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Cool little game, I really like the idea of a sideways spring.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Neat game, camera felt a little strange but overall I enjoyed it.

Really good idea, I love the minimal visual design and the interesting concept.

Great game, I love the idea and the execution. I would love to see a different game that really tackles all of the different ideas that this hints at. Great variation of a classic game!

Nice game, if you die while frozen then you respawn frozen.

Awesome game, really entertaining, I love how it teaches you through gameplay.

Interesting game, I like the minimal art style and the quick restart. 

Interesting game, I really like the art style. It was a little hard to get running, I had to install pygame and py2exe to get it to work.

Pretty fun game, I really like the artwork. I played on windows, so it was kind of difficult to tell that I had to swipe to attack at first. Occasionally the player would turn back and forth every frame but that was the only glitch I found.

Thanks for playing. I think that I already implemented the particular combinations part of your comment - try going to the menu and clicking on the exclamation point to take you to the quests.

Good job, really addictive game. Only suggestions I can think of are maybe changing the font and a wider variety of animals. I really love the artwork.

Really cute game, I love the idea and the sound design. I would love to see more added to it, maybe turn it into some kind of roguelike.

Really cute, interesting game, I loved all the sounds. It was a little bit difficult for me to figure out where to go at the beginning :)

Really fun game, but, despite the random environment, it gets a little repetitive after a while. I also felt like the player character felt a tiny bit too big. Very satisfying to play,  and I love the feeling of scrambling back to the door trying not to run into any of the obstacles. I would love to see you add different kinds of enemies and traps, as well as randomizing the boss that comes after you. Telporters and mini bosses would be really cool to see, but those are probably beyond the scope of the game and could overcomplicate it. Great game!

Really fun game, the artwork was decent and I love the theming. I felt like it could of used some more level randomization instead of just the weapons being random to increase the replayability. Really fun game, good luck on the finished version.

I really enjoyed this game. I thought the steady unlock of the map was very good and the game-play felt nice and controlled pretty well. Once again, very good game - I thought the natural progression of the game was nice. Really the only thing this game might have benefited from is a little joke or something of what you got from the chest was, but that's really up to you, and I thought it was fine without that. I really enjoyed becoming king of the sea, and nobody can take ruling the sea away from me, except for maybe Aquaman.

I really enjoyed this game,  however it might have benefited from more  variety, maybe more enemies or a boss fight at the end.  I thought the combat sections were solid and the controls were good. My main complaint is that there wasn't enough of it.

Really interesting game, I love the combination of sandbox and tower defense themes. The concepts can be confusing at times, but everything starts to make sense after a while.

Awesome game, I love the artwork and the music. All of the metroidvania aspects were spot on, and the combat felt pretty good. My only complaint is that it is a little bit difficult to tell that the ice spikes would kill you, but that is a tiny detail in a great game.

Yup, all of that makes sense, I just wanted to give some feedback. Good luck on the Game Off! (I'm also working on a game for it)

Great game with a really cool idea, I love the artwork and the music. I thought that the sound effects were a little too loud compared to the music, and some of the levels were very frusturating, but it is still a very fun game.

Pretty fun game, I like the idea of spam to win, but a little bit more explanation would be nice. For example, I didn't realize that clicking was leveling me up, and I also didn't notice that my health was regenerating over time. I really like the idea and the artwork, but I wish it had music. Good job :)

Great game with really amazing art, I love the idea and the execution. I can think of two things that would make it better - a more intuitive login system and better grammar.

Great game, the combat is really juicy and satisfying. I like all three kinds of plants as well as the watering can mechanic.

Really interesting game, I love how many different characters there are and how different each one is. One critique - it is pretty difficult to tell what is happening when you are using the UI.

Interesting game, I like the music and the sound effects but it is very repetitive. It would be neat if you could use the buttons on the "Pocket Boy" to move.

Decent game, I like the artwork and music, but it felt like the second boss was a little bit too difficult. I like the quick restart. One little glitch, whenever you respawn you still have the weapon icon even though you have to pick the weapon back up.

Really neat level editor, I love the art style and the UI, but it could use some obstacles, like spikes or enemies. Level saving is another great addition.

Great artwork, but I feel like it is missing a couple of things. I really wish there was a sound or visual effect of when you are hit, as well as a way of returning to the home screen.

Amazing game, I love the intro and how juicy all of the impacts feel. Great difficulty curve and awesome art, this is easily one of the best games of the jam.

I love the artwork and the music is pretty good, but it needs some more game-play. The controls were a little bit difficult to figure out, and the invisible wall was annoying. I love the little cut-scene at the beginning.

Really good shooter, but it is a hard to tell that you need to press r to restart, and in fullscreen mode the UI didn't scale quite right. Sometimes the enemies would go off the screen whenever they were packed closely. One suggestion - a lot of time when the enemies spawn on top of you, there is nothing you can do, so maybe give a warning signal where an enemy is about to spawn.

Awesome game, I love the animations and the music. It really gave me a sense of improvement. Is there any game play difference between the different weapons and characters?

Really good game, but the player speed felt really slow, and pressing space to switch to build mode didn't do anything for me.

Really fun game, great difficulty curve and excellent music.

Decent game, I like the walk animations and the player, but it would be nice if you added bug animations, music, or some other form of polish instead of multiple rooms. Also, in the cave my hp bar showed up behind the walls. :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Really cool, I love the idea and how you use the home screen as a tutorial. The gameplay is a little tedious but you make up for it with nice artwork and sound effects.

Decent funny little game, I liked the embedded videos.