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I got stuck two separate times, the area would generate with no valid places to move to after descending


it stopped fully and I had to restart my system 
I have an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 and an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 

game froze for me twice in the 12 minutes I've played
I'll try it again if there's a patch

Works now! thanks

Windows defender does block it like most games, but even allowing it to run anyways causes an error message to appear from windows itself which refuses to run it 

I purchased the game but Windows does not let me run the extracted application as it thinks it's a virus. 

awesome :D

Yes, someone else remembers that game!
I'd love for you to support this more, would buy a full version for sure!

The very first screen in and I was suprised. 

very fun, I could see this being expanded upon if you wanted.

I'm quite sure, but I do remember seeing the building part without any of the exploration outside

glad you expanded on this! the world needs more music toys :)

pretty good!

I got a crash

Where's the start a socialist revolution option?

pretty nice

It can also happen if you build the starting items out of order 

the rooms shrink a bit too fast

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a bit too easy to screw yourself if you sell a fabricator that can't be rebuilt, but very fun!

You don't need it, the symbols are intuitive enough. But Vivafringe did two posts on abilities if you need it.

I think this game could be very fun if expanded upon. monster crossbreeding, an encyclopedia and some upgrades and minions would make it awesome

The game crashed on the boss fight. 

Bug I found: When trying to make a line and the owner nodes disapears the pink line stays on screen.

Pretty cool game!

I don't think it's in the game yet Hopfrog mentioned adding them later

Glass can be crafted into bottles (don't know the use of yet)

I don't know what the generator does but I remember it being in the ludum dare version

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(Alpha 4)

When opening a big chest The character (humourosly) responded NO STRING FOUND.

Objects may be placed in between tiles

The system button doesn't work (?)

Something is causing the skill tree screen to be slower than the game

A chicken wandered off into the ocean

I could place a windmill when one of the top right tiles was water

Somthing lags the game after progressing into it (could be chickens, items or just my crap PC)

Tools can't be sold

Structures can be built on top of the buttons

Sometimes the market can be walked through in certain areas

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Bug thread

As we all know, games we like can have bugs, especially those in development. I'll use this thread and encourage others to post their bugs they discovered here, so Hopfrog can easily view them.

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thank you :)

One bug that's still here: you can accidentally place structures in  between tiles if you click while it's on the edge of a tile.

Game bugged out for me once, It prompted me to select an artifact and would not exit the promt. It let me take as many as I wanted and I could cast world-map spells but not move. 

Other than that it's a great game! :D

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic Bug I found

I started playing like normal but I think I overflowed the max items in hotbar?

Most of my items turned to stone with one big stack and multiple stacks of 2. When I went to craft something the game treated those items as nothing so I could not proceed. 

Thanks for your support :)

I  am running Windows 10 and have gotten it to launch by opening the file Dungeon of flowers manually. I am fully updated on the itch browser. Having it launch the game instead of Love would be nice. I'll post any more of my feedback on here. I'm enjoying it so far!

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I really want to play this but the game does not launch for me, I get a window with the title LOVE 0.10.1

The window is an animated screen with I presume your logo and the words "no game" under it.

Thanks so much <3

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I've tried moving off of them then going back and there isn't something blocking the other end. The wormhole tutorial levels can't be beat.

Couple of bugs in the original:

Wormholes are 1 use

sometimes the tank will leave a ghost image

some of the levels are impossible(?)

Really tight but hard game! If you like it, definitely check out Downwell (the games inspiration)