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Thank you for trying to play! To prevent errors like this i tried to add a full screen button but its more of a bandaid then an actual fix. Just so im aware for next time i work on a webgl game and as long as you dont mind sharing, what resolution is your screen? 


Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Really enjoyed playing this and had tons of fun! Love the concept and the visual arts. Really impressive you did everything by yourself! Incredible!

This is a banger! Besides my frustration for trying to build muscle memory to get past the dang green lizards, this was an incredible game and experience! 

:O don't let the seagull get squished! 10/10 Love seagull

This was mad fun! The visuals really make this game stand out as that is some incredible looking water and 3d world making the player feel like they are a small glimpse within a huge overarching world.  AI is impossible to get right so I would not look or even be bothered by AI related comments! 10/10! Loved it!

I had a lot of fun with this game!  The entire shooting mechanic is 100/10! Incredible use of time! Was one of the best games I have played! 12/10!

Great use of concept and scope of the game is really good.  The way the boat moves is super good and it takes a lot of incredible work to make that so smooth with the drag and delay on direction.  10/10!

That was more fun then what I thought I would have going into the game! Great art and great basic concept to the game!

Great Game! Well polished and its great to see a RPG that bends to the limitations and themes. Overall 10/10

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, I  was worried about the resolution being an issue. Will need to polish it for the next game Jam but I am glad you enjoyed everything else! My wife handled all the art so I will let her know of your wonderful comments! Thank you!

YES! I also wanted to beach clean but scrapped the idea early on. I love the game and its entirety! 

This is extremally polished for the amount of background work required for a project like this! Incredible!

This has a lot going on behind the scenes! What a great game!

 Thanks for making me thirty >:( .. 10/10

At least you tried! I bet those 13 cookies were great!

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I could not stop smiling at the sound of the music and the random grunts whenever a fish got ate.  I lost twice and had to determine how to win. Really Enjoyable experience!

This is awesome! Lol

Really fun and super well Polished all around!  

Love it! Feel free to give whatever type of criticism! Hope you enjoy playing half as much as we enjoyed making it!

Welcome to your first mini jam i hope you had fun! It teaches you a lot! For this being you first, W O W the game looks very well polished. I also wanted to make a game about cleaning up the ocean/beach but we went with a diffrent direction so I'm glad someone else did it! Wonderful Game!

:( make sure to make the page publice so we can play it! It looks like fun!

A lot of hard work has went into this game. Great job! I had a blast playing it!

Woah! Really cool and impressive work for 72 hours! Great job!

Great Game! I love the idea of a small mini game. Unfortunately my small mini games always get killed due to scope so I'm glad someone was able to successfully polish there idea!

Great Game and excellent Concept! Stayed very basic and polished everything to a T. Awesome game! Feel free to give whatever type of criticism! Hope you enjoy playing half as much as we enjoyed making it!

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This game is awesome! I tried it on my phone first just to get first impression. Game was not meant to be played on the phone so i instantly died and the end game sound scared me and gave me a great laugh lol! 

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun playing it! Yeah, the turorial broke for whatever reason when I converted the build from download to web gl :(.

Actually 10/10

I was getting ready to type how much I love this game but MY BOI CHEWY GOT ATTACKED?!?!?!? 

I love this game, I am getting a slime rancher and Samus feel. It was increidbly designed and has great thought and effort at every section. I love to think about how games are made and how I would do what they have done but This game is a work of art. This looks like a project you have spent hours on hours of months on months refining and designing. I wish I could pat you on the back your accomplishment. Everything about it is great 10/10

I was trying to do some creative stuff like double jump off boxes but was met with a death screen lol. I really enjoyed playing it and it was very well polished for being done in 8 hours. You should look to importing on phone or making phone controls. It gives off the vibe of a mobile time burner game. Loved it!

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed playing it.