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Have fun and improve your coding skills by 200%*! (*no guarantee)
Submitted by gaschd

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
THE EXPERIENCE#1321.3701.370
SOUNDS AND MUSIC#2101.0371.037

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Good ideas and humour here!

Try to add a tutorial and some sound next time, it would improve a lot the overall experience.

Good work! 

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Had a lot of fun playing this fast paced typing game!  The upgrades increase the pace of the game which is nice, but I would have liked the bar to recharge a bit faster. The visuals are very nice, and humorous. The sound effects and music were missing, so try to add them soon! It will really help a lot. I like the idea of navigating the player with lines of code, only to reward them with coffee. Very realistic portrayal of game dev life. Great work on this!


Fun concept, but it was a little hard to play. I'm kind of slow at typing, so it was really difficult to change direction as I was moving. A Stop() function  would have been really helpful. I laughed a lot playing this, especially when my coffee was stolen :P


First of all thanks for featuring my game on your stream. Unfortunatly I was in the lands of sweet dreams so I couldn't answer your questions about the mechanic while you played it. It's so important to get feedback about the struggle to understand the mechanics in the short period of playtime. The only person playtesting it besides me got real time instructions from me. I guess I'll change my testing routine for the second jam I'll participate :D I've added some instructions to the gamepage to make the first steps more obvious.

Yes I was thinking about making menus and stuff obsolete by adding code-functions besides the codelines in the world you use to move around, so a stop function would have been possible. Or the movement speed should fade much faster, with a higher initial speed so it's easier to navigate. Your idea you mentioned on the stream (looking for nearby codelines with the cursor) is also really good.

I was happy that you liked my puns :D 


Like with most of these jam games I have played (as well as my own) the biggest issue seems to be lack of tutorial. This only slightly put me off though as a swift check on your game page's description sent me in the right direction. As a a pecker(one who types with two fingers) I found this game at first difficult but eventually laugh out  loud fun and every single one of those jerks stole my coffee.  I ended up having an unexpected blast from typing and thank you for your submission. I saw your constructive feedback on another jam page and would like some on mine as well if you would like to stop by.


Thanks for your feedback. Yeah ingame instructions or designing the game more self-explainatory is way better than just some on the game page. I'll definetly do this in my next jam. It's my first jam and as a dev of a game you think everything is obvious :D I'm glad that you enjoyed the game!