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This was a blast! Really inspiring. Would love to see your Unity project if you ever felt/wanted to share it. I've dabbled in several deck building games like this and always curious about different people's approaches.

Thanks for the feedback, made some updates.

Nice work!

Totally digging the artwork! The music is really fun as well. Got sucked in indeed. thanks!

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I'm a fan of your art style. The simple mechanics are implemented well and after a few tries it was very natural. Looking for patterns and waiting to attack was quite fun. Thanks.

Mine is at:

So much to do, so little time.

Learned a lot this go-round!

The idea behind the game was to get to spots on the grid. So to beat enemies, you gotta get to the targets, to shoot at them. There are green 'targets' that appear on the ground. They are random and those release the return fire.

Thanks for the play-through. I have learned so much from the comments in this Jam!

There is indeed a way to win, there are 3 levels, requires killing all the enemies, not just one to get past. (signposting fail on my part). Should have but some kind of barrier behind the ships/turrets.

Title screen could have used just a little more detail, or maybe in a pause menu.

Yes, beets == cash, Bears eat 3 beets if they hit you, else they take a heart.

Totally agree. In my attempts to be a little creative with mechanics, I think in several game jams I've missed the mark. I am going back to basics next jam as far as character controls go, work on fun factor over new controls. There is a reason we all have some expected norms in controls, and it's time for me to lean into those and focus on some fun. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I learn a little more each game jam, this was my first time w/ Boss levels. I know more now.

I think there are some WebGL issues. I may start making additional versions for Game Jams.

The CorwdForge page, linked from the GameJam page, is 2018. Am I correct to assume that will be updated?

Some really nice subtle touches and things you did to make this come together. Simple things like a little transparency on the bird in flight, that someone might not think about, but make the game playable and "fair". Nice Entry, thx!

Super slick! A brutal side scroller. Really fun, great music and animations. Would love an easy mode just so I could see the ending. :)

I gave up on Chrome for WebGL. Firefox has worked mostly.

I was interested in having the player move in a timed interval regardless of their personal need for speed. Ultimately, I think i'd need some other kind of queues to make this clear and perhaps funner.

Yep, I got to watch a friend play it tonight, and basically, you gotta kill all the cylons. He didn't get that either, I needed more clear instruction/visual queues there. Perhaps the end of the road would have helped. There are actually 3 bosses, I should have perfected the first battle first.

Yep, I got to watch a friend play it tonight, and basically, you gotta kill all the cylons. That isn't clear, guess I needed one week and one day to iron our a few of the gameplay messaging. :)

Thanks for playing. I was thinking more along the lines of nostalgic :).

I wanted to use a simple, known mechanic that would be fun game and allow me to use the Game Jam to explore some new coding, features, and aspects of Unity that I haven't gotten into yet. 

Always love your stuff. Played and Rated!

NOTE: I left the boss health at 1; Just updated it.

Still need to work on the boss stages, however, mechanics are solid and decided to start some pixel art.

I have resisted the urge to make it pretty. I am totally focused on getting the gameplay, features, and elements working first. I am hoping by adopting this focus, I will achieve a better result and in time for the Game Jam's end.

This little roguelike, side scroller, semi-infinate runner, has been a joy to work in.

So far, character moves, spikes "+" are in place.

  • Enemies Move
  • Projectiles form the boss are entering the screen
  • The "Store" is working

Looking like it's gonna be a roguelike sidescroller @loothunter. Still getting the prototype and controls dialed in before I do any art/sound.

LOL, Beets!!! Can't find and undo!

Inspired by S03, E20 from the Office.

Here's the prototype