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That's awesome 👌 definitely I will participate .

need some polish , but the music was cute , keep working on it I am sure it would be a good one .

need some polish , but I love the idea.

need some polish , but I love the idea.

very good work ,  love the idea .

very good one .

the game is very polished and the animation is awesome .

good job .

Thanks for your kind words , I ensure to make it more easy to get new gun and more lives to have enough time in the battle .

Thanks that's a full review , hope I could make it better , right now I work on music fix some bugs , more graphics and the balance in game play . 

haha yeah it's under fair until you get the new weapon .

THANKS SO MUCH your words mean a lot to me  , The game steel in development as soon as possible I will start rebuild the game system , you can use CTRL key alternative to alt .

yeah  since I spend about 10 hours in work .

did not think about that but really it would add a very good challenge to the game thanks .

I am very happy that you like it , thanks .

Yeah Didn't have much time for audio but am sure I would add something nice to it .

yahhh they turn me into a lava zombie :-D , thanks for playing and reviewing the game .

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Thanks , yeah I should increase the difficult by each monster burn to give players the challenge they want .

Thanks for your kind words , Your two suggestions are pretty much owsome in closet chance I will try to implement them. (^^) .

Thanks for playing and reviewing the game I really appreciate that , And your idea about make it a phone game really owsome Iwill give it a hit .

The idea is owsome and I love the physics system , the tounges is my favourite in this game :-D .

The graphics and animation is owsome 👌 it's so funny , and the number of details is massive for a short game .

The Ideaa is unique and so fun , the screenshake is the best , leave the dead bodies is so cliver choice . =-O

Art is so beautiful and the Shadow and lightning effects art great , it's cooler than I expected .

owsome man it is very cool really love the music and the art style .

It's very polish , the jump physics is so cool , and UI is definitely the most beautiful part .

It's very simple and look the old school games that we love , 8bit sounds are great .

Thanks For your kind words 😃  , the camera movement is done by Seth coster  in his game maker series on YouTube (butterscotch channel )you can check it out it's owsome .

Thanks ^_^ , your words really motivated me to polish the game .

Thanks :-D , I try to make the game controls simple as possible because make a lot of controls could make players confused about game play .

thanks that means a lot to me Adam 😃 .