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well that was fun  i keepit my kid  and my job untill the end 

very creative 

very creative puzzle game

very creative puzzle game

its a nice desgain 

it was very sweet and a good conespit with very good jender repasentaion =D 

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it was very funny i liked it a lot fit the team well 


thanks i make it my selff

thanks ya i kinda had a big pit fall with UI for some reson  

wait a second why is this in game assets you do know thats for  things to make games right?  

someting in the code porably broke becase it sholud of recored that i made it in like an hour so i dident bug test it very much

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i ran out of time so i add to fug an ending and cut the story  that fit the theam a lot im working on a finshed version

its cute anf the iddeas good i have no idea how to play though 

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its its interesting kind of peasefull in strange way 

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thanks im glad you like it  and I ran out of time as the ending I had in mind needed a broom  and  working lift  and a riged monster so I tried to hint the player was eaten or killed by the demon 

the musics nice and the consepit is very creative 

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what are you useing im pretty good at unity 2D  i codeeded all my games  but rubish at most other plafroms at the moment 

i could put up a browser version could you play that


is it Time will tell?

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i had a qick look its a colider thing i put a box around the spike so if you toch it or a samll bit of the air around it  so on landing it looks    like you made it when you didenent make it i cant think of a fix as of now but   i might add you can jump up to  3 times   to the  tutorial   to help with over comeng obstcals  but jumpings working fine  thanks  for telling me 


im glad you liked it 

what kind of music?

its ok i cant figger out what he whants though   

sweet i been wating to try it =D looks so cool