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Very cool style and banger soundtrack! Very well done! I personally think it is a bit too hard though, as the constant dying kept me from fully enjoying the visuals and audio and from getting into a flow.

Cool concept and very easy to understand. I love the soundtrack, which fits the theme. As the other comments suggest, I too find it very hard as enemies appear out of nowhere and start shooting almost immediately. But nothing a bit of tweaking could not solve. Well done!

Very simple concept, but I really enjoyed playing! I like the idea of creating the threat yourself. You also kept the visuals focused on what is important. If you add some banger sound in the background, this would become even more addictive. Well done!

I love the setting! Who wouldnt want to be Snake Rapunzel? Everything fits together very well, the setting, the music, the art. The gameplay is straight forward and easy to get into. Well done! Also, great that you included a menu! 

Great game! You kept the scope limited (especially in terms of animations) and were able to focus on what is important, the gameplay! Very well done! 

Really enjoyed this one! I love the art and the sounds. I also think the shield is a great addition compared to other games. Easy to get into and quite addictive. Well done! 

I really enjoyed this one! I love the blob, the dashing animation and camera movement, it gives the player a good sense of speed. The fast resets never making dying too punishing too. Very well done! 

I think I like the idea, but I did definitely run into several bugs. While I love the sprites and the music, I think the controls and camera could use some polishing. However, wild little game and cool style. Would love to see a more polished version of this! 

Cute little game! I generally like the idea of dodging for 10 sec to then attack for 5 sec. The game is quite tough though and I was only able to beat it due to a bug, which lets the player leave the screen, but the bullets seem to disappear when off-screen. This way, one can wait for anger mode and easily kill the rats. I also like the changing level colors, which give the player a nice sense of progression. Well done! 

Thanks a lot for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it! Getting the difficulty right is definitely one of the hardest parts in LD. Maybe this tip helps you though: One can activate the clocks multiple times, so once the slowmo runs out, you can hit the clock again and get another slowmo time. I hope this helps and thanks again for playing!

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool style and music. For me personally way too tough though. I think the idea of attacking every 10 seconds is interesting, but the massive HP bar of the enemies discouraged me from trying more that 5 times. I think the game could benefit from multiple smaller enemies placed around the screen, which one can kill after 1-2 hits. That way the player would also feel further progression as the level becomes easier and one can start focusing on the boss. Other than that, great work! 

Awesome entry for the jam! I love the art style and the music. I also like the idea of the nuke, which matches the theme perfectly. Single suggestion I have is to add more SFX to indicate the state of the nuke. Doing all these things at once (dodging, shooting, charging) can get quite hectic and I often lost track of the charging state of the nuke. Other than that, very polished! Almost forgot: I absolutely love that you have a menu, including controls , options and credits! Great job!

I love the various characters (personally I think the bottle guy is really cool) and the nostalgia art style. Really fun, but also quite tough, as the reload takes a lot of time. 

Thanks for the feedback! I 100% agree with what you are saying. Putting the player in a position where they need to be more mindful of the use of the clocks was definitely something we had on the list, but unfortunately did not fit into the scope of the jam anymore. Will be something for us to think about for after the jam.

One of my favorites so far! Very clever take on the 10 sec theme. The gameloop is the clear focus and the minimalist art style, the smooth controls and the audio all work towards the same goal! Prime example of "it does not need to be complex and comprehensive to be fun"! Great work! 

Fun little game with limited scope, but extremely polished. Visually very pleasing and one can tell, that this is a professionals work. Great nonetheless! 

Great idea combining bullet hell with drafting power-ups/deck building. Love the art, love the sounds.  Super small gripe are the keyboard controls (especially on a German keyboard). But overall outstanding work!

Quite a unique entry for this jam. Took me a bit to get a hang of the controls. As you already mention, the AI could use some polish and I personally think the Level Design was quite confusing and repetitive. But with smarter AI and a more spacious and diverse LD I can see this being fun! Also, love the artwork! 

I really like the look, the theme, it being 3D and the colors (especially when this mode kicks in with the over saturation). For me personally the enemies were too tanky and I could not really get rid of them. I would suggest spawning more enemies, but make those easier to kill (ideally with an explosion or some other feedback).

I like the idea of inverting Tower defense and with the bomb you naturally made use of the 10 sec theme. I like the look, only thing I would suggest is making the projectiles larger or more prominent. Very enjoyable, but also very tough towards the later levels. 

I think this is really unique among the entries for the gamejam. I love that you put in a short story and the different enemy types. It is a shame that the music does not loop properly and that the end event does not trigger. But other than that, really enjoyed it! Well done!

Cute little game, very easy to get into and I really like the idea of choosing yourself how the game gets harder. 

Awesome little game! I love the art style and the sounds building up with time and changing after getting hit. Cool stuff!

What did I just play? Very crazy but just as fun and addictive!

Absolutely amazing visuals! Very easy to get into and fun! I feel the 10 sec weapon swap feels a bit forced and it would work better with weapon pick-ups. But I see that was your way of meeting the theme, which makes sense. Again, outstanding work! 

Fun little game. Very easy to get into and it gets addictive very quickly! I think a good improvement would be to give the player a different color to differentiate it from the others more easily.

Love the minimalist style and the focus on what is important! The soundtrack is an absolute banger!