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Simple little game, really liked it, i liked the visuals, one thing I would add is some animations cause if feeled strange but Ig it was just for me

Cool game

This was a nice idea, i really liked the particles that came of the cell :D

Cool game ideia, really liked this entry

Great game, i really liked this one, the visuals are cool and I liked the weapons!!

I really liked the visuals , preety game, and very fun

If your browser is having problems running the game please download the windows version

Its probably the web browser, it happends to some people, download the windows version, thanks for the feedback :D

Its probably the web browser, it happends to some people, download the windows version, thanks for the feedback :D

Good little tower defense, i liked the concept and the idea, pretty fun game!

Cool little game, liked the puzzles

Funny game, but maybe a better tutorial and some UI&art changes would make it better, but still a good concept, took time understanding how it work, but good job overall

I feel like maybe there is some bugs, but aside tat, its a funny concept and a great entry, good game overalll

Great game, unfortunately I got eaten xD, but still a good entry, nice!!

A very good concept, good entry guys, nice little game!! 

Funny game to play, it was really easy till the last level, I couldn't do it but I still had fun, great entry

Preety and cool game, looks like we got the same idea to make an computer os and start with an email xD, good entry!!

Probably one of the best games i have seen in this jam, nice work man!! Massive team btw!

Thanks <3

Dont worry man its still a good game, and you were working alone so don't worry about that, good entry

One of the best games here, the art the sounds the mechanics all are amazing, great job!!!

Good idea, i like the louds art, the sound its a bit annoying tough, in my opinion it could had a bit more polish and content

Looks similar to mine, cant find the other exe

Thank you very much :D

Thank you, yeah at first time the minigames can look a little hard, but with time it becomes easier xD, yes we decided to include some tutorial for people who might get stuck, you have my speedrun on the description to, thank you for your comment <3

Thank you very much for your comment, im glad you liked our game, yeah it was hard to do all the apps on time but we managed to make a good game !!!! <3

Preety cool concept, i like it, the art its good, the gameplay feels nice and polished, overall a good entry on this jam, congratulations, also I'm dumb so I lost like 3 times in the tutorial cause I didn't read it XD

In my opinion I didn't like the main music, cause it looks like a relaxing game and the music (in my opinion ) didn't fit the relaxing style, but its not bad.

Thank you for your comment, yes for a begginer some of the minigames are hard to understand so we decided to include a tutorial in the description for those who couldn't pass the game, thank you <3

Enjoyed thus one , the art is amazing, the gameplay was fun, the audio fitted, good entry

Funny little game, the mechanics are good, i like the use of limitation, overall a good entry, nice work.

I would love more levels, but it was done by one person so I get it

I dont know if its just for me but I don't see any fish, but fro mwhat I can see I loved this game, the use of limitation is AMAZING, I loved the art and the mechanic of placing on the tiles

Good idea, i like it, preaceful and chill game to play, good entry!! I would recommend adding some button to play again instead of refreshing the page

Probably one of the best games here, what can I say its Derpi.

The art is amazing and fits the style, the use of the limitation was creative I liked it, the sounds feel good and fit this arcade style.

The mechanics are polished, they feel good, the enemies are fun and hard, and they have different attack patterns wich make them better.

One thing I would add its maybe a death animation of the monsters instead of just the blackscreen, but that's asking to much from one person in 7 days, overall 5 stars, amazing game

Me too lol so it makes sense, now i dont remember if i remember you from the vc or from the minijams but i remember you

Thanks for your comment, It helps, in my opinion the most difficult minigames were the twiring and the music, but after understanding them it was easy, if you want to go back and test the game again, there are tutorials in the description that can help you, thanks for the comment

Hello derpiestDude, I remember you from other minijams, thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked the game!!

I agree at first it's hard to understand the puzzles but with time it becomes easy :D

Thank you for your comment !!!

Thank you <3

Thank you for you comment, it is hard in the fist time but I think when you understand all the puzzles you can do it in great time, also when you come back if you need help there is tutorials for each minigame in the description and you can check my speed run video too

np, I will check your next games !!

Coffe and a bad sleep schedule xD! Thank you so much