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Take a trip through a mini parallel universe.
Submitted by Dani Desa (@DanieleDeSa) — 18 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sounds and Music#603.1543.154
The Experience#1072.6542.654

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

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  • Man I love the art style, atmopshere, music and idea :) ! Unfortunately I just couldn't make much progress, it was too hard for me ;D ! My character would just splash in that lovely low poly water!
    Are there actually several levels ?
    Anyway good job, keep it up :) !

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A very nice game. only negative thing for me was the fact your island moved different then my arrow key. made things very confusing. you should try to make this work with physics like you play it on a phone/tablet and have to tilt it to make him glide. overall, I think this will end up top 5.

feel free to try-out and rate my game.



Yhmm I think I get what you mean. Thanks for your feedback yes I definitely would like to try it on a phone/table to experiment with tilting even if I don't know if people really like tilting on a mobile.. At guess it is an option to try anyway in case I go further with this mechanic! Thank you! I cannot try your game I don't have windows machine at the moment :(.


Very interesting idea.
As others mentioned, the controls and perspective could use some work. I would add to previous comments that, to me, the buttons used to move in the first level felt very counterintuitive. I expected up/down to move the character along its line of sight, and right/left to move it laterally. Somehow, it took a lot of focus to change that mindset.
Still, the visuals and atmosphere for both levels were quite enticing, and I would love to play a more polished version.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback! I think the goal there is to move the platform and not the player so it seems intuitive to me to rotate the platform that way but maybe I'm wrong or maybe is not the same for everybody. I'll try to maybe make a more polished version of it trying to solve those issues.


The 3d positions in the survive scene were really hard to determine on the cubes.


Already gave you my feedback on saturday. It would have been really cool if you had changed the control to using the mouse, but I think you will do this after the rating is over ;) At least I hope so, because your two scenes look awesome. Would like to see more of it.


Let's see for sure I would love to do something there and I will probably do but I also have some other ideas in mind. :) Thanks for your feedback again! 


I love everything I've seen about this game, but I sadly can't get past the 2nd level, it's just too hard for me, I also don't understand what I'm supposed to do to avoid getting hit, or if the bullet color mean something or not. I really like what I've played, I just wish I could have seen more... Congrats anyway on your game !


Ehy, thanks for your feedback. What do you think about removing level two and build an entire world around level 1 with better controls? Do you think that would work?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very nice visuals and music. The gameplay overall is quite frustraing to be honest and i am not getting very much enjoyment out of it. The overall visuals makes it hard to see where things are comming from, and the secound planet is especially difficult because of this.

When it comes to games, i values gameplay the most so i didn't really enjoy this game that much. Although you have chosen a really good visual style, but at the same time it doesn't work to well with the gameplay as it is suprisingly hard to judge angles. 

Overall quite a bit of room for improvement, tho the music and visuals are good.


Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you. I guess I learned something after all during this game jam. Next time I will focus more on mechanics and controls for sure!


Man I love the art style, atmopshere, music and idea :) ! Unfortunately I just couldn't make much progress, it was too hard for me ;D ! My character would just splash in that lovely low poly water!
Are there actually several levels ?
Anyway good job, keep it up :) !


Thanks for you feedback and for what you do for the community! Yes there are two levels but I guess the controls are not that good so I guess I learned something during this game jam! Next time I will focus more on the mechanics/controls! Thanks again for your feedback! BTW I tried your game it was hard but very nice idea sounds and music! 


The game is interesting, and I like the tone you set up. However, the controls could use a bit of work. I felt I died more from disorientation and sensitive controls, than actually being bad at the game.

Submitted (1 edit)

This game was fun but these two levels could've been more intuitive. Isometric view makes it really hard to understand where all objects are.

I like the style and music, so good job on that.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Hey Dani Desa,

I realy like the atmosphere of your game and the idea of it is pretty intersting.

Espacially the models are pretty good!

But the controll of the rotation is a little bit complicated and in the second level it is really hard to see, where these little balls will land.

But all in all I realy like your game!


Yep you are totally right, I need to review controls and mechanics. Maybe after the jam is finished I will have some time to further explore this concept more. Thanks for playing!


The concept is nice. The models are also nice. Music is really nice.

Couple things: I got through the first level by simple jumping over the river and balancing the character on the other side.

About second level: You cant see the depth of the level, because it is orthographic. That means you cant figure out where the little blocks are.

Also about second level: the rotation is really unpleasant. Coudnt get through that level. I kept moving the player in the wrong direction.

But I liked the music and artstyle.


Ehy SMAEL thanks for your valuable feedback and yes the second level it is kind of bad designed I guess, I couldn't think of a nice mechanic but I will work on the game I guess after the jam, I would like to expand this concept further.. The second level definitely needs a better approach! 


It's increadibly intesting of a concept, and the art looks amazing, my only complaint is it's kind of hard to see, being able to manipulate the camera to see easier, that would be nice, other than that, it's really fun!


Thanks for your valuable feedback, I really appreciate. I can try to make this aspect better taking your point.   Thanks a lot!