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I really liked the transitions when the level ended. The game was calm and relaxing. The controls made sense and were easy to learn. The graphics, although simple, made sense and looked well. The game was overall, very nice!

The cute graphics only made it harder to play :( Anyways, I think the game was very fun! The frog madness also made it really hectic, which was even more fun!

This game felt really complete and well polished! The music didn't feel too repetitive and it was really fun to play!

Wow! I think this was a lot done in 4 hours. Although there were a few bugs and glitches, it was still pretty fun to play.

The dialogue was a nice addition to the game. The game was rather fun. I thought it would be repetitive, but with the limited space, you really have to think about how to design the level.

Pretty nice and wacky game! Straightforward and easy to get into. The enemies were also pretty funny.

For me, some of the levels were a bit difficult, but the game was still very fun. I liked the graphics, which were simple, yet had a nice effect to them. The idea was very cool, as well.

That was really fun! The levels were well designed, as were the mechanics. The art was also really nice, and the sounds were crisp. The game was also nicely polished.

That was really fun! The levels were well designed, as were the mechanics. The art was also really nice, and the sounds were crisp. The game was also nicely polished.

I think this was a pretty neat idea! I had a bit of trouble regarding how to properly play the game, but after reading some of the comments, I think I get it a little more. 

Very nice puzzle elements! I liked the creativity and how it features submissions from the actual jam.

The controls are pretty cool actually. Once you kind of get the direction sense of it, it's not too shabby. The game is relaxing and well polished, in my opinion. Very cool!

Very Nice! The graphics were perfect, so was the sound. I liked how I could choose so much, and it really did feel like I was in control of the game.

I stopped 54 police and sabotaged for 2:54 :) I think that's a decent score. The audio was a nice touch, but it was a little repetitive. I like this idea, instead of being the thief, your protect the thief. Pretty cool!

The concept was pretty cool! I got to act 6. I think there's a good balance of random chance and control over how the game goes. I like how you're not supporting either side, as the dice, you want the game to go as long as possible. Anyways, the art is really nicely polished as well.

Pretty cool concept! It's cool to be on the other side of a race. One issue I had was that because the tires and the road were really dark, when I was changing the tires at first, I couldn't see what I was doing. I had to step up from my monitor so that I could see the tires properly. The rest of the graphics were fitting and were well polished.

I really liked the idea! The story makes a lot of sense, unlike simply catching apples or whatever. The story also provides some challenge, which nice to have instead of simply throwing items down to your ill-coordinated partner in crime. This is like something you would see at an arcade. Very cool!

Thank you!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! The game has been updated to attempt to fix this issue. Now, after you press Start, you should be able to press 1, 2, 3, 4, Space, or C to generate a landscape. Please let me know if there anymore issues. 

The game was pretty good! The background was pretty good, and the idea was great. I like how you incorporated and bubbles.

Great Concept! Was very clever, great implementation of the drawing platforms. Was very fun!

Dang, that's really good.


Here is the link to my game:

I want to submit a late submission. It's almost one hour after the submission, but I had exported the html file at 10:49AM, but I wasn't able to submit the game because I had to 

Best Regards,

The theme is mainly about Andy Warhol's campbell's can of soup, however, the description of it talks about how we should research more into the art piece, so I did, and I learnt more about Andy Warhol's styles of arts and I redrew some of them in ms paint. Should my game include more photos of pieces of art styled similarly to Andy Warhol's styles or more cans of campbell soup?

Best Regards,

Really like this Concept! Absolutely love the concept art, and audio fits in really nicely!

This is just, WOW, I absolutely love the concept, its really fun to play! I really like how there are different "modes," like the top down, its all really fun.

This is really impressive! I really like the graphics, doesn't put too much on a load on my computer, either. Love the idea, its really fun!

Great Idea, adorable corgi, however controls are a bit quirky, still really fun!

Pretty good, great gameplay, I like the graphics.

I love the concept, a little hard to understand the objective at first, but then I got it pretty quickly. Great Job!

Nice Game! I liked the graphics, and the sounds were great!