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Thanks, next time, I want to make the sensitivity adjustable, so I wouldnt have these problems anymore.


its chrome, didnt test others yet.

Other WebGl works fine.

Will look into that. Thanks

I wasnt able to even play this game :/

It just kept stuck at the loading screen (my pc is quite good).

I will try to check this.

When experiencing trouble, are you shown the text: Press E to take torch ?

Or are you pressing when nearby and aimed at them.

The range of picking them up is not that far, might make it a little longer. Thanks

I worked on it alone. Could you explain the torch picking up? 

Also, the fire effect was made out of a tutorial. I can send you the link if you want it.

I am sorry, but I just cant keep up with you at this point. If you want to do something about the problem, feel free to use my game, I will not sue you or some EU mess. All I used was - Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked; Something like this.

(1 edit)

Will llook into it. However I dont use Linux, so I might not be any help.

I am sure, I locked the mouse in the middle, so it shouldnt be happening. Sorry for your experience.

Could you please explain how you mean you cant rotate ? I locked the mouse in the middle, so I dont know why it doesnt work. Could you tell me where you encountered this issue ?

I felt the way, that if fires had infinite number of torches, you could just stand next to one, and kill everyone. This way, you have to care about the number of torches you use, and have to carefuly thrown them.

This is a problem I have had with more games - the mouse settings. When editing, it was all good, but when I made the final product and tested it, it was super highly sensitive.

Next time, I will probably add settings and a slider there, to solve this problems.

Thanks for feedback.

An end condition would be nice. But I liked it.

Okay, the game is nice, but there are some glitches, since you can sometimes enter the appearing boxes.

The sounds and music is really nice. Also, the city wasnt a problem, I just positioned a mouse over the character. Did it have an ending ? Because I got stuck at the house in the end/ Nice game overall.

Thanks a lot. I wanted to write somewhere, that you should follow the path of torches, but didnt finish that. The path is still there though.

No, not rude at all. Sorry if I sounded like that. (Feel like a Canadian now :D) The deal with torches ? I wanted to make a game situated in night. I needed to light it up somehow, and so I added campfire. Then I also wanted the player to be able to see around themselves, so I added torches. And since I wanted some kind of action, I made the torches a weapon as well.

There is not much you can fit inside 2 days. However, a bow would be pretty much the same, instead of torches, it would fire arrows, and without spin.

I will add it tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

All that was required to kill ghosts was to shoot behind them. Ez, could keep going for days.

I think you didnt do the maths quite right ... There seems to be some problems with the orbits. Let me tell you how the maths should be:

Every object should pull every other object towards it, depending on the distance, and their mass. Then you just speed up the objects sideways, so they will achieve their relatively stable orbits.

The game after some time is just pure randomness, that could be changed. Other than that, its really nice.

Thats a good suggestion.

About sounds, there are some, but I dont know why you didnt get them.

The game was pretty cool. Thanks for recommending it.

The artstyle was low poly, which I like. One thing, you might try to go over the harvesting mechanics, because they were little buggy sometimes. Also, your home planet dies super fast.

Nice game and music as well.

Well, its a First person, so you gotta move with the camera. Thanks for the feedback

Nice game, I got stuck, because I didnt have enough minerals for anything.

Try inverting the sideways look. Will be much better.

Thank you.

Could you please try the downloadable version, so I would know if that does the pproblem as well?


The gravity, what more could be done ? It is basically a simulation of gravity, there is nothing more to even the real gravity. The turn around problem, thats because of mouse. The mouse hits your corner of screen, and so it cant go any further. About the stucking problem, could you describe it more please ?


Well, the only thing I liked about the game was - the little planet, which takes about 5 mins to create at max. 

The soundtrack is repetitive, you cant fall off, you have to start from the beginning every time ... There is not much into the game.

Okay, its creepy. Super creepy. Floating ghost going through the ground. Cant move while waiting to go higher ... I understand that its not done yet, so I shall not critisize anymore.

Good luck

The concept is nice. The models are also nice. Music is really nice.

Couple things: I got through the first level by simple jumping over the river and balancing the character on the other side.

About second level: You cant see the depth of the level, because it is orthographic. That means you cant figure out where the little blocks are.

Also about second level: the rotation is really unpleasant. Coudnt get through that level. I kept moving the player in the wrong direction.

But I liked the music and artstyle.

The game got really repetitive. I made it into wave 5.

Couple things you could work on: the ladders. They are really broken, you need to stand exactly in the middle of it to be able to climb it.

The sounds of gunshot - it ends too quickly. It needs to fade away, not a straight cut. Also, when you shoot a wall, the sound doesnt even get into a half.

Other than that, nice game, the music was fine.

Okay, the game is really cool. I am happy I gave it a second try. Its very nice you have made an online version of it.

One or two things: In the meter on top, try showing the population instead of planets conquered. That might show you more info. Also, are there just two levels ? I got sent to the first one when I passed the second.

The game idea is really nice, the AI is pretty good, but it might be better (stronger). Musics are nice, the design is nice, I really like it.

Good job

okay, i will try it. Just didnt want to be the first one :) you know, security first.

About the sensitivity. It was set for a 2k monitor, and the game is built just at HD, so the sensitivity is higher.

Regarding mouse lock. I have looked online for solutions, but found out, you can only lock it at downloadable version, not online, and it requires done extra scripts which I don't have.

Otherwise, thanks for your time.

The background is a free asset on unity.. How should I improve the controls ? any suggestions ?

You can go to a side, there is always a way.

There is a way, always.

My pc defender ran into a problem with your .exe app. Dont want to get some malware, sry.

Okay. There are few problems - the velocity of orbiting object depends on orbiting radius. Also, I dont want to be rude, but I didnt catch the point behind this. Only thing I had to do was click the circle a bunch of times. The hidden message behind the game is very well hidden.

Also, try inverting the up and down rotation, because now it is just mess.