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Very good game! I liked very much the retro music!

Nice Game

Ειναι πιθανο να εχει το pc μου το θεμα! Το επαθα και με αλλα παιχνιδια

Δυστυχως δεν ετρεχε πιο περα σε εμενα απο το menu screen , εμενε εκει

Wow! What a comment! Thank you!

Very good game, the graphics was very good , music was okay, and the controls very responsive, i liked the riddles and battle system! 

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A nice game idea! I would like to see this game completed because i believe it has potential! Unfortunately it has no audio! Anyway the graphics were awesome! I liked the artwork in the beginning!

Thank you for your kind words! I will make sure to play and rate yours!

Oh this game is very frustrating! By the way nice entry! The intro screen was Dope! and a very good choice in music!

Done! ;)

Very funny game! I liked very much the intro and the platformer with the assistance from the narrator was a fun element into the game, although the controls were a bit tough !

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Checking your game now! 

thank you! Im waiting to see your video! 😉

Very fun game! Maybe its short but the characters pixel art was fun and the controls jump function very responsive, Well done!

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Nice game! i liked it it was fast platformer, but i was stucked at level 2 i think when the player spawned inside the terrain! Anyhow the first level was generally good! i liked the retro graphics also!

Pleas dont forget to check and rate our game , thanks!

Very beautiful game, the art was truly amazing ! I also liked the background music a lot, i had a difficulty to understand the direction of attack but i figured out later on! Well done!

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Thank you for your kind words!

Ha ha you figure that out!

Thank you for your kind feedback!

Good game idea, it was a bit hard to control the character i wish the control or the angle of camera was a bit more precise, the music was good ! Overall a nice entry!

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What an awesome game! Perfect controls , nice simple eye pleasing artwork, smart and fitting use of music and sound fx, captivating atmosphere and story! and on top of that  multiple endings? I got the Neutral one :) 

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It was very fun to play , the jokes fits the theme and it is interesting to play, i was also able to finish the game!

Very fun game and a bit stressful as you need to move fast before the edge of the camera catch you! I liked very much the idea of a lie detector!

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Hope you enjoyed the race!😉

i just found it! Thanks anyway!

Very good game, it seems like wolfenstein type game, i liked the movement and rotation you used for the player , also the atmosphere is fantastic! but im stuck on level one! inside the first dungeon and i want to continue! any clues?

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A very good entry! i liked the idea , i liked the monologues of the bot, and how it tries to trick you!also the graphics and the game play, i found it a bit challenging though even at regular mode. The game overall was very fun! 

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Hi! I find it interesting as an idea! i just wanted the buttons to be a little more responsive so i could play the game longer, by the way i was able to go to second screen but stucked when i had to jump between the platforms! The art was good and fitting . 

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I liked very much this game, it was a very basic idea of a space type shooter but it was clever and fun! As i understand the upgrades were lying! Nice Game!

Well very innovative i never thought a tower defence game using the keyboard , i liked the idea of setting the path having to press the keys! 

Nice game, and a nice try overall! I liked the background music and the sound effects! Fits the theme too! I would just like the player to be able to jump a little higher, i was struggling to jump from platform to platform.

Thank you for your jokes and your lengthy feedback ! It helps us to improve!

Thank you! Hello! you can try our game! Thanks!

I believe this was meant to be a very fun game if it were completed. although i find it fun as it stands now, i didn't understand exactly what i was supposed to do, the artwork was very good and pleasing to the eye, id like to see completed! nice work, it has potential 

interesting concept! i like the music and the visuals. i dont get the end goal of the game thought , i didnt manage to make any profit from the games ive created

I liked the concept! the graphics are good, but i had to get used to the keys in the beginning! Nice work

Very artistic game! i liked the idea of two different worlds and how you mix them!