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Really nice and inspiring game! Some of the subtle graphic changes and movements really made this stand out to me. Thanks!!

I'm gonna call this a success, but there are a few bugs, I didn't get to spend much time on the audio, and there is Soooooo much more I wanted to do. But if the criteria is a playable game, to me, it's a success.

7DRL Challenge 2018 community · Created a new topic LPN9

Some Screen Shots:

Started a DevLog here: https://webthingee.itch.io/lpn9

Highlight of the day today, definitely my death particle effect!!

Thanks for the kind words! The time constraints are so intense, and so fulfilling. I have learned so much in a few GameJams. I think we both have a similarity in toying around with player control mechanics. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing your future stuff. :)

Fun Stuff. Thanks again James!

Worked fine on a Mac. I can see where the game has some room to grow. With the intense timeline of a GameJam it's so hard to fit it all in and make it work/fit the vision.

I enjoyed running through the game even tho I was really, really, bad at it.

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Got a chance to play all of the "in browser" games. I plan to move onto the Mac games next.

Being on a Mac, I'll have to see what I can do to borrow/use a PC for the windows games.

So far, really fun stuff, thanks ALL!

Nice Game. Thanks for sharing.

Adding a limited life or distance max script on the projectiles, or limiting the amount that can be shot, or having some kind of cool-down for the weapon would greatly change the game. I didn't see a ninja until I actually stopped firing. :) I just kept firing and firing because the weapon sounded cool and the mechanics were simple and fun, I just wanted to keep going.

Fun, wish I could have used a joystick. :)

Nice work for a GameJam! The controls were a bit much for me. I am finding as I make more games and game mechanics, that if you're gonna use several buttons, having them all on the same 'row' has been better IMHO.

Some neat idea, and a great way to start figuring out how to get into Unity!

One of my favs so far! Thank You!

I was excited to play after watching James play. Fun game! Felt like an Asteroids game where you can't just stand in the middle. It's a game I would keep playing if you tuned it up. I found myself thinking. Do they all need to come right at me all the time, can't they just float around a little. Can there be some 'good' squares the heal me. Can I start out just a little younger.

Thanks for the game. Neat idea, Great execution in a GameJam setting!

Really fun concept. I could see with more than a weekend how the game mechanics could be improved and the 'concept' of something with 0 weight or 1000 weight could be used as a character to give the game mission and purpose. 

For me the controls were a little wonky. I often prefer WASD. I also use a trackpad so RMB is a little tricky.

Thanks! Fun Game!

Nice work on the fun UI elements. The main menu and canvas layers were cool. I find it to be one of the more challenge parts of a GameJam is to focus on good menus, transitions, and user options.

A lot of though seems like went into this. I didn't understand what to do, but I applaud the hard work and getting something done for the jam!

Nice Work.

Simple and clear, I found myself with a sense of urgency and I really wanted to save my house!

I could see some increasing level of difficulty, new maps, etc. Fun, Thanks!

Glad you liked it, I only had less than 20 hours to actually do the work, so it was a challenge indeed.

Clamping the speed was my initial plan. Due to the lack of time, I ended up just using the Time.timeScale++ to make the game speed up. In hindsight I would have just increased the drop interval. So because of that choice, clamping was out (mostly because I was outta time). I figured people would use the down arrow to just slow them down as needed; however, the ratio of speed over time gets really big.

Also, given more time I would have totally expanded the game. On the trello board included bombs, blocks (blockers that had timers), a power up to freeze time (drops) and one to change laser color with the spacebar, and of course.... more colors.

So many ideas, so little time.

Thanks again for the feedback, I totally agree with you.

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There were some coding challenges I ran into and was unsure how to it really correctly.

I was wondering if you might have time for some Q&A, I'd love to ask you some questions, specifically around how I ended up implementing the buffs. I did a lot of IF/ELSE statements, and I think I could have used a Class, Struct, Scriptable Object, or pass variables by reference.

https://github.com/webthingee/TimeFlys , it's in the GameMaster.cs. I know there's a better, and more extendable way to do it, would dig some feedback/insight.


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Here's what I ended up with.  https://itch.io/jam/gamesplusjam/rate/226156

I only have a few hours this weekend, but let's see what I can do.

Here's the basic mechanics, hoping I can expand and get something playable by end of weekend.