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Always amazing murgn

Awsemo work as always my friend, i hope these series go on, maybe needs a little polish int he upper cut but its amazing, im excited for Pillboy 2 :D


Thanks :D yep, the enemy ai needs some work


1 question? what are the green doors?

Finiashed the game rn, did a speedrun xD amazing game

I am playing on edge, thks for awsering, the game looks good tho

Hello again nuclear bro, we had the same idea xD, I really like this game, the graphics are good, I like round shapes, the map is amazing, I like the plants on the walls and other details, I think it was better if you had some type of reload animation to, I like the mechanics they work well, the maps I big for a jam, the monsters are cool and creative, the sound is amazing too, I like the atmospheric that you had created here, but maybe add some random pitch to the monsters dead sound


Idk if this was just me but I got to 66%, and I was exploring to find the other room, in my mind it goes to 99% and you fight or smth, but when I get to this room, the monsters were still and I couldn't open the door, the rest of the map was still good, the monsters work well, but in that room, I couldn't do anything, some prints

Yeah, the code mechanic i wanted to do like a painel when you click the digits, i had so many ideias but yeah... im not an artist and i didnt get one, so it was harder to make smth to look cool in the room, there is some mechanics i would like to explore more in the future, thanks for the comment bro, goona test your game now, looks amazing from here <3

Yeah there is some problems, i wanted to add some type of tranition but i didnt have time, but im glad you like it

Very good art style, i really like the mechanics, the game is good, good entry

You write the code and then rpess e near the door

You write the code and then rpess e near the door

You need to press E

Cool game, i like the idea and the graphics fit the game style, maybe i would change the sounds, because they hurt my ear xD

Preety fun game, i like the way you use the limitation, controls feels good, good entry

Hey man, you comment is amazing, thanks, im new to godot and that things are goona help me a lot in the future jams, due to reasons that i explained in the game bio, some parts of the game were deleted, so i decided to increase the hitbox to make the game harder, cause it was easy, but the result: its a lot harder


Yeah, i change that so the game would be that easy, but at the end its to haard, maybe in the future i work on this again

Yeah, there was some bugs you can read them on the game bio, and because of reasons that its on the game bio too, i had to remove some things, and i increase the radius so the game wastn to easy, but yeah, the result: its to hard

Yeah thanks man, the enemy ai was a little bit strange, so in some rooms you spawn and them start spaming x

Good game, but you can just leave the map

Hard game, i like it

Chill game, the game is cool and relaxing, but i think the art of the tv dosnt fit the game

Dont Worry, because of reasons that i explained in the game bio, part of the game was lost, so i made the game a little hard xD


Thanks Man :D

The beat goes wild

Hey thanks, yeah i had some good thinks but , due to "problems" that you can read in the game bio, i lost some things and the games was to short so i delete the checkpoints

yeah xD


simple game, i think it could look better for an 3 days jam but still good

I like the game, but maybe make it bigger next time, like 960x540 for example, so we can see better

Satisfying game, like the mechanics, they are fun and work well, the parallax gave me some nauseas xD but amazing entry

Cool Game

I like the game, is simple and fun

I didnt follow the theme because i didnt like it :( but yeah, i had big hope of this game but i lose a big part of it due to an crash, so yeah 

Amazing game, and a big team wow, did you guys made all the art by yourselfs? in 3 days? amazing entry

its a joke

Pretty good visuals for 3 days, good entry man :D