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You've done it again! Awesome work!!

Very Cool! Some great ideas. Really like the ability to clearly see how effective the character is, the feedback on productivity, and the different animations are great!

Thanks for the game play vid. Yes, more time would have yielded game play balance, more background visuals for up/down, and perhaps levels. No limit to imagination, just to time. :)

Very entertaining! Thanks for playing!!


Yes, I'd love to see it!



I'll be following you. I think you have a bright future in game dev!

Thanks for the Review!

Ah, I didn't know I'd have bills due end of the month. I was advertising the heck out my team. LOL!!!


good execution and fun quick play!

Some thoughts, in case you're gonna take this idea further.

I was confused that the smile emojis were in reverse order of the objects. right to left for food, the left to right for smile emoji, not sure if that was intentional.

I was able to drop the same fruit in all the slots, and while the DONE button was not active. It took me a bit to realize that I can't use the same fruit twice.

Overall, good execution and great WIN screen! I feel like I really accomplished something when I solved it!!

nice! Puzzle games present their own set of challenges. On level 4 it got hung up, but enjoyed it quite a bit. I too tried my hand at a puzzle game, not as easy as I thought it might be.

cool idea, got stuck when I made 3 squares.

:thumbs up:

Right On! Some smooth controls that provided a small learning curve to feel like a challenge, then totally usable for entire level.

Really like the artwork and it was nice that the walls didn't kill you. Just slowed you down.

You even got some nice music, main menu, and parallax scroll. Great Job!

Thanks so much for the feedback. So happy it's fun, that was goal one. You make some treat points that will really help me on the next Jam! Thanks!

Nice sprite work, a Bear! a walking Bear! right on!

Agree that the controls are a little tight, but totally playable for a game made in a week.

Some of the edge colliders allow me to run off the ends, and a pause/quit button in game is always a nice add in a game jam game (so someone can pause an make comments). I didn't get one in my game this jam either. :)

Nice entry! Thanks!!

Thanks Gapti! 

I had soooo much more I wanted to include... just ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback!!!


Nice Game Jam entry, congrats.

Following! Great Entry for a Game Jam!!

Great Game. The music was awesome, the concept was fun, and the "brain puzzle with the brain colored/styled container was a blast!!! I'll be following you on itch as that was fun to play. thx!

congrats on the entry!

pretty hard to solve and I was not totally sure what I was doing, but it was enjoyable. thx!

It's just JSON data from an API. I used Unity and some JSON parsing logic. There are a ton of videos on YouTube to get you started. I did the same with the photos in the background, they're both just free API's/

After rating all the Browser games, and the MAC one, I then I rated all that I could with the processing power I have on my old Windows laptop. Guess it's time to invest in a better PC for Unity Gaming. Hoping to get more than 7 votes and any feedback would be welcomed. It was such a fun JAM and I tried so many new things would be great to hear what ya'all think.

Fun idea. I could see where come smoother mechanics and perhaps some type of pattern on the ground would be helpful. There were times had no idea if I was moving or not.

I could not get past the Main Menu. How did someone else do it?

100% unexpected and 110% Fun and Entertaining!

I was totally lost for a bit. After some experimentation I got the hang of it. You can tell you spent a lot of time on the puzzles. Nice work.

I was not sure what to expect. I had a blast! Thank You.

(1 edit)

Ah, the resolution was messed up. I adjusted If anyone had issues getting it to display, you should be all better now.

Great Style, Great Visuals!

The animations really made it fun and engaging to play! Very inspirational, I'm really going to invest some time into the reactive animation stuff!! Thank You. One of the highlights of the Jam for me so far.

  • Use of color simple and clean
  • Graphics were simple and clear and fun
  • Sound was appropriate and enjoyable (music too)

Feedback: (7 days is short, this is not a critique, I just figure some constructive feedback could be helpful down the road, this is all only my opinion but heck... maybe it's helpful, if not feel free to ignore)

  • Space is not mentioned in the INTRO screen, that would have been nice as I was caught off guard.
  • Collisions for some of the objects seems really loose, I died and I didn't know why.

ok, I think I'm gonna go play it again. :)

Great depth of characters. With a short game would have been helpful if it was a little shorter, but it was darn entertaining!! 

I would have spent a little less time figuring out what to do in the first room if the arrows were on the screen, maybe faded out, so I knew my goal was to go one direction or the other.

Fun stuff, THANKS!

"anyway, yes, I got many inspirations from blackthornprod :)"

Me Too

Done, curious to know what you all think.

Really clean and a cool peaceful feel. There was a smoothness to the game and movement that I really enjoyed. thx!

Really creative and quite an undertaking for a week long challenge! Nice!

That was a blast. I played a few times!!