea, honestly).

Thanks for your input! AI is hard to get right, and it isn't my specialty - I'm a level designer first - But I'll surely address that issue later down the line - there is *always* room for improvement.

Well, they're more A than I at the moment, lol. At least they know which direction to shoot... generally. :)

Yeah, probably not for the Jam, but if you guys want to develop it further, there is some potential... :)

Congrats on your first Mini game jam submission!

Nice and a calm, a tad short stroll along the seaside, paired with good visuals. Good atmosphere. I'd say the limitation isn't as apparent, though... (Unless you end the game in the 1st screen by saying no :) )


Nice and straightforward game, with a good amount of polish. It doesn't follow the optional theme; though, which is a little suprising, considering that the chess board is an abstract design that can take on any sort of theme... But that isn't a factor in rating, so no worries.

That being said, the game has a major strategy that is (mostly) guaranteed to give you the upper hand (see below - SPOILERS - if you're stuck). Had this game featured all the pieces, instead of just the pawn, and have them arranged in different ways, other than their original starting points, this game would become an interesting puzzle game, that uses chess rules to create such puzzles. Something like those chess "scenarios", but whoever takes the first piece wins the game.

Anyways, congrats on your submission, and cheers!

(Bizim takımdan da selamlar ve saygılar bu arada. Elinize sağlık! ;))

Strategy (SPOILERS! You've been warned!):

The best strategy is to advance *one* pawn as far as it goes - column C or F is your best bet - and only after it reached its maximum safe distance, advance the pawn that is located at the 3rd left (or right) column from the original column (leaving 2 columns of space in between lanes) as far as it safely goes. That way, you'll end up blocking 6 lanes with your 2 pawns, whilst AI might end up wasting its pawn's moves on advancing on you, and even letting you block its pawns before they even move. Once you got the upper hand like this, all you need to do is find the AI's one pawn that has the longest safe path, and shorten its distance, by moving the pawn at the column *next* to it.

So far, this strategy consistently defeats even the Hard AI.

Well. Congrats on your submission... Here are my thoughts about it:

The concept is pretty interesting, a mix of minesweeper and FPS action. Reminds me of the game "Half-Dead" (I'm serious, there is a game named that, it even has 2 sequels!

Anyways, the concept is interesting... however, there are some technical issues that massively hinders the presentation, and in turn, the overall enjoyment of the game: most notably, the game hiccups every now and then, throwing off my aim constantly, which is disorienting, and messing up my jumps. Maybe you guys should consider publishing the game as a downloadable *.exe file, as I suspect low-quality connections might also be a contributing factor here (i.e. my current one).

Also, the gun doesn't seem to work? (I clicked a few times?)

Anyways, that is all for now. Cheers!

This game reminds me the day I've  joined a joint effort to clean up the seaside with my fellow SCUBA divers - My first actual dive after I got my licence, actually :) - I remember pulling a whole rear tire of a tractor, and I still wonder how it got there! (Maybe it fell off a ship, which was using it as a makeshift docking cushion?)

Anyways, I liked its calm, relaxing feel. Cleaned up the whole beach with 4 seconds left in my 2nd attempt.

Thanks for sharing the game & cheers!

Nice collect & dodge gameplay, with a backstory.

It is possible to soft-lock the game, though, at level 3 - there is a narrow gap between 2 buildings where the shark can get into, and get stuck in between the buildings, as it can't move forward or turn...


I'm glad you've enjoyed the game :)

Hello, and congrats on your submission.

The enemy hitboxes were way too big for their size, and our character's hit animation is very dodgy - sometimes it doesn't work, and when it works, it has a long wind-up, making it really hard to actually connect your attack & hit the enemies.

I was able to jump over the enemies in a few levels, but I stopped playing at the level where you encounter the cannon, due to the aforementioned hitbox/attack issues.

If you fix those issues, there is a good, playable game in here.


The game is really nice, and has a relaxing tone - complete with big sandcastles that collapse after a single mistake. Just like the real thing :)


Lots of cubes were harmed in making of this game & its review :)

There is a weird glitch with the box collision, the box shakes (stutters?) when it is brushing against a block... as if it is trying to move towards each direction at once..?

Glad you've liked it!

I actually joined this jam a day after it started, so I'm quite proud of it as well :)

Maybe in its next iteration, I might add a few more traversal options that would totally rip-off Mirror's Edge adding extra flavor. This little one may grow into a better game. As for when... well, I'm running through a bunch of game jams, so probably some time in the future.

Enjoy jumping around!

Hello there, and thanks for playing my game!

I basically ran out of time to properly do a polish & performance pass on this level, so yeah, I agree, I'll be adding them on a future update. I used Unreal Engine 5 here, and yeah, it is quite expensive to run.

I like open ended level design as well, something I prefer to incorporate more in my level designs. When I saw the theme was "parkour", I immediately thought of Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, and designed a miniature version of it... more or less :)

Speaking of updates, by the way, that screenshot you posted is at a spot where the game actually broke - I accidentally left it too high, and noticed it this morning... Sorry for the inconvenience, really. I'm uploading a patch for this as I write these lines, expect it in about half an hour or so (I got slow connection at the moment...) I'm not changing anything else, just fixing a bug that made the game unplayable.

Thanks for playing!

Hello there;

What sort of trouble are you having? Maybe I can help?

That is what the game jams are for, simply to throw some otherwise crazy ideas, and see what actually sticks :D

(Ha. Eline sağlık bu arada ;) )

You forgot to add control instructions... I managed to find them, though.

The game is well-made, controls feel good and responsive (The character is slightly slippery, but I take it as a challenge), and the graphics are nice. Got up to 17 points.


Why can't I jump? :(

Hi there, and thanks for your submission.

The controls felt quite awkward, and a bit unresponsive. I constantly ended up getting blocked with huge obstacles / random cubes, and had a really hard time getting over the obstacles... even got the game soft-locked once...

I'd prefer to have a button for the jump action instead; while having the click and drag system control the ability to push those boxes.

Still, gg; and congrats!

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I liked the way this game played! I found the music a bit repetitive, but it is ok.

Hi there, and thanks for your submission...

The game is pretty much unfinished. It starts off with a promising setup, (having to leave Earth & Sol system to find a new home) But that ends there, and the game goes nowhere: Instead you click on small dots, and the game tells you how much of the crew perished during the voyage. And you don't even get to settle on a planet, just pick another destination, and watch everyone onboard die. I literally had one passenger remaining at the end of the "grand-nearby-galaxy-tour", I meant the lucky (?) sap who has saw all 4 of the systems, before it too had died. The game says it is game over, but no, it isn't - I get to lug all the dead bodies around back and forth between all 4 systems as my heart desires (I can also go back to Earth. Irony :D)

I really wish that there was an actual game in this.

A good game for a 3-hour jam, congrats!

The major issues were that the air control was very floaty and pressing and holding jump button makes the character bounce continuously, which both makes controlling the character a little less enjoyable.

Minor nitpick, the jump sound was pretty loud :) (BOUINGGG! BOUINGGG! BOUINGGG! BOUINGGG!)

Keep it up!