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Submitted by webthingee — 7 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline
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Gameplay Innovation#323.0003.000

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The Office, Season 3, Episode 20

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In his usual attempts for Jim to get under Dwights' skin. He goes the extra mile after getting a pair of glasses at the store.

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Nice work!

I like the game overall, but I think it's a weird pacing.  It would be nicer in my opinion if you could move freely... I dunno, it felt a bit slow paced and frustrating to control.  Maybe just a faster normal gameloop would help.  The graphics and mechanics worked pretty well, however, so no big problems there.  There was a section that had no option to not take damage, which was a little frustrating, but fine =D

Awesome work!


Interesting game. I liked the creative mechanics, even if it wasn't always straightforward what I had to do.  I found the turn-based mechanics a bit confusing, as it didn't feel like it was really explained. I think it would have been clearer if there was an indicator of the time left until the action, and maybe the action that was queued up for the next turn.


I like how you took inspiration from one single line in the show. I liked the concept of the game, and the type of gameplay, though a lot of it was very confusing. It took me a while to realize what the signs were, and I don't think I was ever able to buy anything. I'm assuming you use beats to buy them? The text was also kind of hard to read. I also wasn't entirely sure how to win, or if you can win. I got to the end, but then I couldn't do anything. If I went past the spaceships(?), it said I died.


Thanks for the play-through. I have learned so much from the comments in this Jam!

There is indeed a way to win, there are 3 levels, requires killing all the enemies, not just one to get past. (signposting fail on my part). Should have but some kind of barrier behind the ships/turrets.

Title screen could have used just a little more detail, or maybe in a pause menu.

Yes, beets == cash, Bears eat 3 beets if they hit you, else they take a heart.


How do you kill the enemies? Was there a way to attack? Or did you need to buy something from the shop?


The idea behind the game was to get to spots on the grid. So to beat enemies, you gotta get to the targets, to shoot at them. There are green 'targets' that appear on the ground. They are random and those release the return fire.


Nice throwback to old home computer arcades. Though controls is something one has to become used to.

Also, it's interesting how just one phrase can be expanded into the whole gameplay idea.


Totally agree. In my attempts to be a little creative with mechanics, I think in several game jams I've missed the mark. I am going back to basics next jam as far as character controls go, work on fun factor over new controls. There is a reason we all have some expected norms in controls, and it's time for me to lean into those and focus on some fun. Thanks!


Pretty cool game concept, nice pixel art, and I especially love the music.. it's in stereo too! The intro screen was straightforward and informative, I liked it. However, I didn't figure out I had to kill all the cylons to win the game, until I read the comments below. Well done on a fun game! :)


Thanks for the feedback. I learn a little more each game jam, this was my first time w/ Boss levels. I know more now.


Cool game! I had an issue where the player would move an extra space sometimes even if you release the move keys.


I think there are some WebGL issues. I may start making additional versions for Game Jams.


I had a tough time with the controls at first, I kept wanting to press the keys faster than I could move. I also don't know what to do at the end, I think maybe I'm not supposed to go all the way to the right so fast?

Cool idea and I liked the music, great job!


Yep, I got to watch a friend play it tonight, and basically, you gotta kill all the cylons. He didn't get that either, I needed more clear instruction/visual queues there. Perhaps the end of the road would have helped. There are actually 3 bosses, I should have perfected the first battle first.


Interesting gameplay, but I wasn't a huge fan of the movement. I liked the music.


I was interested in having the player move in a timed interval regardless of their personal need for speed. Ultimately, I think i'd need some other kind of queues to make this clear and perhaps funner.


Interesting mashup of turn based movement and some real time action. I'm not sure how to win though as passing by the lineup of shooters at the end kills me. 


Yep, I got to watch a friend play it tonight, and basically, you gotta kill all the cylons. That isn't clear, guess I needed one week and one day to iron our a few of the gameplay messaging. :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Idea is not bad -but  game-play seems a bit old fashioned for my taste


Thanks for playing. I was thinking more along the lines of nostalgic :).

I wanted to use a simple, known mechanic that would be fun game and allow me to use the Game Jam to explore some new coding, features, and aspects of Unity that I haven't gotten into yet.